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  1. What irks me the most right now, well, actually for the past year and a half, are cachers stealing caches. I have had about 20 ammo boxes stolen during this time...by other cachers. How do I know? Because I have been doing this a long time and my ammo boxes are generally hidden in places where no one other than a cacher would be going. Today I archived 2 more missing caches. Over the years I have filled my containers with Cd's, book, DVDs, tools...and what is in them when I do maintenance? Cigarette butts, rocks from nearby, rusty bottle caps, cash register receipts, even had a blown out hiking boot...oh yeah, and the ever AWESOME foam shapes. REALLY? The cachers today do not respectfully play, nor do they take the time to write something other than TFTC or found it. That's not how I was raised. Thanks for listening.
  2. Favorite Points= FAIL. Too subjective, too meaningless in the long run if people are favoriting their friend's caches just because it's their friend's caches. VK is right. A crappy bush hide is a crappy bush hide. A bush hide that takes me to a turtle pond, beautiful lake or waterfall is not a crappy bush hide, IMHO. See? It's all subjective.
  3. THANK YOU PILOTSNIPES!!! I am not very savvy with computer programing stuff, but I was successful with your fantastic tutorial. I bought the Nuvi 200 and was able to install all of your programs, and now have all of the caches in my area, along with hints and past logs. Truly a miracle! A million thanks again for all of your hard work.
  4. I don't have a problem with McToys, and would LOVE to find a Friendship bracelet in a cache, but the OPs original question is about JUNK. I used to get pretty cranky when I would do maintenance and find empty water bottles, candy wrappers, a rock from nearby, or a tiny piece of foam from a bag of 1000's of tiny pieces of foam...To me, this is trash and certainly not a worthy trade for a book, CD, hat, homemade beanie, etc. I get nice logs from people who say they had a great time looking through all the swag, but obviously some do not trade equal or up. I used to fret about it, but can't do that anymore. Some people will never change and I have to hope that they had a fun time finding my caches and the experience of finding a new place to see and enjoy. That is the main reason I cache. If someone feels a used toothbrush (yes, I did find one in a cache) is truly SWAG, well, I hope they don't forget to floss, too. And about those little baggies...I have found them at Michael's Craft Store and some 99cent stores. Happy Trails!
  5. We are having our 4th Annual Event in August. I usually go around to certain businesses and ask nicely if they would like to donate something. I also tell them I will write up a letter stating the donation which they use for tax purposes. The local brewery always gives us a gift certificate and wooden nickels for free brews, those I place in new caches before the event. Garmin has also been great. They usually send 10 T-Shirts, stickers, hats, can coolers, etc. I send them a letter with a copy of the Event page. The wait is about two months, so be prepared. We have NEVER received anything from Magellan. All you have to do is ask. Good Luck!
  6. I have seen plenty of caches like this. Snakes aren't the only varmint used...rats, alligators, bats, owls, and once I saw a rubber Halloween hand with a Bison Tube. All good fun!
  7. Usually it's just full of garbage by the time I need to archive a cache. IF there is anything worthwhile, I will place it in a new cache or use for trade.
  8. Exactly! I took the disposable camera to CVS and just asked for a CD. I didn't want prints or negs, just the CD. It was only a few bucks.
  9. I put a camera in GCQFAC prior to having our first event. It is at one of my favorite mountain top places. At the event I met Jerry "bikedog" Gradisher. He was so full of life and energy, his smile was infectious! He told me of finding my caches and of some of his other grand adventures. "THIS is a man that loves EVERYTHING outdoors!"...I thought to myself. Sadly, Jerry was killed in an accident just a few months later. Imagine my surprise when I had that film developed and saw a picture of "bikedog". It's a treasure, indeed!
  10. Just run a Pocket Query for 5/5's, or what ever you are looking for. AH! Isonzo Karst posted quickly before me!!!
  11. As already stated: Foam shapes!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHH! Bubbles (they leak and ruin the contents) Googly eyes Religious stuff Magazine page ripped out of a magazine Playdough (technically a food item, YUK!) A rock picked up from cache site
  12. Funny that I just stumbled upon this subject, since I rarely visit the forums. I was just thinking that my SWAG days are over. I routinely maintain and restock my caches with Baseball hats, music CD's, Beanie Babies for the kids, current paperback books, camping items, whistles, compasses, etc. Everything is clean and put into zip-lock baggies. So when I return to the caches and find only those stupid foam shapes, googly eyes, or a rock that was just picked up from the ground, it makes me sick. Do people really think that a foam square equals a Beanie Baby or a new hat??? PULLEEEZZZ! So...I'm done. I will trade my sig item with someone else's sig item, but no longer will I leave good stuff. It seems the majority of cachers just don't trade up or equal these days. Thanks for letting me vent!
