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  1. We were able to check out these two even though the archived cache was not in play. The Squaxin cache is back on the table. We replaced the container and this is a great cache site. There is only one place it could be hidden and it was empty. Some snacky type trash tells me that someone stumbled on the cache during their woodland picnic. I removed the Thanks Guys container and will contact fellow Olympia area cacher Austin to get it back to him.
  2. The Cloquallum Truck Trail is definitely off limits so that cutover will not be possible. Will post a photo of the sign when we get back home. The route could continue on the Cloquallum Road until it meets 108. We drove back to Shelton that way.
  3. I met with a local cacher yesterday who suggested this route might well be closed or a gate could be open at one end and closed at the other... and that the first gate could get closed after people enter. He said he would not drive that road and he drives a lot of those back roads. He did give me the names of the two lumber companies that control the gates. Suzanne and I will take a drive out there late this morning to check it out.
  4. Maybe I don't understand the problem or maybe it's fixed but I just click on the link above and it opens just like they always have.
  5. It is posted on the route list. 6:00pm, McGlinn's Public House, 111 Orondo Ave, Wenatchee.
  6. Thank you Mr. L for all that you put into this event. I fully expect that, as is typical, you will have arranged breaks in the weather to make this a comfortable day for us. I hope you've done the same for you back there where it looks like you might wish you had packed your skis and snowshoes. I hear that Washington and Boston are in for it but it will be milder around New York.
  7. Seems people used to do that on the General Topics pages but I haven't seen that in a long while. I'm just asking if others are having trouble or if there are known issues with gc.com response times so I can eliminate possible causes. The site has been running very slowly for me for over a month. It is at its worst right now. Comcast has been to the house, installed a new modem and checked it out. The speed is more than adequate. This happens on three devices all less that three years old. A PC with a fast processor, a lap top with moderate speed and a Samsung Galaxy tab S4 tablet. The request for pages (to post logs, look at profiles, cache pages, etc) hang up with "waiting for geocaching.com" notes. I'm thinking that it is not the site because if everyone's computers were processing gc.com pages as slowly as mine there would be mass complaining happening. I just need to be sure.
  8. That is just part of this game. Some folks are not very imaginative when hiding caches. I think you will find that there are quite a few hiders that do care about the quality of their caches. You might want to check out the number of favorite points caches have before you head out to "the hunt". You will have a better chance of not being disappointed if you search for high favorite count caches.
  9. By myself in a suburban setting: 63 in 12 hours. That was some years ago and I know I could top that now. With a group of 3 in suburban and rural:101 in 12 hours. On a California desert power trail with one other person: 373 from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Rented an suv and we switched drivers every 25 caches.
  10. Rats! We also will not be able to attend and I was soooo looking forward to it. Got our passports renewed, got enhanced DLs. We just got back from a 20-day Eclipse/Utah NP tour in 95 to 105 temps, limping van with water in the gas tank from a flaky gas station in either Maupin or Fossil, Oregon, and too many outside projects to do before the rains set in. We are even cancelling our Ice Age Floods Institute annual meeting and field trip in Sun Lake/Grand Coulee the week after Kewlona. Will be back on-line for Grays Harbor.
  11. Yes, again, thanks for the numbers! I'm all numbered up and ready to go. We will raise our glasses to you Saturday night.
  12. Oh goody! And it is an area we have not cached in. Looking forward to it.
  13. Since the log says they didn't find it I would delete it and not be worried in the slightest about defending that action. The burden of proof here is on the finder. If they re-post a find and have a good story to tell then I would let it stand.
  14. Yikes! How did we miss the TB Cafe during our eight nights in Santa Fe??? Usually I check for Virts when visiting new places. I must have been off our game.
  15. Indeed - this thread is full of them. This is an awkward assumption unless we could somehow know that those 66 pages of examples are mostly or even partially full of unmaintained caches and that the F=DNF posters knew that and made their post because of it. No, I don't think there is any connection here.
  16. My bold - sounds like a convenient way to absolve oneself of any and all responsibility for one's actions By some folks measure it may sound that way. I think there is more to it than that. Let's set aside the "throwdown" concept for the moment because I don't advocate cache replacement as a method of gaining a find and I said that in my post. Container replacement is also done for the benefit of others. Finders get a maintained cache for a while. What does it actually matter that the problem is put off for a month, or a year, maybe longer? If there is a viable cache in place shouldn't that meet the goal of the game? In the case of the absentee owner, when people are no longer willing to help out, NM and NA logs will be eventually be posted. (Which is how the future takes care of itself.) It also benefits the CO. It buys them some time before making a maintenance trip. If they don't like that someone tried to help them or don't like the container type they can simply disable the cache until they can get out there - the point being that they need to get out there regardless of the action intended to help them. No extra effort is required of the cache owner whether the container was replaced or not. I have never had a CO complain about my many actions over many years to clean up or replace a container. Sometimes people new to the game, wanting to help when they find a cache in bad condition, come here for advice and they, hopefully, will get to read different perspectives. Some here want to discourage any action or discourage container replacement. I say that there are times when helping out benefits the game. As I opened with in my post above, the key is in reading the situation at the actual cache site. One rule doesn't fit all.
