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  1. Hi pqcachers, Sorry I haven't visited the forums lately...but the mtngirls have a lot of great caches in the crestline area, all are kid friendly. I haven't cached in Lake Arrowhead, but have always heard good things about the North Shore trail. Wish I could have been more help. Now, WHY won't you be at the Big Bear Cache Bash II??????????? hhmmmm?????
  2. The Big Bear Cache Bash II has been posted GCW16V, so mark your calendars!!!
  3. P.S. The weather is great, the lake is FULL, the skies are blue.......get up here!
  4. The Big Bear Lake Geocachers Store is OPEN! For cool t-shirts, sweat shirts and mugs please visit www.cafepress.com/bblgeocachers Thank you and have a great day!
  5. I shuddered when I saw this topic. I immediately thought it should have simply been called "Cruising Spots". Yes, I have seen straight couples and gay couples having sex. I have stepped over used condos and needles, seen drug deals and fights...It all comes down to common sense. Observe your surroundings. If it's trashy, it's going to be trashy in more ways than one. I've been propositioned by men and women, I say "no thanks" and move on. The point is, it's not just gay couples out there, it's anyone. It's homeless men and women, it's prostitutes and johns, drug dealers and punks bent on destroying anything. It's not straight or gay. It's anyone. Just be observant, if it looks creepy and feels creepy...don't go there. That log is not so important.
  6. We'll be looking forward to the Horde and Gang invasion.
  7. I have archived three. Two of them were micros, way back when I first started and I thought magnetic Altoids were kewl. Since I have decided "NO MORE MICROS", I removed them to make way for bigger and better caches. The third one kept getting stolen, so there you go...
  8. I think it all comes down to the American Way--- "I'm going to sue you!" Back in the early '70's I became a paramedic, when it was just a fledgling program. We did some amazing things to save lives, stuff we were never taught, but we got the job done. There were no helicopters, we used to take the side seats out of little airplanes and put the stretchers there. That was how we flew patients out. (I live in the mountains) ..anyway, I remember how proud we were that we were paramedics (me, a female one at that), even put the shiny medical sticker on the back of our cars...boy, did all that change when LAWSUITS started coming left and right. Yes, the Good Samaritan law will protect you provided your actions weren't WAY out of line and you were doing the best you could. But those shiny stickers came off our cars as we were being sued for NOT stopping at accidents. (didn't happen to me, but someone I know) And now EVERYONE gets a collar and backboard "Just In Case" (of lawsuit). Don't get me started on all the unnecessary xrays and other tests done in ER's, just because of the threat of getting sued ( I worked an ER for 20 years). Don't get me wrong. I think everyone should take First Aid and CPR. It's just a shame that there are so many people who are out to make a buck. It's a horrendous circle. Frivolous lawsuits are driving medical care and insurance costs through the roof.
  9. Here's another woman! I usually cache by myself up here in the mountains. My cache buddy is a woman, also. Her husband (another "Jerry") tries to pretend that he's not interested but he'll say stuff like..."Well, I'll drive you to your caches, if ya want..." That's when we are visiting their "winter" home in Arizona. Most of my caching friends are female, but their husbands and BF's like to go, too.
  10. Toby's Gang and ALL, Speaking of summer caching up here, mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual Big Bear Cache Bash, Aug. 26. We will be posting it soon on GC.com. It will be fantastic, lots of new caches, summer, the lake is full...oh, I can't wait! See you here!
  11. Hey Silver Horde and Toby's Gang! It goes without saying that most caches are "close to the ground", so if we get more snow, they won't be available. Right now, the sun is shining and the snow is melting quickly. Off the top of my head, these caches should be ok to get...Stanfield Cutoff, Allure of Big Bear, Path to Enlighteningment, Sinker Swim, Walk On By, Shut Up And Ride, Read the Sign, HaZzMaTt Walking, Oh Dear, Kmart Cache. These are not on the ground. If I think of more, I'll add to the list. If you happen to be on Hwy 18 going through Lucern, you can get Badgerdog 1-4, and Dr. Laura Cache. Hwy 18 doesn't stay snowy... That's all for now! Have fun!
  12. I use a Palm E2 with GSAK and Cachemate. The great thing with GSAK is that I can make up different databases for different areas...San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, etc. Makes it very easy to find info. So when I go out all I need is my Palm, GPS and backpack. It is TOTALLY worth getting a Palm or some other PDA. NO MORE PRINTOUTS. NO MORE INK. DO IT! You will be very happy you did.
