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  1. Task killers actually do more harm than good. Sorry to say but its a fact. Android is set up differently than windows and as such task killers aren't needed. Its a total myth.


    Also "killing" the gc app does not work for me...only a reboot will.


    This is all true right here. I don't know what's taking them so long to address this problem, I had the same issue with c:geo about six months ago and contacted the developer about it. He had it fixed in a couple days.

  2. Hmmm... I'm going to have to do some research on this. Whenever I get a inaccurate reading while using google maps I'll try doing the a-gps state download and its always been corrected after doing that. Maybe a phone reboot would do the same thing as well, but at least the download is quicker than a reboot.

  3. I am curious as to how accurate the GPS is on these smart phones. I am thinking of getting the new HTC Thunderbolt when it comes out. I currently use the pn-40 which is of course very accurate. The Delorme maps are junk when you look at them compared to google maps. The ability to have online access at your finger tips appeals to me also. The accuracy issue would be my only concern. These phones were not built to be a GPS unit so I have to wonder how close they get you to a set of coords.


    As of this posting I'm just under 500 finds and have been using a HTC Hero or HTC Evo 4g on most of them. My dad uses an Oregon 450 so we compare our results alot when out caching and while the Oregon is more accurate, these HTC devices are not far off. It helps to use the app "GPS Status". Open the app> hit the menu button> select tools> select Manage A-GPS state> then select download. Doing this every few days seems to really help the accuracy. In my opinion the main reason to go with a dedicated gps would simply be that they can take more abuse. My phones been dropped, rained on, and covered in pine sap already. I told myself that once I get to 500 caches I could buy an Oregon, so I'm starting to shop around now. :D

  4. I know this is a bit late to throw my 2 cents in but I have some issues that I'm trying to get answers for. YES the app is GREAT on the EVO!!! the convenience of being able to cache any where, any time, is cool, but the big problem with the EVO is the battery consumption! and the Geocaching app tops the list at 95% of power consuming apps when I check to see whats using my battery. although I did not see a huge drop in battery life once I installed the app. Does it shut off when not in use or is it constantly running in the background? and can it be shut down without removing it? Anyone with better tech skills than I help me to understand this?


    When you want to close the app go to settings> applications> manage applications> and then click on the geocaching app and select "force stop". If I don't do this the app will run in the background and suck the battery dry. They say they're working on this but can't replicate the problem which astounds me since there is a lot of people with this problem. If they want to charge $10 for this app they need to address this issue, I'll be using c:geo until they fix it.

  5. Hmmm, it seems that the big compass and the small compass both point towards the waypoint, yet on the dashboard it gives the name and distance towards the nearest geocache. When I select Small Data Fields the distance is correct.


    We both thought it used to give us the name of the waypoint and distance to it on the dashboard when using Geocaching-Active. Can anyone else confirm that their 450 does this?

  6. I'm trying to help my Dad out with his Oregon 450. When he's navigating towards a geocache and goes to the compass it seems to work just fine, he's using the Geocaching-Active dashboard. But when he tries to navigate to a waypoint using the compass, the compass goes to the nearest geocache yet. When I take off all the .gpx files from the unit and try to navigate to a waypoint using the compass it's blank. No arrow or description. The compass doesn't seem to be able to work with a waypoint. It used to work just fine so I don't know what happened.


    Trying to fix the issue, I used the webupdater to update the software and reset everything to factory defaults. Nothing changed though, we're having the same problem. I've looked at the wiki page and couldn't find an answer so I thought I'd give this forum a shot. Thanks for any help-

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