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  1. Silly question ... check your batteries? Otherwise, I'd contact Garmin support via their website. They'll usually have you send it back if it's toasted and will replace it.
  2. Maybe it would be nice if when using the "Mark" feature to enter a set of coordinates, you could then have a "GoTo" button to allow you to navigate to that set of coordinates (instead of having to hit "OK" and then go an "Find" the waypoint you just set).
  3. There is only one. Follow the link I gave in the previous post and download the windows binary.
  4. I considered this, but decided on the "two unit" approach. When caching, the GPSr tends to get bumped around a lot, etc. and I would be afraid of losing a PDA (which is not very rugged). The GPSr is at least somewhat rugged and meant for field use. I So, I carry my PDA/Smartphone safely in my pocket or hip pouch and my GPSr on my lanyard around my neck. Since the PDA also has a GPSr function, it serves as a backup GPSr in case my batteries die in the field or after I've found the cache and now find myself unable to find the car (of course having forgot to bring batteries with me).
  5. I, and a geocacher associate of mine, are avid puzzle solvers. I'd be glad to give it a look over. We're in Harrisburg, PA, USA -- so it's unlikely we'll be doing your cache any time soon.
  6. Log into Payal ... on the My Account page, choose "History". Find your subscriptions by search through your history. I found mine by selecting the drop down box "Subscriptions" instead of "All transactions" and then change the date range to be within "the last year". If you signed up for a subscription, you'll see the one made to Groundspeak there. You can view the details, cancel, etc. all from this screen.
  7. I have it and it works just fine ... I do note that it is somewhat particular about being placed in the cigarette lighter ... I sometimes have to twist or wiggle the plug a bit before the contacts might, well, contact and the green light comes on on the adapter.
  8. There are several different map sets you can get for Garmins. One of the most is the road routable map (turn by turn directions while driving in the car) which is found in City Select or City Navigator. I use this and find it very handy for finding my way around via car in strange areas. The other is TOPO. This doesn't have the road routable info but will show you the topographical information on the display (very handy when Geocaching since you can see any expected elevation changes, etc. -- good for answering such questions as "just how big a mountain am I expected to climb). Basically, you get one feature or the other in your maps ... you need to choose and buy the appropriate add-on map set.
  9. I see your problem ... 1. You can't "download" the results of a Pocket Query. You have to schedule that query to execute and then have the results e-mailed to you. You can run Pocket Queries interactively for online view purposes, but if you want the file for import into GSAK, you need to actually have it execute and mail to you. What you are getting by checking items on the search results page is a LOC file. This contains basic coordinate data, but none of the rest of the goodies you want. 2. a GPX will include the entire cache description, hints, and the last 5 logs (or 4 plus your if you already found the cache). When you import into GSAK, you'll be able to see all this information plus export it later for use on a handheld, etc. So ... go find one of your pocket queries that you've defined (if you've not done that yet, go to your "My Account" page and on the right side select "Build Pocket Query". Once there, setup a pocket query (don't select a "day" on which to run it initially until your sure you got it setup right since you only get five scheduled runs per day). After defining the PQ, preview it to be sure it's returning what you want. When you're satisfied, go back and edit the query and schedule it to run (pick today's day of the week if you want to run it right away). It should run in a few minutes and send it to you via email. Use the ZIP file you recieve in email to import into GSAK and you'll see everything you're expecting.
  10. I've had problems with Plucker freezing ... there were a couple things I tried (going from memory as I don't use it anymore since I switch to a PPC instead of a Palm): 1. There's a setting where you can choose whether you go across and then down or down than across from a hierarchy perspective (default I believe is "depth first"). Use the other setting ... this solve several freezes for me. 2. Make sure you don't go more than a "depth" of 3 and try restricting to the "same site". 3. If neither of these works, give Sunrise a shot. It's a freebee file generator which will output Plucker format files. And ... in my experience was a LOT faster than Plucker. You still use the Plucker viewer on the palm. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=151061
  11. Would advise against an "all in one" unit ... all your eggs in one basket plus the "wear and tear" factor on the unit while you're in the field. I would recommend a good feature rich GPSr and a Pocket PC as a better combo. Keep the pocket pc in your pocket but loaded with the cache info (and if you use one with a cell phone built in, you get Internet and phone as well). The GPSr stays in your hand. I've tried both scenarios .... The first using an HP IPAQ hw6515 (pocket pc -- add Cachemate and Pocket Streets, cell phone, edge modem for internet connectivity, built-in GPS). Beware this thing burns through the "juice", so you need to charge it almost daily. The second (two devices) is the way I operate now. I use a Garmin Vista C (wanting to upgrade to the Cx) with City Select for street level navigation and a Cingular 8125 Smartphone (Pocket PC -- add Cachemate for cache writeups, pocket streets for navigation, cell phone with voice recognition -- no fumbling with buttons while phoning for a hint, edge modem for reasonably fast internet connectivity and built-in Wi-fi for when you're near an open wireless hotspot). The GPSr stays in my hand (or around my neck). The phone stays safely in my pocket or on my hip in it's protective pouch. Not sure what the "land and sea" thing with magellans was about ... didn't seem to address what you asked.
  12. That may largely depend on the budget you have in mind ... Personally, I'd recommend a Garmin eTrex (Yellow) or Legend for someone just starting out. The Legend being preferred if you're going to attach it to a computer to load waypoints. Not too expensive, but a reasonable mix of features. There's an equivalent set of models on the Magellan side as well, but I'm not familiar with that product line. Either of these manufactures are prevalent in the US and easy to find in stores. If you're thinking about using auto navigation (for following roads, etc.), then the price goes up substantially and I would recommend different models since you really need some additional features like auto-routing, etc.
