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  1. :DI just wanted to take the time to say how much I appreciate our two local approvers: Marco and Kosh . I placed 3 caches yesterday and they still haven't been approved today...24 hours later. This is what gc.com says is normal. The SoCal geocaching community is so spoiled by having such amazing reviewers. We are used to almost instantaneous approval and we have become spoiled and unappreciative ( ok..at least I have) I was lamenting to John last night and he reminded me "They have real lives Jodi". OMG! The light came on and I just want to take the time to say thanks!



    Thank you Marco and Kosh!

    Second the motion ... even that Commie Pinko reviewer guy

    is appreciated, you know, except when he makes me move

    yet-another hide on account of some danged puzzle-cache.

    I think MR might have been a bit busy cleaning up a Klondike bar mess on San Jacinto... :unsure:

    :grin::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::laughing: Luv2Barf :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Yeah, and I think MR stepped on a frog that night too. Luckily it wasn't signal!

  2. My wife and I are headed up to Santa Cruz in a few months. We are going to take the 101 to San Luis Obispo and veer off on the 1 to San Simeon. There we'll stop and see the Hearst Castle, which we've been told is very cool. From there we'll head up to Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey and finally to Santa Cruz. So if there are any great caches along that route, we'd really like to know about them. Thanks!


    I visited Gem of Big Sur a few years ago but I just realized that I never logged it. :blink:

    That is a great spot. It's so close to highway 1 but unless you stop, you'll never know it's there.

  3. Looking at the card with me on the motorcycle, I cannot spot anything that remotely reveals that this has been photoshopped. It just looks so real!

    The pink ears give it away... :unsure:


    Let me rephrase that. The one with me standing next to my motorcycle and Thunder sitting next to me looks so real. :lol:


    Just for fun, a comparison ...




    This was the main source image.





    And this is the final Yrium-card layout. What changes do you see?


    Source images used ...




    Most any reality is possible with Photoshop CS5.


    That is just simply amazing, Harmon! :)

  4. Looking at the card with me on the motorcycle, I cannot spot anything that remotely reveals that this has been photoshopped. It just looks so real!

    The pink ears give it away... :rolleyes:



    Let me rephrase that. The one with me standing next to my motorcycle and Thunder sitting next to me looks so real. ;)

  5. Just take one or two cards, total, per visit...

    Had to make two trips :D to get all three cards but it was worth it...


    The Misprinter outdid himself (herself?) with the Operation card. That will be a classic to stand alongside the infamous Wonderwoman misprint!

    Credit for that concept goes to Devhead.

    :blink: Hurried over after work about 4pm and was very happy to be able to nab the whole set. I really have to say that this is one of my favorites. The detail is AMAZING! Harmon you do good work! Steve: Great ideas!



    Thank y' very much ma'am. Truth is I too am very pleased

    with this set of layouts. The dark, gradient background on

    the Eneregizer-Bunny number sure turned out swell ... very

    clear and sharp. Big reason was having some high-resolution

    source images to work with. Cell-phone images suck!


    The bunny-ear-cap treatment was suggested by Tom. He is

    great to work with, always a good judge of taste and knows

    when a layout is ready for press.


    Can't believe I fell into such a neat assignment as the Yrium

    card team. Makes me feel so connected to so many local

    Geocachers. There's just something about handling a

    person's digital body-parts that breeds an uncommon

    familiarity ... if y' know what I mean. Only your graphic artist

    knows for sure.


    By the way, I understand that you were instrumental in the

    selection of an honoree for this set of cards. Yes?



    SD Rowdies

    So, now I have digital body parts and transplanted body parts? Cool! I'm becoming more and more bionic every day! Someday, I'll be able to just fly to the top of Iron Mountain! :o

    I stopped by Max's park early yesterday morning to get a glimpse of the card myself and I ran into The Lost Clan. I can attest that it was neither one of us was in the cha cha dress. :(

    I love the detail! Looking at the card with me on the motorcycle, I cannot spot anything that remotely reveals that this has been photoshopped. It just looks so real!

    I really appreciate the time and effort that you all put into this card. Thank you!


    By the way, I only grabbed one card and gave it to Ramona Retired Snipe, whom led a group of us around the Palomar Divide Truck Trail yesterday. It was a fun day!

  6. Introducing the Yrium TNG #15 Card - Thunder-4:




    Thanks to devhead for the choice of victim and for Harmon for the design work!!


    A decent supply has been left in Max's Favorite Park. Please don't hoard them -- just take one or two cards, total, per visit...


    While I was there I noticed that the inevitable Misprinter had already beaten me to the cache, and there were a few ghastly caricatures in there as well. I went ahead and scanned them to show you all how insane this miscreant really is!!!






    :) I love 'em! I can't wait to see them for myself! :laughing:

    :laughing: Steven, Harmon and Tom, Thank you!!!!! :laughing:

  7. 884355719_NSgfu-M.jpg




    While we were hiking Black Mountain, we came across this bird on the trail.

    We couldn't figure out what kind of bird this was. We thought it might be an owl, but after looking at the picture. I know it's not an owl.

