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  1. I have losted lots Geocoins in middlesex areas and find out that non member sign up to see where there are then taken them caches I stop a 14 year old kid going in to my cache and he told that he is a non member And taken to school to sale so I delete the geocache from the area which was a sure
  2. I am in Enfield so if you have found a club please let us known.
  3. There was a email that a geocacher found a geocoin or Travel Bug but the Number is not working we check O and 0 found the right one but someone told me that Numbers to TB or Coins codes can go out of date or can be swop this this ture?? also some of my Geocoins was given to a geocacher but there have not move it on or report lost and on the website it is still in there name what can I do about this???
  4. You need to log it in if you have it . I email you some info from geocacheruk http://geocacherdunstanuk.yolasite.com
  5. Hi I got my from ebay for a good price. Here the information on it http://geocacherdunstanuk.yolasite.com/gps-equipment.php I like it as I can take a photo and it give my the Lat & Long for a new cache in any area. I use a N97 phone before this GPS. But the Garmin Oregon are very good
  6. I have a lot of geocoins which are non-Tracking but there have code on them like TCP059 - Please tell me why their are non-Tracking made??
  7. Hi I would check the Cache again as geocachers or people may have taken them and not logging them out I have lost lot of TB's and Geocoin's Not sure why people do this and when I email the geocacher who may have taken them out or may seen them - but there says no or do not reply. It is a sure if someone has lost them it be nice to email the owner.
  8. Hi Find this website http://www.geekhideout.com/geostuff.shtml May have a better listed I have some of the items like Night Vision Equipment and Camera which you can see photos on my profile.
  9. Hi How would I Change the owership to a Geocoin? If I giving it to some or some give me it.
  10. Thank You for all the good knowledge I am not logging it missing for some time now and just waiting for other geocachers told me. Also have made a missing page on my website with photo to keep a log http://geocacherdunstanuk.yolasite.com/mis...travel-bugs.php
  11. Ok My Germin Oregon 550t when dead from 14 hours and all my downloads was deleted?? on the geocaching software What do I need to keep them.
  12. If you sign in on www.geocaching.com goto profile then under search options I think that how you do it.
  13. Hi Geocachers I got my new GPS 550t System today and I put a 4sd in it and started to download the caches but the website says 5 caches only per day per system. How do I get round this? Please email on this subject Thank You Dunstan (Geocacheruk)
  14. I just getting this type as I keep putting caches in the wrong area and I hoping this will help when mapping information. Is there anything other information I may need to known.
  15. Also if the geocoins or Travel Bugs was missing from the first cache then it was find by a other geocacher can the owner listed the miles from the first cache and log it to the new cache and add the miles again? IF so how would I do this>? All it says in the hands of geocacher which find it
  16. Hi Can you give a break down how to do the visit option and would like this work if you have cover the caches before or in the past?
  17. Hi You need to log them in and then retrieve it and log on the website. That why I not happy as it not being covered. It would be nice for someone to sign the log book says taken so we known that the Items in safe Hands. There are Self Tracking System but for £200 to £450 would you risk it? And I not sure if anyone use them in the past. There are number of site like this on 1) http://geocoins.net/gcforums/index.php 2) http://www.tb-rescue.com Which may help if missing but never use yet.
  18. I swap it with a geocoin sometimes if I have one and if I pick up a TB from devon and I now in London then I would swap it as you build up the miles traveling And if you can cover the Geocoin and TB mission that is good also in the last 3 weeks I have post lot of Geocoins and TB and they have gone missing wish geocacher can sign them out in the log books or the website. Two have turn in Middlesex but the mlies have not be added as they was not sign out that a shame. .
  19. I just got a Geocoin from www.coinswag.com but the website not working so I email the guy I got it from and his email a website to retrieval codes on. This was : http://www.coincodes.com/activations/Coins...ag-multiple.php But when I try it come up with this? Activate Your Coinswag.com Coins We were unable to locate any of your tracking numbers. So if any other person got coins from this website can they point me in the right way?
  20. Hi Thank you for your reply. What happens if you mark it missing already? Also is there a database for lost Geocoins or TB's. I last geocoin in Jan and it turn up on 29/07/2010 it is in hands a geocacher and Zombie Permit Geocoin still not listed just says in the hands of a geocacher. Is they any we can do about this?
  21. Hi How long do you wait to report a Geocoin or TB Missing. Also as it was not sign out of the log book I not sure if it fill out of the cache. I would not minded if the geocoin or TB was sign out in the logbook as I would known it would be in safe hands.
  22. Hi I still new to this subject I have some new geocoins and I have logged of them but the website is asking if they are collectible. Please can you give me a break down on the collectible subject as I not sure to tick the box or not or give me type of geocoins list to cover this subject. Thank You dunstanuk
  23. Hi Group I new to this and My Geocoin from Oakwood.Middlesex. Uk has been taken and not log or sign out please can all geocaching sign or log out any geocoin if they take them I did not mind but as it was New from USA there was Geocacher going up there to get it no one report it missing to me. I have get more going out soon and it will not happen again as it take out the fun of it. You can see photo on my website. thank you dunstanuk
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