  17. And some believe they are helping future finders. The key to replacing a container is to correctly read the situation. It isn't all that hard to do. There are many conditions where container replacement works out o.k. and in my experience there were few cases, if any, where it was wrong for me to do so. I don't claim finds for caches I replace. I also have posted a fair amount of Needs Archived logs where I felt it was appropriate and all but a couple of them got archived because the CO was inactive or just didn't care. I have replaced a lot of containers over the years and never had a CO complain. People often say that replacing or revitalizing a non-maintained cache just puts forward the inevitable need for archiving. I don't see how that is a problem because the future will take care of itself: If folks want it kept alive then they will do something and if they don't then the cache will get archived but in the mean time searchers will have something to find. There are many caches that the community has kept alive long after the CO left the game. Edit: grammar.
  18. Not to diminish your tribute to Iron Chef I just want to say that JASW caches were very important to us back in 2002, 3 an 4 when there were not so many caches around. We travel the I-5 corridor and roam around the Mojave desert a lot and you always gave us something to look forward to. We never met you but you were a regular feature for us during those first years. For your "I-Hate I-5" caches where you wanted one coin in the container and people always left them stuffed so full you could hardly close them I would clean them out and leave one new quarter (as well as replacing logs and drying out the tins). I would then give all the proceeds to the Washington State Geocachers Association in addition to my annual dues. It amounted to about $10 per year supplemented from coins from a few other caches. I should also say that I LOVE I-5 from Olympia to LA and never get tired of driving it (the rural sections) especially the Central Valley and the high passes on each end. Oregon is fun too. Saying I Hate I-5 back then always meant something good. Thanks for your early work supplying caches and fun for this game. Ed Team Sagefox
  19. I just came across this photo from the 2004 Portland Cache Machine. This is the equipment Wienerdog and Team Sagefox used for that two-day CM.
  20. Thanks for your reply. I am always testing my spout-offs against the real-world of geocaching. My travel bugs have a request that they be visited to only a few caches per handler. Your method fits right in with my request. No one has ever done that for me but maybe it will catch on - I think it is a good idea. I didn't know that so thanks for that tip. It will make it much easier at home... not so much out in the field with a phone which is where I would really like to know before making a grab. But back in the hotel room or campground after the grab this will help. Now I might move more trackables - I've choked it down quite a bit because of the excessive visits.
  21. Not knowing what the recent logs have been saying, maybe locals or visitors have been tidying up as time goes along.
  22. What would be the purpose??? Trackables disappear. It is "virtually" guaranteed that most of them will disappear somewhere, sometime. Why is there a need for eternal life for a simple little object? Virtual logs won't be real - the trackable won't exist. I can't figure out why anyone would even want fake logs for a trackable that hasn't been found. When they disappear we can release the Copy Tag or a proxy. These are REAL things that REAL people can FIND and log. If they are gone we can mark them as missing. We can just buy another tag. They are not that expensive.
  23. Yes. And perhaps a bulk-delete feature where we could get rid of all the Visit logs in one move. (I'm dreaming, of course, but as Debbie Harry said, "Dreamin' is free".) Actually, I don't really mind deleting them one at a time until the infestation is completely cleared off the pages.
  24. Yes but the point is for it to be dropped off in a reasonable amount of time so someone else can move it. To see the chain of human interaction involved in the moving, what different people will do with it and what they will write about it. My trackable goals never included seeing someone else's overly detailed caching route. I guess that is true especially when standing in the 97 degree heat in the Mojave desert deciding whether to grab a bug to help its goal or take it somewhere it hasn't been (real visit: left in a cache) and then having to page through 50 to several hundred visit logs. Or standing anywhere at any temperature... anytime. Mojave heat or comfort of the home computer, 80 pages of "took it to"s is never my idea of fun.
  25. The reliable workhorse Garmin Map6(x) series. The Map60 is way out of date now and doesn't load the cache web pages. The Map62 is still available some places. Loads cache web pages so you don't need a second device to read the cache page info. (Phone coverage is not always available.) The Map64 is the newest in the series and in addition to web page downloading it also receives Russian satellites for added accuracy. I've used the first two models starting in 2004 and will be getting a Map64s by year's end. Each model number has different versions depending on what features you might want to add. If you go to the Garmin website you can click on different models and choose "compare" to see side-by-side spec sheets. Edit: These units need a Garmin map program purchased separately in order to see local roads. With those maps the gps will "auto-route" you to caches or other locations. The maps also have a HUGE database of businesses like restaurants, motels, parks and much more.
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