    It seems to have spikes or points on it's body and wings. Does anybody have an idea what kind of bird this is?

  8. 07c3f95d-6f77-454b-86af-a697f0b30c0c.jpg

    Dang! somebody beat me to that photo.

    Guess that's what I get for being away

    for a couple of days.

    Nice job on that shot of Denise.




    Achieving rule-of-three composition with just a headlamp lighting

    the scene gives you extra points. Her eye was almost exactly at

    the upper-right rule-of-three intersection point. Did you do that

    on purpose?


    Nice lamp-flare ... almost got a Borg-thang goin' on there. Wonder

    what her collective-number would be?


    My guess is that a lot more background detail could be revealed if

    using a high-resolution version of the shot. Dying to know if that's

    a skin-blemish on her cheek.


    O, ... hi Denise! Lookin' good girl.


    Harmon, I took that picture with my iPhone. The file I sent you is the highest quality.

    The lamp-flare is purely accident, although I'd love to take credit for that. :)

    Since the iPhone doesn't have a flash, I lit her up with my flashlight without blinding her in the process.

    The file I sent you should expose a little bit of the cactus in the background.

    Yes, I did that rule-of-three composition on purpose. Basic fundamentals of photography. Thanks for the compliments! :(

  9. Eric of 'Eric and Hill' underwent acute appendicitis surgery last night. He's doing well and is expected to be released sometime tomorrow 5/14.


    This will definitely qualify him for the M*A*S*H event - especially if he can bring his appendix in. :P


    Get well soon buddy!!!


    Here's to a speedy recovery! Glad he's doing well! :)



    Hope we all get to see you at the event, Eric! Feel better!



    aka: boysnbarrie


    Thanks all for the well wishes! Its no kidney transplant, but my first surgery ever and I hope to be able to cache again shortly. ThePolarBear and his cub came to the hospital to visit me and I was very grateful of that. Thanks again!

    :P Did he say what I thought he said????


    Seriously, Good to hear you're doing great and in good spirits!

  10. 5672859c-ed67-44b1-8816-b11022659b90.jpg


    Honk if you don't know where this is!

    HONK! Clueless!
    Clueless as well but if I had to guess I would say on South flank of Mt Woodson looking at Iron Mt area.

    Ahh, Fisnjack, methinks you are not as clueless as you let on. Clearly, you were able to assimilate your knowledge of the area into a pretty darn good guess.


    For the record, it's on the east flank of Woodson looking south at the Iron Mountain area.

    And there's the 67 separating them.

  11. When I started caching in 2004, I could create a PQ of the 500 unfound caches nearest my home and it would expand out 12 miles to highway 67 and Prospect.

    Today, I just tested a new PQ of the 1000 unfound caches nearest my home and it only expands out 8 miles. It cuts half-way through MTRP. I live by the 805 and Clairemont Mesa.

  12. In case this rant leads to an International Geocaching Police Force

    please let me know. There's a few of my local Geocaching pals that

    make a habit of picking on me so I look forward to turning them in

    for their misdeeds. ... not t' name any names of course. (Y'all know

    who y' are.)


    Bad enough that the San Diego County Unbunched Sock Police is

    understaffed and underpaid. They can't seem to make any headway

    against socktorial infractions. I'll take snakes any day compared to

    unbunched socks.


    What about centipedes? Them're mean if they crawl into y'r skivey


    I wear my socks unbunched but you would never know cuz I always

    wear pants. :D

    So far you win ... forty-eight pages of profile photos and not a single

    shot of your socks. Do you actually wear socks? Best I could find was

    this ...




    Close but no cigar.


    Yeah, well, just you wait until one of them centipede thingies crawls

    up y'r pant leg. Then we'll see if y'r socks are bunched or not.


    Note to Self: Boy howdy, ain't this rant fun?




    :D Harmon...what are you doing over here in the AZ thread stirring up trouble? Come on back home where we can keep an eye on you......I guess you really are bored...I'll have to fix that... :sad:


    I'm having visuals of Jodi dragging Harmon out of Arizona by the ear. Dragging him past El Centro, up the grade, past Sandy Creek and back home. B)

  13. This just in ...




    Tea Party - The Lakeside Ladies.


    Now those look like SD Rowdies!

    Uhmm ... moving right along.


    I dunno, that blond with the highlights looks kinda familiar.


    Notice how the one on the right is about t' shoot her fanger off.

    She came up from south-bay for the tea party.

    I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying!!

    say, can you fix up the 'backside' image in the mirror?

    just noticed the picture on the table!!! hahahahahaha!

    I wonder why that petite brunette lady is smiling.

    Hmmm ... has an innocent look on her face, too.

    She's probably the one ya gotta watch, tho, huh?

    I mean ... ya know the type, right ol' buddy?

    Lay that pistol down.

