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  1. It was a good ways away from the cache (like 30 feet or so) and the CO gave a pretty good spoiler with the hint.
  2. I accidentally took a cache once. It was a little waterproof match container and when I opened it the threads were full of sand. I was afraid if I closed it I would mess up the container to wash it. In the 30 minutes it took me to get home and log my find the owner marked it missing. I felt so stupid! I messaged her and told her what happened and she wasn't mad. She thanked me for cleaning up the cache and putting it back.
  3. Okay so here is what happened. I went to a cache site and on my way to the GZ I saw a page of a porno mag stuck to a tree with a rusty knife. If that isn't creepy enough there were slash marks in certain places on the picture. (not going into detail here). There is obvious evidence of someone living near the cache and that they were there recently. I posted on the cache page that I had found the cache and that it was in bad shape. I also posted about the adult materal I found there and they just encrypted my post. I really don't feel that there is anything right about this area and I am not quite sure what should be done because the cache has been there for so long I don't want to feel guilty that I was the reason it got archived. Here is the link to the cache if anyone wants to see my comments. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=9e24e6a0-d390-4f20-90cb-95dff4d82ab3
  4. I agree. This map is not as detailed as the old one and takes twice as long to load.
  5. Is there a free map I can download for my Garmin Etrex HC? I don't want to pay a lot of money but I would like to upgrade from the basemap it comes with.
  6. I want a good book on surival skills and possibly map reading/gps skills. Does anyone have any favorites they can recommend?
  7. Don't worry about it. Just try again. Geocaching takes practice. Try to look for regular or large caches first with a low difficulty rating. I would suggest getting a walking stick to poke through underbrush and look for anything unnatural. If there is a worn path, sticks/rocks or other natural things that are piled up in an unnatural way that might be a hint. Think in the mind of the hider.
  8. I would have to agree. The most awkward moment in my geocaching career was when I had found GC176MC. It was magnetically attached to the side of an electrical box outside a bank. I didn't realize I was suspicious until after I signed the log and had to re-hide. To make matters worse it is near the drive thru part of the bank so it makes it extra sketchy. No one on the cache page seems to be complaining but I would not hunt something like that again.
  9. I once got stopped by an officer. He asked me what I was doing so I told him I was geocaching. I showed him my gps and he asked if he could search my backpack. I was poking around a gas/power meeter so he had probable cause to search me because I could have been a vandal or a scrapper. He found nothing of interest so he asked me for my ID and info and went on his way. Not a big deal. I was a little nervous but I wasn't doing anything wrong so he would not have the grounds to get me into trouble or hurt me. A tip one of my friends shared with me is keep your hands where the officer can see them.
  10. Most the time I prefer to walk a bit ahead of them because I like to break some of the blackberry vines and I don't want to swing my walking stick and smack those behind me. If I can I bring clippers so I don't have to swing to get rid of some things that may snag me.
  11. The only time I skip it is if I don't have a bag or if the trash requires gloves. No way am I touching broken glass or unsanitary items with my bare hands. I don't really care if it is a pop can or something. I like finding scrap metal. If its not too pitted I can grind the rust off and use it to practice welding.
  12. I think an airport security wand would be an easy way to find small metal bisons in the bushes. (and empty beer cans too!) Has anyone tried it?
  13. I am fairly sure one guy jacked one of my caches took the trackables and put it back.
  14. GPS (duh) Extra batteries Snacks Water Headlamp (Great for hands free night caching) Crank light (No need for batteries) Travel bugs/geocoins Swag Knife Mace
  15. Too wet out. Nothing is grosser than wet and muddy pants cuffs. Not having a car. If my SN wasn't DannyCaffeine it was going to be BusCacher.
  16. I found a cache in a Seattle park that people had written the N word in the logbook and drawn some pretty interesting "artwork" in it as well.
  17. Instead of thinking I just bushwacked through the woods and got some cuts from the brambles on my side (you can see the pic in my gallery lol) when I could have just gone around the neighborhood to the other side of the forest and just walked down a trail. Bypassed someone's fence. Like no one else has done that before. Accidentally jammed a bison. That has taugh me to gently roll up the log and fit into the lid, and then the larger half. Jaywalking. I think most city/urban cachers understand this.
  18. They seem a bit silly to me. I did the ten pieces of trash one though.
  19. I am downloading it now. Sounds interesting and if I don't care for it I can just delete it lol.
  20. I thought a bolt on a bus was a nano because I was sleep deprived. I was sad when it wouldn't unscrew with my fingers.
  21. I think with the correct limitations that buried caches can exist. If there was some kind of marker that would indicate where it is hidden (like something the size of a small stake or golf tee) that you would need to look for before digging. This would keep people with bouncy coords from digging up the forest. A limit on hole depth. This should be set for safety and environmental concern. Only on your own property since you never know where underground cables and pipelines are.
  22. If someone has DNF'd and asks me nicely then I will give them a hint. If I see many DNF's I message them asking if they would like a hint. Never throw a hint in someone's face this can spoil the fun if they like a challenge.
  23. I would not want to open a cache full of a bazillion name cards. I guess I could understand if you had an injury that prevented you from signing things.
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