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  1. Hi


    The honours goes to B and C Inc as the correct one is Dullstroom Heights, it is very close to Highlanders 2nd Lookout but the latter looks out over the other side of the hill toward the highway.


    Take it away..

  2. Well Done GerhardoosMPsa on the 2000 finds, glad to see you managed to get it on the trip back from KZN.


    Well done to Ysbeer on the 800 up.

  3. BTW, how did you communicate between the 2 vehicles? Did you swop drivers or did Red Bull do the thing? :lol:




    Just started getting my energy level back.


    The one vehicle followed the other one the whole time - 24 hours. We never slip up. We did every cache together, so we could chat at each cache.

  4. New point.... Newbies, please..... Do not wrap a cache inside a plastic bag. It doesn't help keep it dry but actually makes it worse. The question here is... when I get to a cache wrapped up in a bag, do I replace it the same way, or discard of the bag only to get flack from the CO that his cache is not the way he left it. Fortunately caches now days are less likely to be wrapped in a bag... but here and there you will find a new one with a bag around it... I replace it in the bag, but then it is best to log a maintenance note when logging your find...


    I must agree 100%. Just use a good lock n lock container and you will not have to do anything else to keep the cache dry. If you wanna put it in a camo bag so be it, but a plastic bag is just plain nasty.:blink:


    Now we get to the one that are bothering some cachers and they are too afraid to speak their mind. I always love to open Pandora’s box to see what comes out of it. I have different rules of etiquette and my mind does work different. But this is the pleasure of life – we are not the same. Our culture and beliefs, teachers, parents, experiences, background and religion, the way that you grown up made you unique and you should be proud of it. The hard part is to accept others, which is different from you and to tolerate their beliefs. I noticed that most cachers believe that a cache must be published before a first to find. I am thinking much wider and broader than this little window. To me this is not a hard and fast rule but it depend on the owner and I will dance the way he beats the drum.


    My rules are simple. If the cache is in an urban area where there is a chance that other cachers can find it then I will not allow any cacher to be with me when it is stashed. If it is in an isolated spot with no cachers around then I feel it is stupid not to allow a FTF on the cache. If a cacher/s is with me then he will not log a HTH but he will be given the chance to search for it. If he claims it as a FTF then so be it and if he wants to log a HTH or leave it for a next cacher then so be it. I am not going to force him to do it my way; I leave that decision to him based on what he feels is right or wrong at that moment. The bottom line is that I am the cache owner and I make the rules. I am the only one accountable for that cache and I am accountable for the maintenance of such. But with full accountability the power is given to me for the decision and no one else can direct or dictate the FTF rules, unless it is on private property or it is misleading and cachers can be hurt without a warning on the listing.


    But it is going much further than this. If I have 4 cachers with me and they are driving big 4x4’s at a emission rate of 180mg/km and we are 150 km away from home what is the effect if they all have to come back to search for the cache as a FTF? They know that the cache was stashed and they will keep an eye on the listing and the chance is high that they will find it first. This calculates to more than 160 kg of stuff into Mother Nature. Do it ten times and you have 1.6 tons of co2 in the air just because you want to apply the rule of “First publishing before a FTF”. I am not prepared to pay the price of 160 kg of co2. With my way it is a saving in co2. In real terms this is a saving of more than 90 litre of diesel, which is also a scares resource. In rand terms a saving of R820 for the three cachers to find that FTF, excluding the wear and tear. So in my madness there are some techniques and something different than a strict rule. At present as a team we have done more than 100 000 km of caching which amounts to about 18 tons of co2 released and if there is a technique to reduce this amount then I will find it and I will use it. We are going to make use of a two wheeler soon, not only to save money but to save something else which is important to me. I am not going to stop caching but I will look at ways to reduce the impact even if it is slight. Does this answer your question? Let us see what is next in this Pandora’s box. G

    Hi Gerhard


    Like you said in your log, we are all different and that is what makes life interesting. So, on that note I must now totally disagree with you on the FTF before publication topic.


    How can you claim a FTF on something that does not exist? The fact that the cache is not published means that the geocachers that found a plastic container in the woods did exactly that. He only found a bit of plastic. That bit of plastic only becomes a cache once Groundspeak’s reviewers approve it and publish it.


    If the bigger picture is to save on co2 emissions then let the cachers claim the HTH. (They can still go and hunt for it to make it more fun) This will still give them the smiley and the find on their stats. Yes it will not be a FTF but that is life. Now they do not have to drive all the way out to the cache for a second time and there you go less co2 emissions.


    If you think about it, not placing the cache at all will lead to nobody driving to the location and that will save even more co2 emissions, but that is not the answer because nobody would be able to enjoy the location and caching would die out. I agree we must do our bit to help save the planet as we will not get any do overs, but that (in my opinion) does not create a good enough reason for claiming a FTF before publication.


