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  1. This thread was very interesting on the topic of caves, the appropriateness of hiding a cache in or near one.
  2. A number of us have been wondering when the replacement to the Garmin V would be coming out. Color, more memory, compass, altimeter, and the same form factor would make what is hands-down the best geocaching GPSr made even better. Garmin is mute. They tell us nothing. if they are lurking, WTF people?
  3. In many cases, “newbie” is a**umed even when it isn’t necessarily so. I opened a simple discussion in this forum and had cheap shots thrown my way because some chose to view me as a new player. I am not. There is a reason why I can’t post under my normal name outside the Off Topic area. I’ve been around a lot longer than the poster who levied this cheap shot, and longer than the one who posted this "troll" comment too.
  4. Yes, it's a find, and yes, you should log SBA.
  5. This site has the 2-pack of Uniden GMRS635-2 for $10. Anybody familiar with this model?
  6. DRAFT COPY First, a cache for this context is a container and a logbook (or sheet). Found It! Ideally, a cache should only be logged as “found” if the hunter has located and physically handled both the cache container and the log book (or sheet). The log should be signed if at all possible. Option One During contingencies, apply the 50% rule. Logging under this rule assumes that the definition above is impossible due to vandalism, theft, or other damage, including conditions that prevent the cache from being opened. The hunter can log a find as long as either the container or logbook is physically handled. The 50% rule does not apply if the cache is intact and contains a logbook, and a person of reasonable intelligence and dexterity can open it. A finder cannot log a find under this provision if they, due to personal physical limitations, cannot comply with the primary definition above. Your re-writes are welcome!
  7. Sorry but I think this is a very stupid question - Guns should be forbidden, period. Guns do NOT save lives, the kill. In countries where guns are not allowed, this would even not cross your mind. I used to leave in France, never in a million years I felt the need to carry a weapon and there are nuts in France as well, unfortunately the US do not have the exclusivity. When I was in Tel Aviv Israel I observed many private citizens carrying fully automatic weapons right out in the open for all to see. That part of the world has more than their share of nut-jobs and mentally deficient nincompoops. Funny, but even with all those automatic weapons, I never felt safer in any major city as I did there...
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