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  1. I'll chime in with my .02 worth. I went from a Garmin V to the 60CSx. I know that's a big jump but the CSx is amazing when it comes to locking on to signal. I've had signal lock at times in 10 seconds or less after power on. It's a great unit!

  2. I'm sorry I'm not being clear. I used a program called "LoadMyTracks" to download my saved tracks from my gps to my Macintosh computer. The file format that was downloaded was .gpx. I next loaded that .gpx file into a program called "GPSPhotoLinker" which is a program that will compage date/time's on the track points to date/time's stamped on the digital photos and link those that match up within a set of parameters.


    The problem is that the "GPSPhotoLiner" software reported that the date/time was not recorded on my track points. Manually opening the .gpx file shows that the only info present is the lat, lon, ele and point name.



  3. I understand the date/time is stored with "active" tracks. What is considered an active track? I assume you mean active as in recording positions. Too bad this is the case. I was wanting to do some geotaging of photographs. I can still do it but not as an automatic process as would be possible if the date/time were recorded.

  4. Exactly what are you planning on using your radio for? If you are just wanting to use radio to keep in contact with others during a cache hunt then perhaps the family service radios would work better for you.....


    Just an idea...

    Ham radio is a hobby in itself.



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