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  1. Yep I would be Game for that might be able to do a trade .have to have a sort out of wot needs to go were get back to me and let me know
  2. Is there any one who can suggest where I can get a a external antena too fit onto my trusty Garmin Etrex . I am looking to mount the external antenna on my 4x4 but whilst using the etrex in the vehicle I already use the conection socket on the etrex for data transfer to a laptop and power supply to the etrex. All solutions and hints and tips welcome....
  3. You have some creative ideas for caches . Why not start on a smaller scale of setting up one cache at a time then eventually once you have them all in place you may be able to update the caches details and link them all togethor as a linked multi - cache.........Before you know it you will be a geocaching Guru...!
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