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  1. ...i realize what time it is, and i'm still skimming posts. i feel a light-induced seizure coming on! -denali eta: that 12:03am is mighty different on this here east coast, pardner!!
  2. gpsnow.com--$319.00, and i paid only $17.00 for overnight shipping, by 10:30am next day if you order by 5:00 central. pay less for several other shipping options. their service is the best. just got my topo maps and cityselect6 before 10:30am this morning too! eta: that's a vista c!!
  3. i love my new vista c, but downloading caches has me stumped. i downoaded easygps, but keep getting the same error message when i try to download caches to my gps. i keep seeing that i'm supposed to change something on the interface in my main menu, but there is no interface choice in my gps main menu. i also keep seeing info on baud rate, but i don't see how to change that either. i've downloaded easygps twice, and every time i try to send to the gps it keeps telling me that it's not receiving from the gps. i also wonder if anyone else has seen the garmin download to preserve (marine) POI's for some problem that occurs when other mapping software is added to the vista. i downloaded this to my computer, but would like to know if anyone knows more about the situation. the directions for this also refer to changing something in the elusive interface section of the main menu. i emailed garmin on this, but would love some input from geocachers who are more familiar with the geocaching aspects of the vista's use. any help would be gratefully appreciated!! thanks! p.s. my connections do seem to be okay btn vista and garmin waypoint manager on my computer
  4. big jonrowe fan here, ladybug--LOVE your sigline!
  5. research prices carefully--i got my vista c from gpsnow.com for about the same price some others charge for the legend c. just ordered my topo and cityselect6 from them today. really fast and cheap shipping too!
  6. dave, i just bought a little packet of them at my local radio shack tonight--4 sheets for about $5.oo. they called them all purpose lcd screen covers, or something like that. they're great--i did my etrex vista, cell phone, digital camera, daughter's video now, and gameboy advance from the one kit. i buy a lot of stuff on internet, but this is definitely not worth shipping charges!
  7. i have exactly the same ques on my new vista c. i'm still playing with it and have about a million ques, but i know i want the topo map and one of those two street maps. (i just hope the memory holds the topo and street maps!) i guess 'tis the season for christmas present questions galore!!
  8. got the cool blue legend i asked for in my early stages of research--promptly traded it in for the vista c. i'm a bit intimidated, but it looks neat as heck!! still having trouble figuring out how to download caches, but i definitely think i'm in love!! good job santa!!
  9. vista c still $319 w/free shipping until dec. 22--best deal i've found out there. thinking about replacing old faithful (magellan pioneer) with etrex legend, but this price makes going all the way veeerryy attractive. happy holidays, shoppers!! -denali
  10. you're all gonna laugh, but i found my first cache with my beloved magellan pioneer, aided and abetted by the trusty timex digital compass i wear every day. for you kids out there, check your history books for pictures of lewis and clark--i think they also used a magellan pioneer!
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