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  1. Proper forum etiquette is always an on-topic discussion. It is fine to point out how frustrating it can be to watch a thread you're interested in get derailed by off topic posts or other forum guideline violations. Others may express a contrary view, like a belief that the conversation ought to just go with the flow, with limited moderation.


    That being said, I will caution everyone in advance to steer clear of discussing the *subject matter* of the off topic post that triggered the posting of this thread.


    Why? It ain't like this forum is over run with posters.

  2. That is horrible that someone could do something like that! Killing an innocent life like that is absolutely horrible.




    I bet 80% of the people complaining about these ducks being murdered are pro-choice and see harm in ending an innocent human life. Any comments on that? Kill a duck -- Inhumane. Kill a human baby -- Choice. Over 1 million children aborted each month worldwide and you are complaining about ducks?






    I think you missed the point. See there are already too many people, hence the muggle issue. And now those over-populated humans are killing innocent ducks? What bad did a duck ever do to humans? So saving the ducks is necessary least the humans win and kill everything while saving only their own.


    I bet ducks don't threaten each other with stories of heaven and hell either.

  3. :lol: I m not all religious and all that but I still think that the deceased should be left in peace and not disturbed by geocachers or anyone on that matter :tired:


    I agree with codeman3. I have too much respect for the dead than to look at tombstones for the year someone died to find the next waypoint. Morbid is what it is. I put them on my 'ignore' list.


    Puritan hangovers.


    Nothing morbid about graves or cemetaries, just ghost stories and religious b.s. behind the morbid thing.


    Weird, funky, even somewhat spooky maybe, but not morbid.


    No more horror movies for you scaredy-cats.

  4. Yea, we noticed the same thing. Yet another reason to not use mapquest. Yahoo is just as bad. However, the microsoft mappoint websight will still allow you to get directions like mapquest "used" to be able to do. Can't figure out why mapquest would change this feature?


    My fav's are terraserver and topozone, together you can tell almost exactly what kind of terrian you will be dealing with; I love it.


    Hope that helps. After a few more people say the same thing maybe we can get this post locked.




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