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  1. I don't know what kind of gps you're using, but many newer ones have an averaging feature. You hit the button and let it sit on the cache spot for a couple minutes. I usually do this a couple of times, or at least until it shows under 5 feet of accuracy.
  2. Easy to see why I like 1stimestar so much!
  3. EXACTLY! Due to vagaries of the weather, different receivers, whatever, there is enough "unknown" without introducing more. I know that admitting a "loose" hide when submitting a new cache in this area will have the reviewer request that you get good numbers, and rightfully so. Bad numbers are not challenging, they are frustrating, and will cause others to talk behind your back at the geo-gatherings.
  4. You are supposed to mark the coord's right at the cache. Marking coord's near the cache to make the hide more difficult is bad form, and will give a hider the reputation of being sloppy.
  5. when i am where i want to be, i'll proudly proclaim it. until then, i have a kid to raise and retirement to attain.
  6. yahoo maps also have the option to display wireless hotspots
  7. awww, zuma looks so happy and relaxed! looks like king's got it--good for him, he ran a great race. would be cool to see dee dee catch up for another second, but three hours in tough conditions...i don't know. definitely looks like an exciting race for those top ten places. can't wait until the outdoor channel finally decides to show it around here...if it's anything like last year it'll be in about a month.
  8. our local cache group will be getting together to hang out and watch this film on saturday april first.
  9. GREAT pictures! it must have been a real bear to come home to the winter you're having after the beaches of hawaii. i can just picture a little kid, with the beach still in her mind's eye, looking out the plane window at the winter wonderland. what a hoot! it sure sounds like you've had plenty of cold, some of the musher pictures are wild, but was the snowfall good too? we had a little cold earlier, around thanksgiving was beastly for a couple of days. i thought this would be the greatest sledding season ever, even had a snow day the first week of december, but then it all fell through. most of this winter has hovered around 40-50 and sunny. it has been excellent for caching, which is some consolation, as i only got in two sledding weekends. i've done almost as many caches this winter as i did my first year! even the old standby areas of old forge and tug hill in ny suffered. some diehards went to canada just to get in one really GREAT weekend of riding. now i'll just enjoy checking on the race for a last blast of winter, but i'm starting to ponder opening the pool early this year. as warm as it's been, maybe this will finally be the year i open before memorial day! thanks again for the pix! eta: still a 6-hour difference between king and jonrowe, although top four still appear to be at white mountain checkpoint right now (5:36pm EST).
  10. thanks, LBK, good to hear from you. didn't you guys go to hawaii a while back? how was it? buser's REALLY back there right now. wonder if he's doing a "farewell tour" like someone (swingley?) did a couple of years ago?
  11. yup, gebhardt's up there now, and dee dee is back to fourth (five hours behind the guys last time i checked). anyone have any more information about why gary paulson dropped out?
  12. i really hope this will be her year!! the pix are terrific. heck, i didn't get enough snow to call it a proper snowmobile season, and you still have plenty. enjoy!! (oops, i mean "snowmachine!")
  13. i'm jealous, 1stimestar! will you adopt me? <chants> dee-DEE, dee-DEE, dee-DEE!!
  14. gpsnow.com, no comparison! usually the best price, fast and FREE shipping. (amazon.com is great for the software, though. lowest prices on garmin's topo and cityselect when i bought then.)
  15. okay, this sounds really great. i downloaded it to my ipaq rz1715. now i have it on the pda screen, but there are no maps. how do i add the mapsource maps to this? thanks!
  16. as a history buff and a teacher, i would be thrilled to find one also, but i echo the sentiments expressed above, in that an explanation would be a good idea. unfortunately, you'd want to seperate your intentions from the type of people who use nazi symbols to currently advertise their hatred and intolerance. if you're considering sending them to people, i'd like one too.
  17. i love my vista c, but was also wondering if the 60cx is a worthwhile upgrade when i'm ready, rather than the vista cx.
  18. i definitely believe that. i once read that they are strong enough to lop a cow's head off with one swipe. i think of that every time i see a cow, and there are a lot of cows around me. i know cows aren't too exciting, but look at just how big they are when you see them up close--that says a lot about just how strong bears are. i've also read that the warnings and wrestlings bears do with each other would easily kill a human. no doubt treadwell was mesmerized by a fascinating and awe-inspiring animal, but, as 1stimestar's post illustrates, an animal like this has a power that must be respected even when admired. sort of like the ocean: love it, but respect it. that's the line treadwell crossed.
  19. CONGRATS to all, the site looks great!! will there be a forum?
  20. (psssst...they're on sale at cabela's site right now.)
  21. thanks! having a sample date to work from really helps!
  22. i was looking at some caches i might do this weekend and one was quite a bit older than what i usually see. it got me thinking about how someone might search for the oldest caches in his/her area. is this possible? i'm sure many would come up as archived or disabled, but the logs might be fun to read, and i, for one, would enjoy looking for the oldest active ones nearby. any ideas?
  23. Just who do you have in that thing? I ever make it over that way I'll have to find this cache. if i put a TB hotel in my yard, could you do a coors drop? thanks!!
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