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    Hey, we should tell Avalance about the group forming, too. :D


    Funny, I just e-mailed Avalance just moments ago, as well as several others about the new Forum.


    Spread the word.


    I hope all the people from that Summer's End event hear about this. What a nice group, and an excellent event!

  2. :):D:D


    Yes, I saw that. They even opened some of the snowmobile trails for the weekend, and I was tempted. I have a pretty good cold right now though, and I don't hate much more than a weekend in a helmet while nursing a cold. Yuck!! :):D:D

  3. denali 7:

    Is that for real your honest to God Location?

    Is there really a Brick up there?




    Hehe...I wish! There are really a bunch of storefronts and that wall mural in the town of Roslyn, WA, where the show was filmed. (Remember Cicely's partner, Roslyn? Her name is a bit of a thanks to the locals!)


    Sorry to say, I'm in NJ, but I usually exercise no full acceptance of that reality! :)

  4. <waves to whistler>


    Thanks for the caches that brightened up last Sunday for me! :D


    (Funny you mentioned Kennedy park in this thread. I pulled into the lot, looked around, and ran screaming at the idea of traipsing around for a multi in the snow still piled up in that park! I can be so lazy sometimes! :) )

  5. On my first visit to the forums in a few weeks, and what do I find? This thread made my day!!

    Sooo glad to see this getting off the ground. Best wishes for success, and LOVE the logo, Hound!


    p.s. Don't listen to ODragon. The last time I listened to him my truck ended up needing floatation and a USCG icebreaker! :)

  6. I like you, Ed, but these are my honest thoughts:


    but should that invective be promoted beyond their forums?


    They are not pounding these events down anyone's throat, and likely no one outside their area would know about them if not for this thread. They are promoting nothing, just holding a couple events that have a humorous theme that fits with their local flavor and taste. Anyone who disagrees is free to NOT attend.



    events created solely to express a personal, or perhaps local, agenda, as oppossed to the broader political agenda.


    All areas have their preferences, why bother this gang with something they're having fun with? Must all cache pages be sober, epic, dramas? Expressing a dislike with satire is not a political agenda. There is nothing to hide, they don't like lame micros and poke fun at them. Not a scary conspiracy, in my opinion. Why must there always be a smoking man?



    seem to have been created only as a slap at those of us who like micros.


    The TRIGO forums are rife with anti-micro rhetoric, which is fine


    The tone and word choice here make your feelings clear. Why join their forum and read their anti-micro rhetoric if it offends you? THEY are not making a loud deal of this, but I question why you choose to do just that? Remember, you WENT to their forum and SEARCHED out their caches, not vice versa.



    ...but making their disdain for others public really a good thing?


    Their disdain is for lame micros, not "others," there is a big difference. Why on earth would it matter to the rest of the caching community that there is a group of cachers who dislike micros? We're grownups, we can handle it. There are cachers who hate many things, what difference does it make? At the end of the day, absolutely none.


    TRIGO is well-known for their feelings on this. I seriously question your motives in joining their regional forum. Are you absolutely certain they will ruin your next micro-caching vacation in Pittsburgh, or did I miss the thread where they were plotting to take over Alabama?

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