    DTCMMBLB? :rolleyes:

  14. Couple more Hall of Fame caches just listed for all uv yuz... Hopefully this will tease some of you away from all the numbers caches for a short spell... :D


    Iron Mountain Hall of Fame


    Mount Woodson/Lake Poway Hall of Fame


    Black Mountain Hall of Fame


    Sycamore Canyon Hall of Fame


    Tecolote Canyon Hall of Fame


    Penasquitos Canyon Hall of Fame

    You know what's missing? A HOF cache for those that complete all of these HOF caches! ;)

  15. Surgery was a complete success!

    I was in the hospital for 5 days. My brother, Dustin was in the hospital for 2 days.

    The surgery lasted about 2 hours for each of us. The surgery was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. By Friday, my doctors reported that my new kidney was functioning as good as a healthy person with two kidneys.

    Today, we are both doing great. I only have pains in my incision site which is becoming less and less frequent. I can't drive for another 2-3 weeks and I have to avoid large crowds for the first 3 months. This is due to my suppressed immune system so I don't reject the kidney.

    Overall, I feel great and I can't even tell you how thankful I am to have a brother as unselfish as Dustin.



  16. regarding Szar Foyo GC1BNZF

    July 13,2008...Still remember the day that this cache was last found. I put out a challenge to a few brave souls. They know who they are...The challenge is this...If the group finds this cache in the dark we will have an event in their honor..Pictures are required along with a picture of the log just for the therapy that they will need after they complete this challenge. I am beginning to recover nicely but Halftrack Guy went and joined the Army. He figured that if he could survive this cache ..He could do anything! If you want to be in the group contact The Fat Cats or Boysnbarrie....Personally...I would never do this cache in the dark but when some women make up their minds that they can do the impossibe...Well,who am I to say they can't...



    Impossible, mister kwvers? didn't YOU do this cache? ( ;) chuckles in amusement) If you did it ... I'm pretty sure I can do it, too.


    :mad: boysnbarrie


    ooooh...that hurt Ms. Rambobarrie


    Szar Foyo=Navajo Adventure by cegrube (GCW7JM) X 5....seriously..now really....this could actually be considered an extreme cache if not done with consultation...

    Ha! Funny! I parked .14mi from Navajo Adeventure and had a pretty easy stroll to the cache. Just lost the trail a couple times. :blink:

    When are you planning to go after this so called Szar Foyo cache? I'm interested.

  17. Randy Thunder 4 goes in wednsday for his kidney replacement.


    I know he will be strong and everything will go smooth.

    21 hours and counting down. :D


    I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!

    I'll post on the forums and on FB as soon as I am alert enough. That will probably be Thursday.


    Thanks for all your calls and emails over the last few days. It really means a lot!

  18. WooooooHoooooo!!! Thunder-4 just hit 5k!!!


    :)Congrats Randy! :laughing:


    We knew you could do it!



    Way to go Randy on 5,000 0002013F.gif


    Great Job!!!!

    :blink::):DWell done, Randy! Congratulations! :D:D:D


    Wow!!!! What an awesome accomplishment! We have been watching your progress toward reaching your goal and have been in awe!!! Now this is what caching is all about! The thrill of the hunt!


    Big congrats on reaching 5000!

    Thanks, everybody! My goal was to get to 5000 before surgery and I accomplished that goal 2-1/2 weeks early.

    I owe a big thank you to my many friends that joined me over the last couple of months! It was a blast! :lol:

  19. Just a heads up to everyone out there that knows Randy Thunder-4. Randy ended up in the hospital yesterday evening, and suddenly discovered that his kidney function has dropped to 5% of normal. He has undergone one dialysis treatment already and will have another treatment tomorrow and then again on Sunday. He will be facing the need for dialysis 3-times per week from now on, so needless to say this has been a life-changing revelation for him. He will be in Room 630 at Sharp Memorial Hospital on Frost Street (near Children's Hosp. in Kearney Mesa) until late Monday, and would welcome calls and visitors just about any time. The phone number is 858-939-3400 and just ask for Room 630. Feel free to call me at 858-335-9590 if you want more information. I saw him tonight, and his spirits are good (Randy has such an awesome attitude about everything). I'm planning to go back tomorrow with some comic books or something fun like that.

    I got diagnosed with kidney failure five months ago but it feels like it's been much longer. It's been a strange journey with many ups and downs. I only have 2 months to go on dialysis.


    My brother Dustin was the closest match and has been chosen to donate a kidney to me. He passed all tests with flying colors. Our surgery will be on October 21st at Sharp Memorial Hospital. I expect to be in the hospital for about a week. I'll be out of work for at least 8 weeks. My brother is expected to be in the hospital for 2 days and his recovery is 2 weeks.


    The transplant, if successful will give me a better quality of life but I will have challenges for the rest of my life. I will not need dialysis anymore, but I will have a compromised immune system so I don't reject the new kidney. I still have a lot to learn but I do know that with a compromised immune system, a common cold could possibly send to to ICU.


    Hmm, I wonder what my chances are to make it to 5000 finds by this date?

  20. Hey look ...




    It's Pearly Everlasting . Saw this one along the trail in Otay Eco' Preserve.

    I've seen only one other Pearly Everlasting in our county, that one was

    amongst the boulders of Wright's Field in Alpine.


    I know y'all will be thrilled.

    Looks like popcorn.

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