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  1. Hi


    Thinking we might sacrifice some time "numbers" to ensure that a group photo (maybe by each group, if more than one group participates) is taken at each cache GZ. This can be added to the cache page. Do not wanna have the scenario where a cacher sits in the car and "misses" a cache or two because it is a Q&E find.


    Well at least there is some time to think about it.



  2. Hi All


    I am planning a trip down to Bloemfontein for the weekend of the 25/26/27 March 2011. The whole idea behind the trip will be Numbers, (Yes, Yes I know it is not all about the numbers, but it does help :unsure: ) as Bloemfontein is virgin territories for a few of the "newbies" in KZN (Myself included). The idea will be to try and get as many caches in a 24 hour period as possible. (What is the current record?? :huh: ) I have contacted Oom Louwtjie in Bloemfontein as most of the caches in the area belong to him and checked with him if he is ok with us going for numbers on his caches. He is fine with this and has even made his home available for an event before we start of our hunt. The Event is the Le "cache" Mans (24 Hours). It has been published on the 28 Feb 2011. We will have the event at his house (a bring and braai) from 21:00 and will start the 24 hour endurance race at midnight and end at midnight Saturday. The nice thing is that there is a cache at his house and this will be number one for the day.

  3. Hi All


    Planning a 24 hour endurance caching race in Bloem from midnight Friday the 25th March 2011 until midnight the 26th March 2011. Have a look at the Le "cache" Mans Event in Bloem.





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