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  1. T.F.T.C., IF there is no snow, you can have fun along the Alpine Pedal Path, starting with Doug's Nut Here Anymore and ending with ( I think...) It's A Crock. Sorry, I don't have the GC numbers handy. That's a nice and EZ trail!
  2. B.R.A., I just read on the SCG site about BikeDog. I was truly taken by his enthusiasm and joy. He will be greatly missed. My prayers are with you, his family and all San Diego Cachers.
  3. Ahh...HOME SWEET HOME! Looks like we had about 6" of snow. If all the storms from SF came down here we'd be under 10 feet for sure! I hope everyone is well and I'm looking forward to a fantastic caching NEW YEAR
  4. Well, I have been here in San Francisco 3 weeks, it has rained everyday, only saw the sun twice, went caching two times, released one new Travel Bug and taught two newbies about geocaching. All in all, a great time, except for the rainy part...I'm heading home in a couple days and hope the snow waits til I get there. At least you don't have to shovel rain...See you soon...
  5. Normally being very active outdoors, I was side-lined for years after 5 spinal fusions. I read an artical in the Parade magazine just over a year ago and I thought "HEY, here's something I could do outdoors at my own pace!" I have been hooked ever since. Next...
  6. HI B.R.A! Hope you were a good girl for Santa.... heh. .heh... I shoulda brought my kayak up here in SF, it has been raining all week. Wish the preciptation would get to Big Bear. Hope you got some great SWAG yourself! Badgercacher
  7. Caching through the snow...on a one horse oh... I forgot, it hasn't snowed yet. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL GOOD CACHERS EVERYWHERE and BEST WISHES FOR A GRAND NEW YEAR
  8. I did Columba (GCGH5J) for my 100th. I don't know if you've done it yet, but if you do be SURE to see Emmet, he pretty much has single-handedly refurbished the whole place. It's a GREAT place.
  9. Hi everyone! Is it snowing yet? I'm in San Francisco and it has been raining non-stop . Though I do love the rain, makes for miserable caching. Anyway, just wanted to say "Howdy" and see you next year
  10. Thanks to all that came tonight Finally, faces other than the Tandemaniacs C_A, hope you enjoyed the movie
  11. hmmmm...thinking of KONG's belly button lint... At the end of the day, C_A, who's going to care WHEN you saw it??? So come have pizza and then see the hairy beast. Besides, even with all the smoke and mirrors, nothing beats the ORIGINAL KING KONG.
  12. WELCOME The_Nagual!!! Since we haven't had any REAL snow yet, you can cache just about everywhere It looks like Snow Summit has the two major runs open on man-made ice, *er...cough*... SNOW! Temps are 44-52 during the day, so dress accordingly. All caches are open, roads, too!
  13. Don't forget this Wednesday, 12-14, is Pizza Night at Village Pizza, 6pm. Don't be a DNA (Did Not Attend). C YA!
  14. Yes! Of course, Wacka is so right! I forgot to mention to check Geocachers of the Bay Area, very nice people , I'm sure there will be someone to help you. I will stil be up there if I can be of assistance. Good luck and have fun!
  15. My best friend and cache buddy is a mini-dachshund and dachshund translates to Badger dog ( which is also my email), so I wanted to use badger-something...hey! Badger and cacher sounds kinda snappy!!!
  16. Hi Misti! If you don't hook up with anyone soon, I will be in town after the 18th for the holidays and could help you out. I'll be over by Bay and Leavenworth. Where are you?
  17. I LOVE events!!! Lots of food, crazy cachers, great food, awesome raffle prizes, delicious food, coin oogling...did I mention the fantastic food??? Well, just you wait, Mandy'sMom and I will be having the 2nd Annual Big Bear Cache Bash next summer. Prepare to eat!
  18. HA! B.R.A.!!! I was just thinking the SAME thing!
  19. Yesterday I did cache maintenance on a few of my caches up 2N10, all is well and open since it hasn't snowed yet. or depending on your view! Come on up and get out there.
  20. Arrgghh PIRATES! I think Tinfoil is right about the name being too long. You could try the "Pirates WDDA", I suppose. Hey Tinfoil and Nutbag, you can retire your thirsty boots at Shoshana's Mickey D's Cache GCQQON. Congrats on making it to Heavenly Harrison! I salute you!!! If forestry road 2N10 is open, there are some great caches up there with beautiful views and EZ hikes. I don't know if you were up there during the Event. I took my nephew out for his first cache weekend and he is TOTALLY excited about it. Does anyone know of a cache group in Ventura he can contact? Thanks. Have a GREAT DAY
  21. C.A., It saddens me that this is still a problem, and I completely understand both sides, and I am NOT taking any. This is between you guys. I simply did NOT want this issue to continue on this thread that I started for the fun of geocaching in Big Bear. Please put it to rest, start your own thread, or better yet, let's just all move along. PLEASE...I am not mad you or anyone, just didn't want this to flare up again, here. As for the earthquake, well, you must be a sound sleeper! Even my snorring BadgerDog was rattled by it OK, Life is Good, let's be safe out there and Cache On! PEACE TO ALL, Badgercacher
  22. Howdy! I am getting my nephew into caching. He lives in Ventura. Is there a cache group out there??? Thanks!
  23. Rock and Roll!!!!!! A perfect welcome for my family to Big Bear, a 4.1 quake 5 miles north of here...wah-who!!! As for the "rock pile" cache topic and disparaging remarks, gentlemen, please start your own thread. My eyes were burning from the last go'round. Thank you!
  24. Yes, I'm afraid this is not "STORM WATCH 2005", we will still have to wait... Hey Tinfoil! I have 5 caches going down Hwy 18 to Lucern, they usually won't have a lot of snow covering them...if you head that way. Thank you BLONDS RUN AMUCK for trading a San Diego (my home town !!!) for the Big Bear coin. San Diego rocks! And a huge AWESOME JOB to the Tandemaniacs for making the Big Bear coins...they are fantabulous! Geocachers are the best!
  25. Welcome aboard Tinfoil-Hat and NutBag!!! We love you guys, and always enjoy your visits to the mountains! You are hereby recognized as honorary Big Bear Lake Geocachers! WHO-ya!!!!! If anyone is interested, my official weather station shows a blustery 42 degress. Snow Summit has the Miracle Mile open on person-made snow... Roads are open. Our monthly pizza night is Wednesday, Dec. 14, 6pm at Village Pizza. Come to meet your local cachers and yak about the most fun you can have with millions of dollars of govt. property! Be there!
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