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  1. congrats all around!!! <insert clappy smiley>
  2. **peers in doorway** is this where i can be bored, lax, and complain about others?
  3. it's clear he understands that, welch. he is referring to the question as to why <owner> didn't contact him in the beginning of all this, in order to request that he, captrussell, delete some portions of his log with which they disagreed.
  4. (it was easy to find it. i did, and i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.)
  5. interesting how <owner> describes the situation the same way you did on their maintenence log. they agree with you about the condition, but don't want you to write what you found "pre-maintenence." sounds like you'll never win. this looks like one of those times people add a cachelog to one of their own caches, just to preserve the record of that cache. after that, i'd put it on an ignore list and move on. keep it fun! eta: looks like a log is born, cap'n. congrats and go on with the fun part of the hobby!!
  6. awwww, trowel, you really know how to rub it in. i'll be at a high school football playoff game, but my heart will be freezing it's a** off in a cold swamp 120 miles from home. why does all the good stuff have to be on the same day!!!
  7. can't make it this saturday, but will be silently cheering you on. GO TEAM!!
  8. at trowel! yeah, i sure wish gas was about $1.00 a gallon. all these trips to wharton are KILLING me!! no, karroo, i'm not wimping, i'm...thinking...yeah, that's it! really, i'm still playing musical calendar, and may be headed back to wharton for yet another CHAOS field challenge this weekend, or to a high school football playoff game. i probably won't know for sure if i'm free until the last minute.
  9. well, trowel, that leaves vertigo all to us. yeay!!
  10. considering your description, i'd say you used quite a bit of restraint.
  11. hey trowel and karrooite, i'm interested in fear and vertigo, too. how about flyin' instruments, also? -denali
  12. on the second day of christmas, my true love gave to me, new fishing waders to replace the ones i ruined on a cache tree...
  13. i know, i know, you're blown away by the sophistocation of this work of art. please, just respect the crayons, that's all i ask!
  14. test halloween avatar... (scareflake)
  15. **knock knock knock** (holds out measuring cup) "pardon me, but does anyone know where i might borrow a cup of angst?"
  16. ^^ is this an antlered or antlerless smilie affair?
  17. one like this was placed near me recently. the cheerful description even stated something to the effect that the container contained a logbook and a pencil, and was eagerly awaiting trinkets from cachers. pretty cheesy, if you ask me.
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