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  1. You've got some nice ones in there. Wish I could buy some. Sorry.
  2. 8 weeks further and no geocoins Wow how disappointing! I'd like to know which ones were lost as well. Maybe I can help.
  3. I'm going to join you, too! I was waiting for the last mission to be received before I posted to tell you all that, although I didn't participate, I've LOVED following this thread and viewing all the pics! Make my popcorn cheddar, please
  4. Got it! Now I need to regroup after my mad purchase/trade weekend and see where I stand. Thank you! The caching name has changed, but the wish list remains the same...with one addition: The Imagine Mystery coin
  5. I assumed that the size has to be a minimum of 200 x 200. All my photos are quite a bit larger that that. Resubmitted both at 500x500
  6. Ok...I submitted 2 new photos for coins. The CacheHawk Antique Copper and the WMA Vest RE Nickel. I resized them to 200 x 200 (as I thought they were supposed to be) but they're much smaller than all the others. Should I resubmit them at 500 x 500 (as it looks like the rest are)?
  7. Nice haul! I see 3 that I would LOVE to have.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Good luck in your new venture! I wish you happiness and prosperity in your new home...and I'll keep an eye on the Caching Place
  9. I think all data entries should be approved Ahh...ok, I'll wait.
  10. I've added a few new ones (without photos yet)...but I don't see them in the gallery?
  11. Congratulations It's perfect!
  12. Not 'today', but for Valentine's Day, I received this: It rides with me in my car with my Geocaching Pendant: The day I got home from the hospital, I found this in my mailbox: Thank you.
  13. And finally...the photos! Just a note, though: The Flying Pigeon coin in the Manhattan Urban Cachers series did not come from this math trade. Since I had that one, I was excited to add the other 3 coins in the series. Thanks again to all who participated.
  14. I agree. I really like this site, and I've enjoyed adding coins...I just don't have the ability to add photos just now so I've slowed down on adding new ones. I'll start adding again.
  15. edited to add, keep an eye on the "what was in your mailbox today" posts..a good place to view old and new coins people have acquired Excellent advice. I browse through that thread just to get my daily fix!
  16. Wow! Congrats, my friend There are some long wished for coins there, I know welcome back ! Thank you. It's good to be back. I have photos to share when I'm a little stronger!
  17. Wow! Congrats, my friend There are some long wished for coins there, I know
  18. IMO, You must put a zero in the box Keeping. In Edition put the finish. Yes, putting 0 in the Keeping box works. (I should've that of that) Thanks.
  19. First of all, thanks for doing this. I like the idea of it. Is there a way to delete a coin that I've added to my list? Example...I added the CacheHawk - AB, but I actually own the AC, so I'd like to delete that from my keeper list. I have to say, I'm confused about the "Edition" listing. To my mind, all coins have a name (the official name being the one you get from gc.com BEFORE activating it). That name is the only name for the coin. Each coin may have many versions and finishes, but they should all be kept under a separate subheading. I hope I'm making sense...
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