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  1. The only Ontario cacher I've met it Hard Oiler. I've never attended any of the Ontario events or pub nights, but I've never attended any of the events in Indiana,Michigan or Ohio either. This doesn't mean I object to anyone forming a group, provincially, regionally or locally. If we're going to 'get together' then we need a name, right? And if we hope to get anywhere with a name, we'll need someone to 'take the lead', right? It doesn't really matter if we form an Ontario group, or a Southern Ontario group or even a 'people who live within 1 mile of the Tim Hortons at Walk and Don't Walk' group, once we get something formed, the rest will follow naturally. I agree that 'no one speaks for me except me', so if I wish to speak, I will. If I choose not to speak, then I have no right to complain if things don't go my way. I have my own ideas on how things would be if 'I was in change', and I realize that not everyone would agree with my ideas. That's why we need a forum, so that anyone who wishes to be heard, can be heard. Wulf
  2. Maybe we can kidnap Hard Oiler and bring him to Windsor?<g> Wulf
  3. I think the idea of an Ontario caching group is a good start. This gives us a central 'organization' to work with. From there we'd need to have sub-groups, since the northern cachers would have different 'issues' than the southern cachers. The Ontario group could be a clearinghouse for infomation and discussion of issues related to the province as a whole. We could list any events that are happening in a central place for all to see. The regional groups could reinforce things by being able to focus on issues on a more local level, and create a place for local cachers to get together to share ideas. It also allows us to pass along info that would be of importance to cachers on a more local level. Cache-tech is doing his best to lay the groundwork for all of us in Ontario, and once we've got a possitive, cache freindly policy setup for Ontario, we can take that to the regional and local levels to show that this is a good thing for everyone. Who here hasn't uttered that now famous phrase "If not for caching, I'd have never visited this place"? Maybe someone could organize a site where we'd have access to policies set by the various parks in Canada and the US, so that we could bring more to the table when we're trying to work out the details. Wulf
  4. Think of this as a chance to 'test drive' one of the newer models available in stores.
  5. I think we need more cachers in the area. I keep trying to recruit more people, but it's not easy. But the good news is that we have a pretty good cache to cacher ratio<g> Wulf
  6. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear in my last post. The ban on virtuals comes from CG.com. Wulf
  7. The ban on virtuals comes from 'head office.' Not sure exactly what the reasoning is. Hopefully this will be changed soon, as there are still a few good locations with historical/cultural value. I understand the idea of trying to find a way to place a micro instead, but not every location has 'cover.' Wulf
  8. Mike, we gave it alot of thought, but it's just too far from us to be able to maintain it properly. Surely you can't be the only person with a cache in that area. We hate to see a good cache be lost. Wulf
  9. The duck is in transit! Anyone who wants to help this guy get home can look for him to turn up somewhere in the Ft Wayne area this weekend. The closest Big Mike cache we know of is in Huntington, so we might try to get it there, but we're not making any promises<g> Wulf
  10. If you're looking for a quick numbers gain, I'd suggest hitting the Trenton area. You've got 2 multis, a handful of normals, a few micros and an amazing amount of virtuals. Detroit area has pretty much every type of cache you'd want. You might want to try and lineup all the metropark caches for a full day run since your $4 gate fee covers all the parks for the day. If you feel like crossing to Canada, the ERCA multi is a good 70 mile trip start to finish. Wulf
  11. Queen of Diamonds cache is a small ammo container. I'm not sure it would be large enough to hold most TB. I'd still suggest either Clearspring Cache(park on the shoulder of the road) or our Hop,Skip and Jump cache in Delt Church Park (road runs in a circle in case you still have the trailer). If you can't find a cache, we can arrange to meet you. Wulf
  12. As far as the owner editing/deleting logs, I got this info in an email this morning. "Because of a change in GC policy - if *I* delete them, they cant log this cache again. So, I give them a chance to do it themselves." Wulf
  13. Well it seems that baring a face to face, the best cache we can think of would be Clearspring Cache. You can park on the roadside for that one.
