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  1. I love lifting skirts! (I think that should do fine)
  2. If you share in the effort you deserve it I think. I found a multi with a cacher I bumped into. He did the looking and I did the puzzle solving. If someone just lets another person make the find, waltzes up to them to sign to me thats just cheap. It is only a game so to me it just means these people lose their honor.
  3. I got bothered by mormons at a GZ the other day. I left not wanting them to get ahold of the cache. Today I went looking for a bench cache to find emo kids chainsmoking on said bench. It has been one odd week.
  4. That can happen almost anywere. I saw the EMT bring a body bag up an emankment across my street. (a guy got in a car accident and fell down into the ravine) Ironically the first cache I found a year later was down there. It felt strange climbing down there to get the cache knowing a dead guy was there at one time. Also your links are not workin.
  5. What issue did you encounter? I downloaded it and got it on my desktop. I went to use it and did the install process. Then when I went to make it work it wanted me to intstall it again so I tried again and got the same result. I ended up deleting it :S
  6. If your in the north (we don't have winn dixie) then you need to go to a hardware store and get key hider rocks.
  7. I want an airport security wand for those micros in hedges lol.
  8. Do you know about the adopt link so she can officially transfer ownership over to you? http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ Yep. The cache is in my name now so I am going to go fix it up
  9. Well I talked to the CO again and she says I can adopt it. I suppose my last few tries did not go through. Hooray!
  10. And of course it did not work for me
  11. Does anyone have a good map of it? I want to walk along it and find all the caches on it since its a really cool trail. I keep googling for one to no avail.
  12. I found one on a multi level garage. It was near the edge so there was a goodspace of open sky and the coords and hint were very good. Me and my best bud had so much fun wandering around looking. If you do one you gotta make sure its near the edge of garage.
  13. I think I am just going to take care of it for now and if it gets archived I will make another one. Thanks guys. I'm off to fetch a new container and log. Is it possoble to ask a mod about update coords?
  14. I suppose I could, I kinda feel bad archiving something.
  15. There is a cache near me thats beat up, has wrong coords and the owner of it has no finds. They apparently just hid it and left the game. It just kind of bugs me because its a really cool place for a cache and it's just abandoned. Obviously the owner is not responding to my asking. I know I can maintence it myself I just think it would be easier if I could adopt it since I could edit the coords and get NM alerts. Is there a way of doing this without the owner? Here is the link http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ce-66d0e43ce82b
  16. Hey now, that kid (one of them anyways) is a GIRL. You would be rude to a weak, helpless, mentally inferior girl? You would brutishly ignore her cute little caches? She thought she was being clever with her soft coords, poor thing. Come on, one of her hides is called "Skurdibbles!". Sure, I don't have a clue what that means either, but who am I to quash her girlish enthusiasms? I hope your joking because that is really sexist.
  17. Mabey they are going to stuff it in the leaking oil pipe? lol idk.
  18. That would be a multi. A multi has multiple waypoints. It does not matter how they are determined, either by finding containers with coords or solving puzzles. A mystery/puzzle cache just has one singular waypoint, the final. Hope that helps, DannyC
  19. Reaching tool. Like a gopher grabber. Let the co know if you can't get it.
  20. I got a PHP fatal error and somehow tripple posted Oops
  21. I got a PHP fatal error and somehow tripple posted Oops
  22. I often see state quarters and shiny pennies but I don't take them since those are more for state quarter collecters and kids.
  23. I went to the HQ event in seattle today. I did the scavenger hunt and got my trackable lily pad tag. The thing is it came just in a small plastic bag with no activation code. How do I get one?
  24. I'm just going to the HQ for fun and to say hi to some fellow cachers. Yeah an icon is fun but it's only bonus.
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