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  1. When I earn one additional souvenir I get the popup (right side slide in) notification and then keep on getting it with each new cache find I post.  This is redundant and kind of annoying.  Shouldn't it just slide out when logging the cache that earned it and only for that cache?

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  2. On 5/2/2021 at 7:16 PM, Logscaler and Red said:

    19 years of charter member is on $570 so all in all not much for all we have gotten - and are going to get - out of this "sport".




    Agreed.  We are at 19 years also and have enjoyed every bit of it.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Goldenwattle said:

    "important to see all the caches, especially when preparing a trip of hundreds (or more) of kms. I need the broad overview."


    Yep.  This is the way I use it too.  I want to see where all the caches are first and then make my route.


    Thanks for the info everyone. 

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  4. When on a cache page and clicking on View Larger Map it defaults to the Search Caches map.  This map has very powerful search filters but for my purposes I never use it.  


    Is there a way to make the Browse Caches map the default?    I tried the search forums tool but it didn't find what I was looking for.

  5. 23 hours ago, godoi said:

    That's the image.... 


    This is one of the weirdest topics I've read in a long time. 

    Have posts been edited?  What am I missing?  How is that image supposed to help us figure out what cache you might be talking about.

    What is the location of the cache you found, as in coordinates or a letterbox type description as Keystone requested?   And what type of mod approval do you think is required to post a topic in the NW forum?


    I am really curious about what you want help with.

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  6. 1 hour ago, kunarion said:


    "A new username can't have any spaces..."



    That was it!  It took less than two minutes to make both changes.  I would not have thought about the space because our name always had that space in between the team and sagefox.  Things have changed over the 20 years.  


    Thanks, again.  You made it easy.

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  7. 40 minutes ago, kunarion said:


    A new username can't have any spaces, nor certain symbols.


    I'm not sure you can use a previous username without special assistance from Geocaching.com.  Your plan seems complicated enough to ask before you even start.  Maybe they can save you some steps.



    Thanks a bunch.  I will try the no space option and the throw out the sos if that doesn't work.

  8. I want to change our account name from Team Sagefox back to the original Sagefox.  We own both names so first I tried to change the Sagefox name to Temporary Sagefox and the Sagefox Temporary.  That way I could then move to Team Sagefox and change it to Sagefox.  But...


    In trying to change the S name to either of the temporary variations the response is that the name is unavailable.   But for what reason?  Neither of these names are an account.


    What can I do next?

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  9. Check out Lake Saint Clair in SE Lacey.  14 to 16 paddle caches.  One or two of the paddle earth caches require collecting tools needed for the geology experiments so be sure to read those pages.  A few of them are challenge caches which you likely qualify for.  

    To find the lake, get on the gc.com cache map and center it on the Nisqually River delta and then scroll straight south.  You'll see it.

  10. I agree with lee737.  A person lost their life here earlier this year and it seems to me that the cache should yield to the memorial.  There are plenty of other places for a p&g micro. 

    The callous comments here are making me think that people are not taking a moment to understand the seriousness of what took place and how it has affected so many people in that girl's former life.  There is no correlation here to a cemetery cache.  This is active grieving.


    I have been to three or four memorial caches at crash sites over the past 18 years but they were by close friends and meant to be a memorial.  This is not that and nor should it be if you don't know the family and especially if it were simply to justify a cache at this location.


    Why not archive it and place a new cache, or two, somewhere away from here?

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  11. My first thought was to start deleting but then...    We have a trackable that went missing in 2015 and two years later it gets a load of Discover logs in Europe.  Tons of Discover logs.   Turns out that it actually was there. 


    I wrote to some of the discoverers and they said they actually saw it and one even sent a photo.  It is still stuck in Europe and I'm trying to get it back to the US to complete its goal but it appears to be the real TB. 

  12. I've been led here to report this quirk which I want to do in case HQ coders want to look into it.




    During my "29 cache finds on the 29th" run I came to one specific cache, the next one on my route, and each time I clicked on that green treasure chest I would get the usual options page, i.e., the cache name and some street names.  In other words, the map wants to know which nearby feature I want to click on.  Choosing the cache name and hitting enter shuts off the gpsr.  Each time, every time and with two different gpsr units.  This does not happen if I click either of the two suggested street names.


    This was the only cache out of the 29 that this happened for and it still happens today.


    If I do a search-by-name for this cache it will get me into the cache page but when choosing some cache page options, like viewing logs, the units both shut off.  Viewing the cache page description does not seem to shut off the units.  


    I don't know if this is something to do with gc.com or with the Garmin maps.


    Cache:   https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC37PHB_view-of-the-mountain


    Garmin 64s and Garmin 62s


    64s: Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2017.30

    62s: Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2018.2


  13. 55 minutes ago, Team Sagefox said:



    This will be helpful.  The last tb I cleaned up had 360 visit logs and that took over an hour.

    Well...   it literally meant the last 50 logs and it can't go back any farther.  The only way it can do the hundreds of visits is when there are less than 50 logs subsequent to the visits.  I guess I have to keep a closer watch on these "silent" visit logs.

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  14. 11 hours ago, Isonzo Karst said:

    You start deleting a bunch of their logs, in batches of 50 at time via the GSAK macro, you may end up with no visit logs and no trackable.



    I'm only deleting visit logs and I do that periodically which is usually after the trackable has moved on to a new handler.  I haven't had a bogus discover log in years but with that Facebook page I imagine some of mine will get on the lists.


  15. Is there a way to bulk delete "took-it-to" logs on our owned trackable pages?   Over 600 visit logs by one cacher in one month is way over the top.  I request that people not visit our trackables and for the most part people don't do that but some don't read the page or don't care what it says. 


    I tried using the search feature for this question but didn't get anywhere with that.  



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  16. O.K., I'll start things off:    


    Hat Rock State Park caches:  This is a great addition to the CM route!  We've camped at the RV park here a few times.  It's a very nice stay-over when on trips to distant places.


    35, 36, 37 and 38:   Parking for all of these caches is near 35 in the boat launch parking lot then take the foot path near the boat ramp to 35.  The path to 36 and 37 also starts at the boat launch and goes up to the old railroad bed.  These two caches and have great views of the river.  For 38, walk the bridge across the inlet to hike up to the cache for a great view of Hat Rock.  We recall that the bridge is not driveable.


    34 is above the old railroad bed which is closed to vehicles hence the T rating.  The walk was o.k. and it's historical.  This is the old river line that was abandoned in the 50s when McNary Dam flooded it a couple of miles upstream.  Good view from up here too.


    39:  I would suggest removing from the route.  The CM routing map thinks the service road is driveable but I'm sure it's not so it would make a long walk.  Also there are two credible sounding dnfs which the COs have not responded to since last summer.  


    40 and 41:   Map program shows driving the old railroad bed but that is closed to traffic.  It is now called the Lewis and Clark Commemorative Trail.  Access to these caches is from Highway 730.


    40 is the historical site of old railroad warehouses and apparently a river shipping terminal.


    Edited 4:08pm with edits underlined.

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