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  1. it is unfortunate, but there are several flavors of unethical and perverse revolving around the whitejeep. my personal favorite has become cachers who keep the jeeps to themselves, just to log in and out of caches. with a large list of whitejeeps on my watchlist, i've been amazed at how many jeeps are doing such spectacular movement without ever leaving the same cacher's hands. that pretty much relegates the whole whitejeep game to a little private party--shame for the other thousands of cachers who would like to log a jeep find.
  2. ooooo... "humpbacked" has a certain ring to it. in fact, just shorten it to humping, a la: "i hate those humpin' lamppost micro's!!" wow, sailormouth, i feel like spongebob trying out my first big-boy words!!
  3. oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, these are neat, lk!!!!!!!!!! any plans to visit the folks, and maybe drop some of those purty coins in caches around here???
  4. check out amazon.com pages for great descriptions of all units. the legend, or legend c, would be a great choice ( the color screen really is worth it!) back in late december i bought my vista c from gpsnow.com. i had a price list of about 30 stores, and no one was better. good luck!!
  5. the biggest jeep problem in my area seems to be jeeps that log into and out of many caches, but never leave the possession of the same cacher. i heard a rumor that leonard nemoy is preparing a new "in search of" episode just to explore this phenomenon...
  6. you may want to ask that question in a regional forum where people are familiar with the carbon river. personally, i couldn't say anything about whether it's a good idea because i know nothing about the carbon river or it's area.
  7. books, i always love books!! (p.s. i wanna cache with coachsteve!!)
  8. yes, it sounds great to me. any time there's fishing gear, i'm there!!!
  9. "Clearly you have a lacking appreciation for watching people change oil in a parking lot. It can be very exciting." i guess it all depends what the rest looks like under the hood, but i usually run from the big crack!!
  10. while i often agree with RK's posts, i'm not with you on this one, at least not in my area. i haven't been caching very long, but almost every micro i've seen fits into either one of two categories: a ) lamppost/cart-corral/transformer box micro's that show me no more scenery than some dude changing his oil in a walmart lot, or some lady with a gaggle of kids trying to unload her groceries into a minivan, or... b ) an annoying micro in a billion acres of wilderness that could hide a real jeep as a cache container these are all caches that have been around a lot longer than the no-virt fuss. honestly, i would be happy to sign a micro log at a wonderful, scenic area that could have been a great virtual, but i'm trying to avoid the grocery store when i'm caching!!
  11. yes, tgps, sometimes i really do get it!! (what's that old saying? even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut!) p.s. goldens rule!!
  12. if that pole is moving, will it be difficult to stick a magnetic micro to it?
  13. i'm so glad this topic came up! i just had to DNF at a recent walmart parking lot because i was so focused on looking for a cart-corral magnetic micro that i missed the cache entirely. when i got home, the hider generously provided me with the clue that it was in fact a well-stocked ammo box in the middle of the parking lot. silly me, with egg on my face! i'd been meaning to check out the beautiful scenery of that parking lot for years, i just never took the time to stop and smell the roses there. i thought a fabulous micro would be a great reason to step out of the truck and enjoy all that, and here i missed it entirely. i really hate parking lot ammo cans!!
  14. you will find it invaluable when you come upon a cache with orienteering elements, and they are out there. it sounds complicated to explain, but it 's actually very simple. a multi-cache may be set up in which you locate the first stage in the usual way. what you find at that first stage is something like a plaque that directs you to reach the next stage by traveling a certain distance, at a particular compass bearing. a cache in this area has the directions listed something like this: 2640 feet 185 degrees they will either give you the distance in tenths of a mile, or an amount of feet that is divisible evenly into whatever the number is that represents one tenth of a mile. (i forget the exact #, but it something like 528 feet.) depending on how your gps does this function, once you know how many tenths of a mile, all you have to do is stand directly in front of the plaque, set the needed distance into the gps, turn you body until the gps compass bearing shows 185 degrees and hit the "project waypoint" button. your gps will now be locked onto a projected set of coordinates, and direct you to that waypoint in the usual way. my gps, which is an etrex vista c, not some $500 model, did this perfectly on a recent cache that had you walk through this process 7 or 8 times until the final point. i was able to walk directly and exactly to the next stage every time. i didn't really understand this process when i read through it in my owner's manual, but it was really easy to do once i got the hang of it. it was one of those things that turned out to be much easier to do than reading the steps seemed to make it. if your gps has the project waypoint function, just mess around with it a little and you'll see how easy it really is. you very well may come across a cache that requires you to do this, they really aren't that uncommon! good luck, and enjoy!!
  15. i know that cache too, dee. welcome and enjoy!! -denali
  16. denali7


    wargroom, you may be happy with south jersey geocachers. there is at least one delaware cacher (wilmington) that i know of, and i certainly don't know everyone myself, so there may be more. it is a terrific group of people who live and/or cache in the tri-state area. those of us in extreme south jersey (near the del mem br) probably travel within eastern pa and northern de as much as nj. their site is under construction right now, as there was a server crash late last week, so i'm not sure of the correct site address right now, or if new members may log in yet while the info from old site is still being transferred to the new site. just try a web search on south jersey geocachers if you're interested, the site should be fully functional soon--i know the admin's have been working on it all week. -denali
  17. santa brought me a legend which i promptly returned for a vista c. i have not regretted it for a moment, it is the neatest little toy out there, it does absolutely everything. i bought it online at gpsnow.com, which was the best price i found (and i had an entire sheet of paper with prices and features--perhaps as many as 30 stores) back in december. amazon.com had the best prices on software so i ordered cityselect and topo from them. incidentally, amazon's site has excellent reviews of all the units when you look at their description pages--this may help you in making your decision. i use the cheap rayovac rechargables, which recharge at home or in the car in 15 minutes. with two sets of batteries i'm never out of power, although the energizer e2 batteries are perfect for extended trips when i can't get back to recharge for a really long time.
  18. i always refer to him as garmin, but my daughter calls him gayman. p.s. thanks, tzoid, i just spit diet pepsi all over the keyboard!!
  19. trust me, if you have a few "round birthdays" under your belt, check out the legend c...
  20. yeah, the cache was a suburban micro that required after-hours parking at a lot across the street. i guess the neighbors could have overlooked one or two people crossing a busy street late at night to stare at a cemetary railing. the problem was that we were a pretty big group and by the time we all ran across the street gladys kravitz thought it was the same person or two running back and forth across the street, playing chicken with the traffic. really, i think poor gladys should have asked for the night-vision monocular or something for mother's day...at least a gift certificate from cabela's so she can save up for one!! -denali
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