    You mentioned that you are the cache owner and you have the power to decide what should happen on your caches. I do respect that but the whole idea is to cache in harmony. I can then argue that I am the cache finder and can log it anyway I wanna Ctrl C – Ctrl V. This will not be caching in harmony.


    I would like to know what other cachers think regarding this topic as this is only my opinion – Maybe we should start running some voting polls on some topic.


  6. Now we are going to bring the house down, forget about the boulder in the bush this time. Wazat, please run for the hills. This time there will be many multi caches waiting. I am still waiting for a response from the cacher at the Durban event that had a lot to say about my ways and the way I do things. We are discussing rules and etiquette so this is the place where the gloves do come off to get to a workable solution. Please come out of the closet. Geocaching is a small world and many cachers do know me - certain things do come around.


    This is not a geocaching rule but a normal acceptable practise - if you have a problem with a cacher or anybody else then you need to face him/her or you need to deal with e-mails on a one to one basis. To postpone such an issue is not good. It will grow and you need to kill it while it is still small. If you have a problem with your wife you resolved it quietly and behind close doors with respect to each other and you get to workable solution based on mutual agreement - screaming at your wife in public is not a workable solution. The same with geocaching - to discuss a person behind his back at an event while complaining about etiquette is conflicting in itself. In this instance my name was mentioned in the public at an event where I was not present. So it is now in public domain and you now need to come to this forum and explain yourself. Private e-mails are no longer an option and the issue cannot be resolved privately. We have many cachers at this forum and they will act as referees and judges and I am sure they will find a middle ground. If you know me well you will understand that I am a straight forward and a very simplistic person that are not scared to face any issues or anyone or any situation. I only fear God himself and it is the only One I do not face or challenge as He alone have all the answers. My next move will be to face you directly if you do not resolve it here. But I will not do it aggressively neither will I challenge you in public as you have done. I will ask to have a word with you in private as grown ups will do at an event. Sooner or later we will meet and because I do not leave issues we will deal with it. If you convince me that I am wrong then I will shake your hand and I will apologize but if you are wrong I expect the same from you. If we are both wrong then we will have a beer and a laugh and do some more caching together. All part of the fun to be alive and to enjoy life to the fullest. I am not angry but I do love issues even if it is tough. :) G.


    Hi Gerhard


    The idea behind this thread is to create some guideline for newbies. Something you can tell a newbie to go and read on the forum. Keep on adding topics as this is what the thread is all about, but please can we deal with personal

    issues between cachers in a different thread or manner. I value and appreciate your input but would not like to see this thread become the area where geocachers attack one and another or try and resolve personal issues.


    Trust me if this was the place to resolve personal issues I have with some cachers I would make your longest log look like a TFTC. :)


    Hope you understand where I am coming from.

  7. Ok - We get it. Copy + Paste = Not Good.


    I myself am guilty of this and sometimes after doing about 30 caches in a day the logging seems to be the longest part, but that is no excuse and I will stop this practise as I can understand the frustration it can create for the owners of the caches. (See how helpful communication can be !!!)


    I thinks I have done this to some of Wazat's and other owners caches in Newcastle - Sorry guys, hope you accept my apology. :anicute:

  8. Surely the guidelines (maybe better wording that unwritten rules) for newbies like me cannot just be "whatever blows your hair back is fine" or "whatever floats your boat". Would no guidelines not ultimately lead to chaos? There are very strict guildelines regarding placeing a cache or hosting an event, but once it is published then it is a free for all?

  9. OK...


    I understand that we all do this for fun but even in friendly events of any kind there are some guidelines.


    Here is my 2c.

    1. It is up to the team, if they are happy with it so be it. Their account their stats.


    2. Yes you must have permission from the owner, if the owner is unavailable well unlucky for you. If the owner is happy for you to replace or do maintenance on his cache then it does not make a difference if you have found it before or not. I can understand the idea about a previous finder doing the maintenance or the replacing as he has the knowledge of the exact location, cache size and hide, but this is up to the cache owner. The owner will maybe say no to a cacher with 2 finds but yes to a cacher with 1000 finds, but up to the cache owner. (I have replaced a cache without the owner's permission as I did not know any better hence this topic)


    3. Yes you should wait. It is only fair and it is nice to have the FTF as the first log on the cache page. BUT this is closely linked to number 6. (I have logged a find before the FTF was logged on a cache. Not a happy response received and I now understand why. Newbie mistake hence this topic)


    4. I agree you should not. It is nice for the bug or coin to follow the correct path if and where possible. If you do not receive a response on the PM or e-mail then well you have done your bit and log this on the TB or GC page.