  14. If you let us know when you'll be there, either Star or The Amish One could meet you there. We're only 5 miles away and can move it south. Wulf
  15. Then we have the people who have to post the co-ords that THEY got. Normally it's not a problem, but I can think of one cache that it totally defeated the purpose of. The whole point of that cache was that due to 'poor japanese translation' it wasn't exactly at the posted location. It was supposed to be a challenge. As soon as someone posted corrected co-ords, everyone was finding it. If the cache is meant to be a 'puzzle' don't spoil it for others. *steps down off soap box* Wulf
  16. One of the big problems I've noticed around Essex County is that we're kind of limited in where we can place caches. Most of the conservation areas aren't that big, so we risk over saturation. The city parks tend to be open spaces with little cover, and the majority of the land is either urban or farmland. With the current ban on virtuals, we're having to get 'more creative' with our placements. Hopefully things will get better once we get more active cachers in the area. Wulf
  17. True, the cache in question is a traveling cache. We got the idea from an existing cache that has been in place since 8/31/2002 (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7fe356e4-4697-49a4-8415-322ec9b850ca). Since I live in Windsor, maintaining any cache we place here isn't a problem. Wulf of Team Tigger International
  18. There are not a lot of caches in Southern Ontario simply because , THEY WONT APPROVE them . We have made a couple of attempts at placing caches In the Windsor area and totally denied in both cases , Granted one was a Virtual which I think if anyone bother to look is sorely lacking in the area , and the most recent is a mystery cache .. if anyone cares to have a look at this one you can find it here : http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=91817 I think we will have to stick to placing them in our other home its in the US in the State of Indiana , they seem much more receptive of this sport. But then again perhaps this is a statement of pure frustration , as there are many great places around and in the city of Windsor . But to be constantly denied .... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Star of Team Tigger International
  19. Well at least the people of The United States can and do get there Virtuals approved. It seems that it is impossible to get one approved in Canada . Even when the "approver" has been told that to place a traditional , or multi , or micro in the area would lead to the possible arrest of the placers and or the cacher that tries to visit such a place. We have tried to explain our virtual submission many times and keep being turned down . If one does a find nearest caches of this type of the one we are trying to have approved you will see they are all in Michigan . With only one within 100 miles actually in Canada. Feel free to log in and see what our Approver is saying about our many attempts to place a cache. Training Day Oh BTW .. We have also been first finders on a Virtual that was just approved in the State of Indiana in the U.S. It was approved , no problem. that one is located here if you would like to check it out as well. Is there Anybody Out There ? We personally enjoy a good virtual cache. We like to hunt and find all types of caches. We do understand the need for certain rules and criterias for placing Virtuals as they can become out of hand but when one conforms to the basic ones.. like interest.. historical Value ... and can a physical cache be SAFELY placed on the spot, Approvers should approve them . Not make it impossible for seasoned Cachers to Place such a Cache. Thanks to anyone who cares enough to read this rant , and check out the links to which I refer. Team Tigger International
  20. I might be in the same boat. I posted a VC on Saturday, and they sent me the whole 'rules' thing on Tuesday. Is it hard to place virtuals in the US?
  21. I've never been disappointed by the contents of a cache. I don't expect to find anything 'valuable' and I don't feel that the point of caching is to find anything valuable. As others have said, value is in the eye of the cacher. I sometimes take something just to move it to another cache. Sometimes I leave better than I take, sometimes not. About the only things I've found that I've kept are a few of them small car keychains that light up and a small multitool. I try to leave a TB if I take one, but sometimes it's not possible. I'm just happy to find 'something' even if it's a McToy
  22. I don't really want to name the cache since it was pulled. It was located on private property, at a harness racing track. They take security seriously since they also have a casino on site. Apparently they had been watching me for about 5 minutes on TV (guy wandering around holding some device, soaking wet). They were rather nice and I was very co operative. They did mention that they were a bit on edge since they had been robbed a few day earlier (plus they get bomb threats like everyone else).
  23. Curious to see if anyone else has ever had the pleasure of 'being detained' while waiting for the police. In my quest to be the the 'first to find' I made the mistake of not realizing that I was searching for a cache in a place that it really shouldn't have been placed in. There's nothing like having just picked up the cache only to realize that there are 3 security guards standing 20 feet away watching you. No charges were laid, but I am banned from entering the property for 1 year. Oh well<g>
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