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  1. how do you capture a gps screen shot to post it here or on a cachepage? it seems i've been seeing more and more of this lately, and i have NO idea how to do this. thanks for any help! (p.s. i'm using garmin vista c)
  2. i agree 100%! one interesting thing stated by a photographer interviewed in the film, suggests that treadwell may have been tolerated by the bears to some degree because he was so busy with the filmmaking aspect of his "mission." he praised treadwell's attention to detail, often resulting in terrific still photo's, and his willingness to shoot take after take to get everything just right in his video's. it seems that treadwell may have been somewhat brave, but he was, to a far greater extent, foolish, lucky, and dedicated. his friend states that he loved high-adrenaline rush sports, and never had a problem roaring around on his motorcycle in the rain. this is more of the foolish bravery of youth, what we all get through and shake our heads at when we get older. his dedication to filmmaking may help explain the focus that completely absorbed him at times, enough that he wouldn't have time to be afraid, and maybe even just enough for the bears to tolerate his presence as a non-threat. none of this would be helpful though at the end, as this sounded like an old bear, underweight and desperate. probably fairly similiar to what happened to mischio hoshino (sp?), but mischio used the proper cautions and still met a tragic end. it proves that bears will always be unpredictable, and you can never be too careful. while i would never be so callous to say that treadwell got what he deserved, i would definitely call it inevitable. it's probably more remarkable that he dodged the bullet as long as he did, than that he was killed by a bear.
  3. i agree, criminal, that treadwell demonstrated a great deat of ignorance, however his assertions that other people would die if they did what he did are very telling. when he made statements to the effect that, "how dare" the park service question his right to continue his course of action, i smell a HUGE ego at work. i could forgive a small child for a disneyesque view of wildlife, but a 47-year old man? how could one remain so ignorant, so long? he was informed many times of park policy and the reasons behind it. the fact that he used bear-proof food containers, and had pepper spray and electric fences on hand, demonstrates to me that he felt free to pick and choose bear country guidelines to follow. if the rule didn't interfere with his perceived "mission" it was okay, but if it did, such as camping on known bear trails, he broke it with impunity. not to be cruel, but i sincerely feel he was mentally ill. that's the only way i can believe someone his age could maintain that unrealistic vision of the world, and himself. he seemed to surround himself with delusional people who bought into his "science" and "authority" hook, line, and sinker. it's a shame no one tried to help him in any real sense.
  4. looks like a beauty!! (i've only been to stokes once, but i think it is one of the nicest areas in nj.)
  5. like many other longtime alaska magazine subscribers, i have been aware of treadwell for quite some time now. i just spent several hours this weekend watching and re-watching my spankin' new grizzly man dvd, and i will undoubtedly read the jans' book this summer. i've always enjoyed jans' alaska writing, he is a terrific author, and i'm sure his treatment of treadwell's story is fair and impeccably researched. i had one treadwell in mind before i saw the film: a bumbling do-gooder, struggling to find a place in the world, sort of a harmless idiot. the hubris and arrogance that leaped off the screen was stunning, and opened my eyes to something entirely different. i've read plenty of bear attack stories, and know (and followed) what experts like stephen herrero say to do when traveling in bear country. i've hiked alone in alaska, wondering what some of the far-off sounds might be. that timothy treadwell chose to thumb his nose at park service rules that stem from years of study by trained and qualified biologists, that he habituated bears to his presence, and that he bragged that he was immune to bear attack serves as a great lesson to all who travel into backcountry areas, whether to hike, camp, fish, hunt, or cache. we are responsible to know the dangers, do our homework, and, whether we want to admit it or not, follow the rules. treadwell thought the rules were not for him, and as a direct result people and bears died.
  6. it's funny that we all seem to refer to this site as "the big green," as in "i was reading this discussion on the big green last night and blah, blah, blah..." it's the gc.com site that's green, not our dear ol' forums!
  7. thanks! he's my best friend, and he's from pittsburgh. (well, murraysville, but close enough!) ALL the dogs bred by that kennel look like him, they're amazing!!
  8. don't forget the now-popular, "i can steal other people's TB's if i don't like the cut of their jib," too. very fashionable this season.
  9. just when i though i'd seen it all tonight...
  10. "QUOTE(sbell111 @ Feb 6 2006, 06:21 PM) QUOTE(edchen @ Feb 6 2006, 06:10 PM) ... If you have a TB that is your property, don't leave in it in a cache for me to find, because when I have it, it's mine to keep or destroy or use or give away as I see fit. Also, if it's damaged or lost while in my possession or in one of my caches - you lose, not I. I do not reimburse supposed owners. Nor am I reimbursed for my supposed losses. I'm glad that you do not cache in my area. I find your attitude to be quite dishonorable. There is not a smilie strong enough to convey my disgust. Seconded." THIRDED. eta: so, has GeoMaine been given a penalty yet or what here?
  11. <in before the lock> you're one baaaaaaaddd weasel...
  12. many 's next to their name. that, and the key to the executive washroom.
  13. GM is no-doubt aware of this thread, so he/she would naturally want to SEEM conciliatory, judging from the predominant sentiment expressed here. too bad he/she didn't learn better values, like they teach in scouting: honesty, loyalty, respect for others. then such ridiculous backpedaling on his/her part would be unnecessary. you did the right thing, SM, as it seems you are left to deal with this alone. [hello, TPTB?] it certainly is a great way to discuss intolerance with the boys in your troop. too bad, i imagine it was only supposed to be a fun way to discuss geography.
  14. as i see it, there is absolutely NOTHING to prevent GeoMaine, or anyone else for that matter, for repeating such actions. if there was ever a reason someone should be banned, if only to limit access to others' caches, it is GeoMaine. this is kindergarten-simple, GM took SM's property, broke the rules willingly and willfully, and needs a time out. there should be a consequence for this--this is no gray area whatsoever.
  15. if a denali cache is there, there's no fee!
  16. at lowsky. good chuckle to start my workday!
  17. Dear Ashley, As a parent of a daughter about your age, I wanted you to know that you and your family will be in the hearts and on the minds of many people here for a long time to come. It seems that your father was a very kind gentleman and a great father, and time can never take that away. Take good care of your mother, she will need you girls to be strong for her sometimes, so she can be strong for you when you need it. Make sure you tell her you love her every day, and always remember the wonderful gift your father has given you: you have the perfect model of how to be a terrific parent, yourself, one day. That is the greatest possible tribute. God bless. -Denali
  18. i have to say, i'm pleasantly surprised at the direction this discussion has taken. sometimes it DOES matter and DOES affect other cachers if someone cheats in this game.
  19. Create And Coordinate Hunting Events. Canines Are Carnivores. Hounds Especially. Cats Aren't Cruel. Heard Enough?
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