  13. Like the maps, but a few observations: 1. Random caches when too many caches nearby is not useful. I think someone mention that you're usually looking for cache density, so you want everything nearby. At a minimum, I would switch to a "nearest to the center point" vs "random" method of list the caches. 2. Miss the "cache types" feature. Very useful when looking for specific types of nearby caches visually -- for example, don't include Multis or Events, etc. 3. Missing "show archived" caches. This was a VERY handy feature since there is no way to search for these in the main search functions. Sometimes you find a cache (like an event) but forget to log it -- when you go back you have to somehow remember the exact GC number to get to it. If however, you can pull up a nearby cache on the old map, you can show archived caches and get it from proximity. I really think the main search function should have a "show archived" option (or perhaps only available as part of a PQ for premium members) but that's a topic for another thread. Any thoughts to making this an "option" for returned searches (for example when searching by zip code or coordinates) instead of having to click through a cache?
  14. I have one the lists the 500 closest to my home coordinates not yet found by me that runs on Monday and Friday. I have two others which run on Thursday and Sunday which list my finds (I have more than 500, so I split it by type to keep both under 500).
  15. Disagree with your last comment there ... If I, who have as much of right to be there as the next guy, happen to come across a hunter while I'm walking on the game lands, I am NOT interfering with a hunt regardless of the fact that I may not be hunting. I believe the operable word is "intentional". If I set out to actively disrupt or prevent individuals from the legal use of the land, including hunting, then I am in violation of the law. If I happen to run across someone, well that's just his bad luck. If I stick around and continue to be a nuisance -- well then that's interfering. So, it's a fine line. Either way, this guy is in the wrong for telling you that you can't be there and for making terroristic threats. He is attempting to interfere from my legal right to use these lands (it's bullying and extortion in it's purest form -- the individual has taken your property and threatening to hold it for ransom -- monetary or otherwise). I, on the other hand, am also not stupid -- I don't go anywhere near game lands during hunting season -- too many opportunities for getting shot at. As for your negotiating, whatever works for you. As for the vocal group -- I think you'd find most hunters would run the other way from this character. Limiting the use of game lands would mean LESS tax dollars or tolerance for funding the lands and would mean MORE (much more) license fees from hunters. I doubt many hunters have ever run into a cacher -- and those that have may well not have known it unless that cacher was not following game land rules and wearing their appropriate orange. Sure, there are bad cachers -- but there are also plenty of bad hunters as well (I don't recall ever reading about a tragic "cacher" incident where a fellow cacher got "ammo canned" trying to get to a FTF -- but I do seem to recall quite a few "hunter" incidents). By and large I think both groups are full of mostly very responsible individuals and in most parts of this state, it would never be a problem.
  16. I routinely use another local cacher to "pre-test" my cache hides to be sure there are no problems. This cacher however is then not eligable to claim the FTF. They can sign the log when they first visit, but must leave the FTF slot for the "real first finder".
  17. Did you post it as a "Reviewer Note" on your cache page? Some reviewers may not be making the connection between your note and the correction of the page. Also, are you sure the status on the cache is set to "active" (so that the reviewer sees it)?
  18. Lasagna

    Search Options

    Using a tool such as Google Earth or one of the other mapping utilities, locate the park on a map and obtain it's Coordinates. (You may have to do some unit conversion). With the coordinates in hand, you can do an advanced search from the main search page and specific the coordinates as the center point of your search. As an alternative, if you happen to know of a cache in the area you are headed to, you can simply bring up that cache description and then from that page select the link to display all nearby caches that you haven't found.
  19. The advice provided is correct. Just drag it onto the device using ActiveSync and then open it under File Explorer. It will run the installation program. Note: If you have a "square" display instead of a "rectangle", there are problems with the installation program. You can send tech support at Smittyware a note asking them for the "CAB" version and they'll send it to you. The "CAB" version will install on square displays (like the HP IPAQ). You install it the same way however ... drag it using ActiveSync and then click on it in file explorer.
  20. Cachemate for PPC. There's a CacheNav plugin that will work with any NMEA compliant GPSr connection/unit.
  21. Just a reminder ... school's are out ... not permitted. The others will require the permission of the owner before you hide anything.
  22. I agree. The hint is valid. Periodically, a cache owner may choose to be careful about how they write their hint so as to elicit some kind of reaction from the reader. All that's missing on this one is a Neon sign, but then I understand why he didn't use one since he would have otherwise had to move the cache if he did.
  23. Download the Google Earth plugin ... this will allow you to view caches near any particular area automatically. If you want a specifc set of caches, you can open a GPX/LOC file in Google Earth and it will plot them for you.
  24. The coordinates posted should always be exactly those as measured for the cache. Variations in satellites, weather conditions, GPSr's, etc. will take care of adding the randomness of search area for you. If you find that your cache is too easy to find with the coordinates you've given, that's more an indication that your "hide" style is too simple. Spend time searching an area to locate "just the right spot" for a hide -- typically somewhere where there could be multiple locations for a hide be and where it's not immediately obvious -- and perhaps where there might be several different possible elevations for the hide, where surrounding objects may hinder satellite reception or add to the difficulty in getting a good lock -- such as under heavy tree cover or near a rock outcropping, and employ some camo to make it blend in with the surroundings -- which may mean choosing an appropriate container and color. Some of the most interesting finds that I've come across had spot on accurate coordinates, require searching for an ammo can, and still take two trips to come up with it. Yes, you can hide an elephant in the room if you're creative enough with the hide technique.
  25. That would be exactly what the additional waypoints function would be for. However, since some folks don't download all the waypoints to their GPSr, I would also include them in the listing writeup.
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