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  1. Say hi. Lol I won't bite, most likely I'd ask if you wanted to join me in finding the cache.
  2. Sliced the back of my hand open on a black berry thorn. Nothing too interesting.
  3. There is a potential for danger in every situation. So no. I think that if someone is aware of the risk and takes it they are at fault should something go wrong. If I go after a cache and get hurt it would be my fault for tripping not the cache owner's. Just a thought- people in the US have a 1/87 chance of dying in a car accident during their lifetime. How many caches are near roads? So in my opinion a cliff is no different.
  4. When you have only 3 finds and dream about geocaching while your asleep.
  5. I guess its ok if the person is lazy. Or if it was a boring hunt. I prefer to leave some details so they know if it was interesting to find or not.
  6. I think its pride too. I log mine because if most people can't find it it might have been muggled and the fact that it can help thr owner rate the difficulty.
  7. Pay to play? Sorry but that is a bad idea. GPS's are expenive enough. And if you don't like a particular cache don't hunt for it.
  8. I was talking to my aunt (who is in charge of my scolarship) and she says I can buy a GPS because it is covered under the fact it is a scientific tool. So is this one a winner? http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-eTrex-Venture...6812&sr=8-1
  9. One of her friends should make an in memory cache and hide it someplace she liked.
  10. Being a city kid I think that pipe containers are a dumb idea. Sure in a rural areas it might work but in a city it just looks like a pipe bomb.
  11. I saw a garmin etrex H for pretty cheap. Would that one be any good? I don't know what serial port is. (I think its those funny prongs on the back with the 2 nuts) I'm sure I can figure it out by hand (I am good with computers and gadgets)
  12. People who don't geocache are all muggles. I think that mabey kids upset caches or take the toys? I'm not sure but people can be distructive.
  13. So I want something reliable and fairly cheap. What do you reccomend. Also is there a place that rents GPS? Thanks!
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