  13. As a female that usually caches by myself in the mountains here, I carry a small Jennings 22. I have had firearms training and am certified. I'm not worried about the bears or mountain lions, etc, it's the nut jobs that also hang out in the woods. The first round is snake shot, if you don't get the point after that, hollow points will follow.
  14. That would be CONGRATS to TEAM ADELOS for the 2500th post!!! That's a lot of posting!
  15. Pardon me for butting in here, I'm not sure which thread to post this on, but here goes! First, I want to THANK all the great San Diego cachers for coming up to Big Bear last weekend. It was truly the best event we've ever had and it's because of wonderful people like you. I had the best time and was so happy to finally many SD cachers that I have only known through the logs. Second, during the event a cacher unknown to me said he found a nice knife at the food table. I am sorry that I don't know who the "FINDER" is, but I now know who the "OWNER" is, so if you found the knife please contact me. Thanks for this interruption, you may return to normal posting!
  16. Yes, I did recognize that they copied the artwork from Big Bear Info. How does one sleep at night? My co-host hasn't heard back from them. I'm afraid I am quite naive to think that when someone gives their word, it happens! All of this makes me very sad, but I truly appreciate everyones input and suggestions. I can assure you we won't be fooled again! Stay tuned
  17. WOW! You really hit the nail on the head! I AM totally ignorant about the coin business and rarely do I venture into these forums. I have a few coins that I enjoy, but that's about it. My co-host has been in contact with SoCalGeocoins, and they are more than willing to change the design, so we're all good. Lessons learned.
  18. I agree wholeheartedly. I learned a huge lesson and hope others did, too. I didn't ask enough questions, it just never occurred to me (or the other organizer) that the coin would actually say "Big Bear Cache Bash III". I would never make a coin of someone else's event, but that's just me. Now I know...just ASK! Thanks for everyone's input, I really appreciate it. jc
  19. As Co-Host of the Big Bear Cache Bash III, let me assure you that this coin is NOT authorized. Mandy'sMom, the other host, has asked SoCalGeocoins to please stop selling this coin. The coin from USA Geocoins is the ONLY official and authorized coin for our event. It has just come to our attention that this coin is being sold, however, permission was never granted. SoCalGeocoins asked us for permission to sell another coin at our event, which we didn't have a problem with, but they never said it was going to depict our event. We felt is was just going to be a personal coin. Quoted from their email to Mandy'sMom: "...would like to have another coin available at your Big Bear Mountain Cache event, which we would have made at our expense. We will give you and Badgerdawg a coin free to keep for yourselves. We would like to get production of them started ASAP so if you could kindly email me back and let me know if it's okay with you we would appreciate it. All were doing is asking you if you mind. Our daughter designed it and is excited to see it in print. Thanks so much..." We had NO idea that they were going to use our event's name on their coin. Mandy'sMom has asked them to stop. She has designed the official coin for which we take great pride in it's representation. We hope that SoCalGeocoins will understand and redesign their coin. We do not have a problem if their coin makes any reference to Big Bear Lake, however, the "Big Bear Cache Bash III" name should remain with the event host. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings. Thank you for your time and happy trails! jc- Badgerdawg
  20. Did you order from WildTech Corp??? That's where I got mine, had NO problems with them.
  22. PQcachers, That's fantastic!!!! That's a HUGE number, especially with small children! Congrats on your milestone!!!
  23. HWY 330 closure: Just to let everyone coming to our Big Bear Cache Bash II know the latest on HWY 330: Our local paper states today that from Aug.21 through Sept. 4 Hwy 330 will be open 8am to 6pm with flagging and pilot car service. Alternate routes are available: Hwy18 Crestline through Running Springs; Hwy 38 from Redlands; Hwy 18 from Lucerne. Thanks and see you soon!
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