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  1. surely, there's a creme or powder for that condition, although you should seek medical attention if it persists for four hours or more.
  2. "everybody happy? WE-WE-WE & to hell with the chappy who doesn't agree" -e.e. cummings (could you read that better? i typed slower that time.)
  3. geo_boy, you'd be welcome in my classroom any day. you're inquisitive and enthusiastic, which is a great combination in my book. i am also impressed at your persistance in posting and participating, especially in light of some of the smartaleck comments made by some of the adults, who should know better. i'd post the coordinates to my classroom, i hid some temporary caches for my students to find one day last semester, but it would be one heck of a commute for you!!
  4. sorry, i would not hunt any of your caches. just my opinion, geo_boy, but your communication skills don't exactly inspire all the confidence in the world. i wouldn't trust you to get coordinates correct, or articulate your ideas in accurate, coherent, cache listings. these things DO matter to some people, they reflect on your attention to detail, and the level of care you put into the things you do. if you are very young, i don't mean to sound harsh and discourage you, but you could certainly learn a lot from having someone proofread your writing. i suggest you write daily notebook entries, just a paragraph or two about general stuff or your daily activities, then sit down once a week or so to proofread them yourself, and then have someone else read them and suggest ways to make corrections. hate to sound like an english teacher, but i've held my tongue long enough, and...well...i AM an english teacher.
  5. there's a north carolina scavenger hunt cache that operates something like this. each finder sets the new thing to find in their online log. it's a pretty neat concept, but i'm not sure if it was origionally listed as a virtual cache or not. since new virtuals, as previously defined, are not really being created right now, some twist might have to be added to make the idea into more a traditional hide of something physical. i don't know if such a cache would be approved, or exactly what would make it acceptable under current guidelines, but i like the idea a lot. i think it would work particularly well in an area such as mine, where that is a large and fairly close-knit bunch of cachers in the community, and everyone, from regulars to lurkers seems to get along very well. i know the nc cache is popular, and it has been done by vacationers to the obx, not just local regulars.
  6. another big "thanks!" to those who mentioned google earth in this thread. i love stuff like that, and it's another great reason to enjoy my spankin' new broadband!!
  7. you definitely have to be very fussy about recalibrating the compass frequently. it's amazing how easy it is to forget to do this with each battery change on a long day!
  8. "attmore," 3262.8 (from maryland-nj-va-nc-nj-alaska)
  9. caution: wet dog returning from swampy cache, do not inhale fumes -nugget (woof!)
  10. there are probably more, but two i know of are "jester's cedar fork," located at the end of the obx (hatteras village), and "blackbeard's revenge," located on ocracoke island. 4x4 recommended for both, but are possible to do without 4x4 if you have a lot of determination. have fun down there, i'm jealous!
  11. this might be a good question for the regional forums. when you're planning to be in a certain part of the country, shoot this question to the particular forum. i am located in a very cache-dense area, one that is roughly divided by four different states (five, if you count north and south jersey as seperate kingdoms! ) i know that each one of these local caching communities have their own versions of "must do" caches, and they are all top-notch caches, whether for being great beginner's caches, intense physical or psychological challenges, mind-bending puzzle challenges, or just plain sticking around forever. it would be really neat to have a sticky at the top of each regional forum, so travelers to each region could always access an up-to-date list. another alternative would be to check local caching communities' own websites. my local caching community maintains such a list on their homepage, and a traveler to this area could easily access a shortlist of regional "classics" here. i will probably never get to some caches that are considered famous by national standards, mostly because i am not otherwise interested in some areas, but there are many, many "must-do" caches in areas i want to travel to for other reasons.
  12. this would be the little-known, highly secretive, cousin of the codeword, known as the turdword.
  13. thanks, jeremy, this is a neat idea. i'm glad the notices are set up to apply to single cache types--i don't hunt them all, and like the idea that it will cut down on incoming e-mails by only putting the notify on traditionals.
  14. the rationale for paying the $30 membership is simple. imagine if the gps had it's same current capabilities, but there was no personal computer or internet at all. this sport/hobby could still exist exactly as it does now, albeit in a slower manner. it would exist, as many previous and current activities do, in the form of a magazine. we pay money for physical magazines to support, gain info, and participate in other activities, so why not pay for the cg site? it is, after all, an electronic magazine to keep us updated, informed, and involved. i pay for other magazines and newsletters to assist in my other interests. i see no difference in the subscription i pay to cg than what i pay to get field and stream, outdoor life, alaska, outside magazine, or any others i've received. (cripes, if people will pay for tv guide for heaven's sake!) if geocaching operated through a magazine, rather than a website, people would buy the magazine every month without complaint, as it's easier to see the need for "stuff" to run the operation that way. when you're surfing the internet, it's very easy to forget that there is a world of "stuff" needed to get all these electronic images to your home--and all without ever killing a tree! eta: fix badd gramr
  15. i am also among the blissfully ignorant: micro's virtuals webcam's letterboxes disabled
  16. i don't know about the city navigator, but the city select and topo maps are what i use with my vista c. the city select autorouting is great, i have no complaints at all!
  17. we cache alone almost all the time. -denali and nugget (woof!)
  18. let it go, onlybme, breathe... this is a huge problem that will not go away. let it gooooo...
  19. **pssst*** [fail-safe strategy to see a WJTB: a ) put any random WJTB in your area on your watchlist to find out which cacher is logging that particular jeep in and out of caches. b ) get yourself invited to that cacher's house for dinner. c ) sneak into the computer room, on the "potty pretext," and snap a quick picture of the jeep(s) as it/they rest(s) from the day's travels. it/they will be somewhere on the computer desk. d ) go back to dinner and drink all his beer.]
  20. yup, ambrosia, i get the same thing. (which doesn't take long to read!) that's where i noticed that most of the jeeps in my area aren't really leaving various cachers' possession. the sequence of e-mails is always the same: 1. so-and-so cacher places WJTB in such-and-such cache 2. a list of his buddies "grab" the jeep 3. so-and-so cacher retrieves the jeep right back out of the cache, places it in another cache, and so on i wish my truck could get the kind of gas-free miles these jeeps are!! (p.s. i only have a few more jeeps on my watchlist than you do, i just counted 73)
  21. ^ ^ this is not as difficult as it sounds. i went through about the first half of the 253 pages of jeeps and put all listed in nearby states on my watchlist. i'll do the rest of the pages next time i'm bored enough to wade through the final 100 pages. it takes a little time but not nearly as bad as you think! i have a huge watchlist of jeeps right now, which makes for VERY interesting reading as i watch who's logging them in and out!!
  22. ^^^^^ yup! (like me too, FN)
  23. "It doesn't matter. My point was that I can't see a cache owner logging them into a cache, then keeping them. Seems silly to me and I don't understand why someone would do it." the reason is very simple. if they keep logging caches it appears that there is activity with the jeep and, a ) that maintains their self-righteous delusion that they are not keeping it, b ) eliminates that pesky message telling them that they have a travel bug that has been inactive more than 14 days, c )creates the illusion to others that they are genuinely moving the jeeps along. if you, as a very active and ethical cacher, haven't thought of these reasons, think about how many other cachers wouldn't recognize the deceptiveness here.
  24. the YJTB's are supposed to be kept moving. period. (even jeremy, in a previous thread about this same topic, said he would prefer that they be kept in circulation.)
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