    5. Well Well. This one is not as black and white. What if the cache has a soaked log book or you do not have a pen on you. (I love doing this must be old age). I believe a signature in the log book or a photo of you holding the cache container at GZ should be the two options. Who does not have a camera phone or even a camera on the GPS'r or a camera in the caching bag these days? The pic does not need to be posted on the cache page as this could spoil the cache, but the pic could be e-mail to the owner and with his permission the cache could be logged. No response from the owner should lead to a found log as the cachers did his bit.


    6. As soon as possible !! Max 24 hours. I have made a special detour for a FTF on a cache before only to see it has been found 2 days ago but still not logged. Over 100km detour. Needless to say I was very happy to open the logbook. If you cannot log it within the 24 hour period (in the bush without signal, no internet (gotta love Telkom) or Work commitments) please use a PAF and ask them to write a note on the cache page. " Hi all. This is a friendly notice that the FTF on this cache was done but Cachers at 00:00 on 1 April 2012 and he will log the cache as soon as possible". The note can be deleted as soon as the FTF is logged. At the end the logbook will prove the find.


    7. No. I understand the owner "never" help you in any way shape or form.:ph34r: (Cold Hot Cooler)


    8. No. It is a FTF you will need to do this on your own or a group without the owner.


    Opinions Opinions Opinions this is all it is. PLEASE do not kill me for having them.:blink:

  10. So far we have:


    1. Can a single userid log two caches on the same day in two countries or provinces due to the fact that it is a team?


    2. Can you replace a cache if you have not found it before AND do you need to have the permission of the cache owner?


    3. Do you need to be polite and wait for the FTF to log the cache before your do?

    4. Don't pick up or grab a bug until it has been dropped into a cache. If it has taken too long, send the person an email.


    5. If you can't write your name on the log, you can't log the cache. Finding the plastic does not count.




    6. What is an acceptable time period within which a FTF should be logged?


    7. Can you claim a FTF if the owner is present whilst you do the cache?


    8. Can you claim a FTF if you had to phone the owner for a hint or help whilst you do the cache?


  11. Hi all


    I would like to start this topic as I have been caching for just under a year and would like to have some general questions answered. The idea is so that newbies like me can have a bit of guidance from the more experience caches out there as to what is allowed and what is frowned upon.


    I have attended a few events and as a "newbie" I have heard a few cachers say "I cannot believe he/she did that". Yes this is all those juicy stories we love to hear and share at events, but this is not the idea behind this topic. The idea is guidance.


    I will kick it off.


    Scenario 1. There are a lot of cachers that cache as a team. More than one person per user id. One member of the team goes away on a business trip to India and will only be there for a few days. Obviously he/she would like to do as many caches as possible. Whilst he/she is on their trip the other member attends an event locally in SA. Can you log both caches on the same day in two different countries or even to different provinces?


    Any unwritten rules regarding this ????


  12. What is the provincial breakdown for the 1000 club.

    I am not 100% sure about everyone - please correct me if I am wrong:

    Gauteng: 13 cachers



    Danie Viljoen


    CrystalFairy (now living in New Zealand)

    Leon St








    Western Cape: 5 cachers

    Tricky Vicky & Mickey


    battlerat and pussycat


    The Huskies

    Natal: 3 cachers




    Mpumalanga: 2 cachers

    Fish Eagle

    gerhardoosMPsa (now living in Gauteng)

    Eastern Cape: 1 cacher



    Would be nice to be able to see this stat for the 500 and 750 mark, this will give a good view as to whom are the up and coming cachers.dry.gif

  13. Hi Gerhard


    Thanks for the three different methods and ideas. All of them have very valid points and maybe using a bit of all will lead us to the best end result.


    It is clear that very accurate and precise planning will be the keys.



  14. Hi Gerhard


    Hope you are well.


    The idea of taking a photo at GZ of every cache is exactly that only an idea and is by no means a rule or a requirement. As you know my username is ScottScott and we are also three in a team. (Wife, daughter and myself) The rest of my team will not be able to join me in Bloemfontein so I never expected that every member of a team needs to be present in the Photo. You do however raise a very valid point regarding the starting and stopping of the vehicle every +/- 10min.


    Breaking the trip up into routes is also the way we are going to approach the endurance race and we have identified 4 different routes. We will be using a Nuvi in the car with the routes loaded and the caching GPS’r for the finding bit at GZ.


    Well this is what will make the trip so interesting. Every cachers will have their own methods and ideas. The nice thing is that we can all have a chat about it at the event a good 3 hours before the midnight starting point.


    Can’t wait for it to start.


    See you in Bloem. :rolleyes:



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