  13. I like to pick up a variety of baseball hats at thrift stores and yard sales. I wash them and then put them in ziplocks. Sometimes cachers forget to take their hat and will be happy to find one. Another thing I put in are paperback books. A friend of mine reads voraciously and then he gives me the books when he is done. I put those in ziplocks, too. A good music mix CD is a fun find. For the little cachers, I also pick up beanie babies or other small stuffed animals in new condition at thrift stores. They can be had for .25 to .50. I toss those in the wash, too, and then put them in ziplocks. I have a dog themed cache that I keep filled with new tennis balls, leashes and collars from the dollar store, squeeky toys, doggy key chains, etc. It is an ammo box, and rawhide bones have been OK in there. Just my 5 cents worth!
  14. Greetings from the mountains! It's been quite slow and uneventful up here as far as caching goes. Just yesterday, I was out at the park playing with my geo-pooch, looking forward to summertime caching. Today, I am trying to dig out over a foot of snow from this late storm. I tell ya, IT IS DUMPING up here! Just wanted to let all you skiing/boarders know. Be careful out there! On CITO day, April 22, I'll be down by Meadows Edge with trash bags at 9am, in case anyone wants to join me. Hope the snow has melted by then! See ya!
  15. I am checking into it for our group in Big Bear Lake, CA. Those of you in Calif. can go to http://adopt-a-highway.dot.ca.gov to read about it and get an application. It's a great thing to do!
  16. It's a beautiful, sunny day in Big Bear, we had about 3-feet of great snow over the weekend. Makes for fantastic skiing and boarding, the caches will have to wait til Spring! Be safe and warm out there!
  17. It's here! It's finally here!!! For all of those interested in skiing/boarding, we've had about a foot of snow so far today and it's the good kind! Not wet and heavy and slushy, this stuff is pretty good. Please check for road closures before coming. Both 38 and 18 the front way were closed today. Stay warm out there!
  18. Excellant, ShowStop! The altitude is good for you! Can I hitch a ride with anyone? You'd better make it to the event in any case. Road Update: 330 is still closed due to a landslide. Hwy. 18 between the dam and Boulder Bay is also still closed from the gasoline tanker incident. They had to excavate much deeper to remove the contaminated soil. Still NO snow, just rain...
  19. Monday morning...I guess we are on STORM WATCH 2006, it's a little drizzely right now... Went to the Temecula Event II yesterday...it was FUN-TASTIC!!! So many pizzas and coins, saw some old faces and new...always good to have a FACE for those we read about. Temecula is a great area to cache in, I hope to return one day and spend more time. It's a beautiful area and the caches are very creative! Anyway, mark your calendars, Mandy'sMom and I are planning the 2nd Annual Big Bear Cache Bash for August 26th, 2006. I'll keep you posted if there are any changes, etc. Stay warm and dry!
  20. For anyone planning to visit Big Bear= the road between the dam and Boulder Bay is still closed due to the fuel spill. Most of the snow we just had has melted, so caches are ready and waiting! I hear we are due for a storm this Monday and Tuesday, so I'll keep you posted. Come up for some skiing and caching!
  21. Hi JetMonkey! I lived in SF for a few years. Just stay out of the Tenderloin District! There is a $5.00 toll coming south on the I-5 crossing the Golden Gate into the city. There is a $3.00 toll going west across the Bay Bridge. Most caches in the city are micros, there are very few ammo boxes! Parking anywhere is nightmare, meters are about .25 for 7 minutes, and you have to beware of rat traps and homeless. Between Newark and Novato, I'd stay in Novato. It's pretty up there. You can go into Tiburon, Sausalito and the Marin Headlands, and you won't have to cross the bridge. I would bike Angel Island for sure, IF the weather is nice! ALWAYS BRING A JACKET!!! You won't be far from Napa and Sonoma, if you want to hit some wineries. Good luck and have fun!
  22. Sunday morning...looks like we had another 3-inches of the fluffiest snow I've seen in 20 years!
  23. Insert foot...we had about 4-6-inches of snow last night, and it's snowing lightly as I write this. Luckily, MtnMammy and I got some caches yesterday before the storm. The news also says that Hwy. 18 between the dam and Boulder Bay is still closed, just in case anyone is coming up. Check roads, bring chains.
  24. Glad you had a great time, TFTC! Ah yes, the dam bridge...well, a few days ago a gasoline tanker side-swiped some boulders while trying to avoid a vehicle that crossed over the double yellow. The boulders ripped out part of the tanker, spilling 1000's of gallons of gas. Fortunately, no one was hurt and no fire. Part of the road has to be repaved, so they say the road should re-open on Friday the 16th. Come back soon, doesn't look like any snow in our near future. Lots of caches to get. See ya!
  25. I was fortunate to have met Bikedog when he came up to our Big Bear Cache Bash last October. Though our chat was short, his enthusiasm and joy was SO apparent, his quest for fun and adventure was inspiring. My prayers are with his family and all San Diego Cachers.
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