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  1. Congrats to the latest recipients!
  2. Same thing happened to me. Does not look like mine will be that quick...got the shipping notification at 1AM - according to the FedEx tracking site, they will not be here until next Wednesday. Oh well...good thing come to those who wait
  3. One of our phrases is..."don't use the 'f' word"...mainly because if the girls use the word "found" while we're looking for the cache we think that they found the cache...even though they are usually talking about something totally different.
  4. Fed ex has been here and gone...no coins yet...and no email either.
  5. What are the little ones with the holes in the middle?
  6. Since there will be 2 GCFs next year, maybe you guys should establish a consistant and obvious way to differentiate the 2 in everything that you post (twitter feeds, facebook pages, etc). It will be confusing (at least to me) to keep track of which twitter feed (GCF2011 and Geocoinfest2011) belongs to EU and USA. Just a thought...
  7. No email here either...I hope I do not have to be home when they come.
  8. I almost with we weren't going to Alaska next summer, because I probably could've talked the hubby into going to Germany if he was not using up his 3 weeks of vacation for that trip.
  9. For those of us that could not attend GCF 2010, please post pictures of the coins that debuted at GCF 2010. We'd love to see what we missed!
  10. The event today is 11-4...so I imagine that someone will post it afterwards...unless someone posts from the event. I know that the 2009 announcement was made towards the end of the 2008 event.
  11. Beautiful presentation. Well done. Nice coins, too! Thank You very much :-) Yes, very nice. What version(s) are you trading?
  12. Cause I made a mistake loading them. I think I have all of them fixed now though.... Some really nice designs there!!! Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Why is only 1 side of the Pittsburgh (aka SWPA) coin shown?
  14. Nice! Hope some are available for those of us that cannot go the GCF
  15. PLEASE do not send us any requests to trade for our event coin. They are for our event attendees first. If any remain after the event, we will offer them here, but until then, we will not accept any trade offers.
  16. So, the mint took no pictures? How about Oakcoins? Do we have to wait for everyone to receive their coins and post a picture?
  17. That's the one that my daughter really wants
  18. We only had a handful of Europeans attend GCF-Pittsburgh. There are plenty our European coin vendors, so they should not have a problem getting vendors to participate. Keep in mind that, unless you already have a passport, traveling to an international event can become a pricey venture...esp. if you travel with your family. Yeh, there are probably some US folks that will travel to a European event, but there will still be plenty that do not. I don't really see it as a problem having the 2 events. It will give the international vendors a easier opportunity to participate. I suppose some of the US vendors may want to venture over the big pond, but I cannot imagine all of them would.
  19. I'd love to see GCF 2011 in Cologne! A chance for us European coin addicts to attend! Cologne would be quite central for Coiner not only from Germany, but as well from the neighbouring countries as Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and England. There are many German Coiners, who never get the chance to visit GCF in the states, so this would be a brilliant chance for us to meet with vendors and collectors. Thank you very much for your words and your vote. Let us all cross fingers. I am really excited to see who will make it. Just so folks know, and this thread does not become flooded by "votes", voting was completed by the GCF voting committee (comprised of former GCF organizers)
  20. Portland Charlotte Portugal Germany Voting was for US & I'nat location. Probably not. Why would you want to? As with previous years, I am guessing that they will announce the winners at this years GCF.
  21. Our favorite mystery coin is the first mystery coin that we found...the Geocoin Fairy...we had quite an adventure finding it right before we left for a weekend trip to MI, and it remains one of my fondest memories...which is why it is one of my favorite mystery coins. In regards to what we'd love to find...topping the list is the Bell Witch (Brenda was drooling over the one at the MWGB auction...unfortunately, we were outbid) and the Greenman comes in at a close second.
  22. Very cute...wish we were going to GCF
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