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  1. I'm moving away from the area. Rather than just killing off my caches up here, or worse still just abandoning them, I'm wondering if there's anyone in the area who would like to adopt the following caches: GC23TFT Longhoughton View GC241E0 Barmy Owl GC258FQ North of the Quarry* All in the Longhoughton/Boulmer area. If anyone is interested in keeping them going please do get in touch. Many thanks. * Maintenance on this cache will be carried out before I go.
  2. Yup, I've got the same problem with TB2RP1Y no matter how much I try hitting the recalculate button.
  3. RIP 'Lambpoon' Set off on his travels as a spring lamb back in March and went missing after accumulating ZERO miles. He was logged as retrieved, but after two very politely worded and friendly e-mails to the retrievers have gone ignored I've had to update this poor lickle lamb's status to MIA. No mint sauce jokes please, I'm mourning.
  4. For me it ticks so many boxes ... As most others have said it's a great excuse to get out, I love getting out and about in the countryside, geocaching helps with the planning and can give direction to a day out. Instead of just 'exploring' an area with no real goal if we can plan and walk a route that takes in a cache or two it kinda gives a purpose. Climbing a long hill is easier with a 'prize' to be found at the top. Dont get me wrong - being outside is excuse enough, and hill walking has always been a pleasure - but geocaching adds a certain 'je ne se quois'. Part of the intrigue prior to starting geocaching was a child-like fasciniation with the knowledge that all over the place there are these 'secret' hides that are only known to the geocaching fraternity. Almost like a secret society. I also love the way it blurs the edge between on-line and real life. Plus ... it gets me off my behind ... even if its just out for an hour or two to go check my own caches.
  5. Personally, that appeals to me. As a noob I'm a little wary of multis ... I'd hate to DNF one element after finding some and have nothing to show for what I've found if that makes sense. A bonus cache awarded on finding the others - well that sounds ideal.
  6. That sounds like good product testing with excellent results thanks!
  7. We've just polished off a tub of OxyClean (well, the Sainsbury's version) and I found myself considering the container ... plastic with a screw lid, seems pretty water resistant and the ideal size for a decent sized 'small' cache. Has anyone used one / come across one as a cache - do they stand the test of time? I'm all for recycling where I can, I'd usually consign such a neat little tub to my tool cupboard for screws and such but with a paint job at first reckoning it seems ideal for caching ...
  8. Ah, what a holiday! Elan Valley was just breath taking ... The view from GCY3RG A couple of other snaps from the same area ... and finally, yours truly at the border ...
  9. Suggestions on what to include in a GC backpack
  10. Now this astounds me, I really cannot fathom some people's thinking sometimes. Only last week I came across something similar, two bags of poo thrown in a hedge. If a dog owner goes to the trouble of doing the right thing and picking up their dog's mess as all dog owners should, why then be so irresponsible to just dump it? Surely they must realise that they've managed to be more environmentally destructive than if they'd not bothered to clean up in the first place??
  11. Thanks for the steer, have found some near the Caban-Coch and Garreg-Ddu Reservoirs which I hope to find including GCMYZ6 which I couldn't resist with it's RAF connection! Hopefully we'll spend a day hunting your V-H1 series too. I am SO looking forward to this holiday, I cannot tell you how much it's needed! With a bit of luck we'll get a snap or two for your competition too.
  12. However, releasing a TB can be. Perhaps the OP would like to take a TB on vacation, leave it in an existing cache and give it the mission of returning to you in the Mid-West? Drop it on day 1 of your vacation and see if it can beat you home!
