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  1. That's a Beautiful coin!
  2. I came into this kind of late. Didn't start collecting hardcore till around 2009, but my FAVORITE coins are the old personals. Trackable or not, I don't care...I love the personal touch they all have. Thanks to the "old-timers" for starting this craziness.
  3. Just beautiful! I love the shape.
  4. If the coins are UNactivated, you can enter the tracking numbers here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/ and you'll get the 'official' coin name. If they ARE activated, the name can be edited, so that won't help.
  5. Yay! Nice coin, and beautiful card. Well worth waiting for, but it is a shame it takes so long to get to you. The wait and anticipation was fun! and thank you all for the pictures. Although I didn't participate in the mission, it was fun following this thread. Now, back to my Skittles...
  6. VERY nice...and I echo what nevadanick says.
  7. Waiting .... and Wading ... OMG! You've found Heaven!!!
  8. After a nice trade, I've got my very own wigoweb. Doesn't ANYONE have an Elements Compass: Earth to trade or sell??
  9. I've moved on to Skittles....but still waiting with the rest of you.
  10. What a beautiful coin! I love the phrase on the back, too. One of my favorite quotes is: In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~ Margaret Atwood I can't wait to see this one. Congrats my friend
  11. I absolutely love this idea! The stick is beautiful. Well done.
  12. The only difference (to my mind) between an UNactivated coin and an activated coin, so long as it has never traveled in the wild cache to cache, is the extra step of having it adopted to my account. And the only reason the traveling makes a difference is that it's more likely to have damage/flaws from that activity as opposed to staying with the previous owner/owners. I've never understood why we pay extra for that little icon, when to use it makes your coin less valuable to most buyers.
  13. I've been wanting and wanting and wanting one of these coins for a long time. Now I have two!! I received a package from the Loon-A-Tick him/herself the same week one of the very generous coiners from these forums sent one to me. I told you....I AM a loonatick! Now...what to do with the extra....hmm.... Edited to say: THANK YOU Mr/Ms Loon-A-Tick! Thanks for designing an awesome coin, and thanks for sharing it with me.
  14. I think they like to give them to people that have dogs as their avatars.
  15. How wonderful that would be! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Wish I could be there.
  16. This coin has been on my top 5 list for quite a while. I received one this week. THANK YOU! And I'm not a loon or a tick...I'm a bonafide loonatick!
  17. Oooooh! You got all those 9 carousel coins in the mailbox? Congratulations! What a day! I'm still missing two of those, but I'm not giving up hope quite yet. Yep, those carousel coins are truly awesome. Don't dare let my geo-partner coin addict see one ... They were before our time in geocaching ... unfortunately ... SO happy for you and uh....you weren't talking about ME were you? Because I can handle MY addiction... usually...
  18. I got a Loon-A-Tick Mystery coin & a Very Cool personal coin by Toojin & LoriDarlin'. I'll upload pics when I can. Edited for pics:
  19. Update: 1. Elements Compass: Earth - Polished Gold (w/ the enamel on the back) 2. Guardians of the Cache - Antique Bronze (I need the wasp, snake & spider. I have the bee!) 3. Loon-A-Tick Thank you!!! 4. Wigoweb 5. Imagine Mystery Coin
  20. You received This Coin Congratulations!
  21. I "think" this is the first one I bought. I know it's the first one I set free. Unfortunately it disappeared, so I traded for another and that one is safely in my collection. It's still one of my favorites...cute and fun.
  22. Itwas all that popcorn and candy! Should be right as rain tomorrow.
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