  13. Uh oh, can open - worms everywhere! Sorry. I had no idea that I was touching on such a contentious issue. That said however, this has turned into quite an education. The OP was made in the genuine desire to clear up what was a grey area in my mind. Asked because I am new to the game and as such want to operate within the rules of the game as well as play within the bounds of what is considered acceptable. I'd read the Groundspeak rules on not using chaches to promote charities, commercial interests etc, I had also noted some comments in the 'most hated swag' thread pertaining to leaflets and such left to promote religious beliefs. All I wanted to check was that trade items I'd left would not contravene accepted practice. There's of course a world of difference between leaflets and charity branded useful* items. I wouldn't dream of leaving literature that promotes a charity, no matter how close the cause is to my heart, my goal is only to leave items that others may like to find and trade for. But then, should said items not be to someone's taste - I'd like to think they'd just look past it without taking offence. There's the key - the PETA/Pro dog fighting analogy made by mtn-man is a pretty extreme and therefore cut and dried example (in my mind). As mentioned in the OP, I've left items pertaining to Service charities supporting British Servicemen, it is 'in vogue' at the moment to show support for the Forces, therefore I felt that there would be geocachers who would find such items desirable, should they subsequently decide to support that charity in some way then alls the better. Now, here's the crunch - there are people out there who are indifferent to the Forces, I'd expect them to maybe take the keyring (for example) because they have use for a keyring or simply ignore it; there are also folk out there who are anti-Forces - this is where they may be a bone of contention, would they take offence to finding such items? Probably. Do I care? Well no, but that's a whole different argument. But do I care about offending other players of the game to which I'm new and within which there should be no political or idealist agenda? Well yes, I suppose that I do. I don't know the demographics of British geocachers, but I assume that the chances of someone coming along to a cache after me being that strongly anti-Forces are fairly slight. Maybe I should just leave something else. Anyway, the bigger argument about the rights and wrongs of charity related caches, listings and forum posts. Well, it seems to me that Geocaching.com run the game (as I play it) so it's their trainset as far as I'm concerned. The rules are there to be played within, and I dare say they are there for a reason. I used to play ice hockey, to do so I had to belong to the EIHA, I had to pay my subs and play within their rules. I didn't agree with all of them but I had to adhere to them in order to play. Sobeit. This is exactly the same as far as I can make out. If I don't want to play that way then I can go play with one of the other organisations mentioned. On that note, I had no idea before I got into the game that 'Geocaching' was anything more than the name of a hobby, I didnt realise that it was a corporation that exists as an umbrella for the hobby. I naively thought that geocachers geocached and that geocaching.com was where they shared information. Of course it's all that, but the fact that there are other ways to play a similar game under different organisations and rules - well, that's all news to me, so thanks for the education. One question, if you play OpenCaching (for example) I take it that you're not 'geocaching' and dont search for 'geocaches'? I think I was mistaken when I took 'geocaching' for a verb. I'll stick with Geocaching for now, as it seems big, well run, and user friendly. I'm sorry for rambling on, since I started with this hobby I've spent more time reading than I have actually outside searching for caches. Most questions I've had have been answered by searching the forums, but this one (what I thought was straight forward) area seems to have thrown up more questions than answers!! * I of course use the word 'useful' subjectively.
  14. Do they still make Tupperware? Even in my kitchen I cant remember seeing any true Tupperware since the eighties ... Edit: A quick google search answered my own question: Yes they do. www.tupperware.co.uk All arty farty and fancy these days though! They even still have tupperware parties, now there's a blast from the past!
  15. Ah, I'm relieved to hear that I haven't boobed! Thank you
  16. I thought I'd read up on just about everything before I set out on my cache-quest, but I now notice that I may have missed an important point and commited a faux pas ... I've found a couple of mentions on the forum that implied that any raising of awareness for charity seems to be frowned upon, unfortunately I've been a bit slow on the uptake and have left items (wristbands, keyrings etc) pertaining to the Royal British Legion and Support Our Soldiers as swag in caches. Should I cease and desist forthwith? Having seen the Help For Heroes Geocoin I thought that such items would be okay. I struggle to see why there is a downer on charities (if indeed there actually is) but keep an open mind if anyone wants to put the 'against' argument to me. Any helpful advice to this confused newbie picking his way through the etiquette minefield would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  17. We're holidaying in Wales next month, just north of the Brecons and are hoping to find some caches ... will have to make sure we pack our camera now! Any recommended 'must have' caches in that area?
  18. I found my tenth cache today! Okay, a pretty insignificant milestone I grant you - hardly a milestone at all in fact, but one I wish to mark as I now feel like I'm a geocacher. It's been about two weeks since buying my etrex and after reading pages and pages of forums set out on a new hobby. It's been great, something I can do with Mrs AD which is good, and it gets us out and about although rather muddy! We both enjoy walking and this seemed like a logical step. Mrs AD says she is yet to fully embrace the sport, but I think she likes it - she certainly seems to enjoy the hunt once we're in the vicinity of the cache and is getting rather adept at spotting them. We've had all sorts of caches for our first ten, which has added to the experience, and we've even released our first TB into the wild, here's hoping it travels far and wide. The other great thing about geocaching is that it takes us off the beaten track. We've lived in Northumberland for a couple of years now, and thought we knew the local area well - but there's been a couple of caches that have taken us to some great locations that we never even knew were there. Happy days, and happy caching, I'm really pleased that I finally made the decision to start. So much about geocaching appeals to my sense of adventure, and I love the blurring of the line between on-line and real-life. One question though - Is it a hobby or a sport??
  19. Hi! I'm a noob too, so far Mrs Airdefender and I are 2 from 3 after the weekend - and that was WITH a GPSr. Fun times, had such a thrill when we found our first cache, and it got us out and about somewhere new too. Am about to go out and hide our first cache, only a small one but stocked full of goodies I hope folk will like. We've also got a TB to send on his way, hopefully he'll start his travels this weekend. Like you said, it's nice to have something to do together. Happy caching!
  20. Another UK based noob here saying hello. Have just got my GPSr and have been furiously reading up on all the do's and dont's before heading out to try and find my first caches on Saturday, there's so much information on these forums its hard to take it all in! I've been fascinated by this mysterious sport for a while, Mrs Defender and I both enjoy the outdoors, so I've persuaded her that we should take the plunge and get geocaching. We've also got a TB to release too ... maybe you'll come across him one day.
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