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  1. I think some posts who concern us, the local Greeks should be posted in Greek.

    Not all themes are important to non-Greek geocachers.


    On the other hand if you visit the French caches you will see than most of them are in French...also if you visit the caches for Switcherland, you will see that the majority of them are in German language.

    I have read all the 176 (until now) pages of the Greek caches and NO ONE of them is written in Greek.

    Shouldn't be some rule to the non-English speaking countries to post all their pages for the caches in English? Or should we start here in Greece placing caches with only Greek descriptions and hints?

    At least I have postponed a geocaching travel to France because most of the caches descriptions are written in French that I don't speak...


    As my grandfather said:

    "All the animals are equal, but some are more equal that the others" <_<



  2. I would like to thank 1538Moss for the kind move to construct a webpage for the latest Greek logs.

    He is a help to the Greek geocaching community since he has installed SIX caches at the island of Antiparos.Well done my friend, keep on the good work !



  3. So, for the 4th of February 2006 is it a good date?

    If you have a better date please suggest.

    Let's say at 12:00 but where?

    Where would you like to meet?

    Maybe by the sea?


    I suggest as a meeting place outside Ostria cafeteria at Alimos.

    And when we meet then we can get inside at the warm and have some hot tea or chocolate !


    What do you think?

    Come on people, let's meet ! ! !

    We share the shame amazing hobby ! ! !



  4. People who live near the area of the island Kythira and the island Crete-Chania really suffer and many of them have seen their houses damaged...

    Let's hope that there won't be a stronger one around.


    By the time of the earthquake I was on a mountain nearby Athens, riding my mountain bike and with mission:geocaching...so I felt nothing...

    Generally Athens has not any casualties...


    Thanks for the interest my friend !

    Take care !



  5. My friend,

    the problem is that there are volunteers from outside Greece and only two willing from Greece...

    It is a shame in a country with 10 million people such healthy sports to be totally unknown to the people...

    At the same time I see some geocaching gatherings in Europe with at least 50 people at each one...

    It is a shame for the way people live here...They have "improoved" their lives so much that they move only with their cars and they always park them outside the stores they want because they don't want to walk a block...

    In some words I declare all this in my Greek words.There is nothing offending you my friend $hogun !



  6. Εδώ είμαστε!!!!!!!!


    Δηλώνω παρών σε αυτό το προσκλητήριο !

    Είμαι ο Γιάννης (YanniG) και μένω στη Γλυφάδα.

    Έχω δύο μονάδες GPS το μικρό Garmin Foretrex 201 και το λίγο μεγαλύτερο αλλά με ενσωματωμένους χάρτες το Garmin GPSMAP 60CS.


    Παιδιά, έχω να δηλώσω το εξής: κάντε geocaching γιατί κάνει καλό στην υγεία!

    Κλείστε τα χαζοκούτια (tv) και αναλάβετε δράση μέσα στη φύση ! ! !

  7. Shall we arrange some meeting to know each other here in Greece?

    At the previous and first in Greece we made it 4 people ! ! !

    Yeah, this is the current record ! If we meet more than 4 people at the next one, it will be a success!!!


    So let's hear some dates that will be convenient to most of you !


    See U at the meeting !






    At last we have our own place here in Geocaching !

    Well done ! ! !


    Happy Geocaching my friends ! :lol:



  9. Hello !


    I am YanniG and I live in Athens, Greece - yes, at the other side of the globe!

    I am one of the most active geocachers here in Greece and I would like to ask if anyone from the area Memphis or Marion wants his-her travel bug(s) to travel to Greece and be placed at some of the traditional caches here !


    Actually my younger brother studies in Memphis and comes to Greece for the Christmas vacations, so I thought it would be a nice idea for some travel bug exchange! My brother is not a geocacher.

    If you want to send some travel bug, you can contact me at yannig@yannig.net and I can get you in touch with my brother.




  10. New England n00b: There is no problem my friend ! I agree with you ... "we're all in this together".


    Blind Avocado: Our monetary system now is in Euros...Drachmas are just past.. they are just for collectors!

    All geocachers are welcome to my country and especially to my city for an Ouzo with me! Indeed, I had some Ouzo three weeks ago with my a geocaching friends from Halifax (Uniacke Raiders-Paul & Caroline).

    You are all welcome !



  11. ohgr: All the coins that I will find I will place them to various traditional caches at the area of Athens.So you

    are free to come and get them ! I am not willing to spend them ! ! !


    Blind Avocado: I wish today's local geocachers were not so lazy! Most of them are just waiting for me to place

    my next geocache...sooner or later I will stop placing if they don't start placing new caches.


    Ambrosia: I love geocaching but I hate trying to close a film canister while everyone has placed in coins and buttons

    and they do not fit into.


    New England n00b: I agree with you.As for the language, english is not my mother language, sorry about my mistakes.I

    guess you are not better in Greek !


    cache test dummies: I totally agree with you.Safety of the micros in the first place.


    Finally I changed the instructions at my caches, so no coins or money will be accepted.Thank you all for sharing your ideas!




  12. Hello !


    Recently I found out that many of the film canisters or the listerine boxes that I have placed at the center of Athens have coins ...

    I think it is getting too annoying for the next geocachers, because when they find the cache, after they write the log, they have a big trouble to place inside again all these extra stuff - the coins.

    Especially the listerine boxes that are already small, are very annoying.

    I think of placing some instruction at my caches, prohibiting placing coins at my caches.Do you think that should be convenient?

    Besides, the normal traditional caches have plenty of space for your coins...why don't you go and place them there?


    Kind regards !


  13. I have placed a version of a multi cache and mystery here in Greece.The difference is that I have a multiple choice question at the first point.I give a question from the ancient Greek history and there are four possible answers.Each answer leads to different coordinates.So if you know ancient Greek history you head straight to the plastic container.If not you are heading for micros that contain just the info "Sorry wrong answer, Please try again !"

    The link for the cache is:



    Greetings from sunny Athens !

  14. Hello my friends in Geocaching !


    Recently I placed a microcache at the area of the Acropolis hill, but it was not accepted as the distance from the nearest microcache was less than 0.1 mile (161 meters).

    It was sure my mistake and I will replace the cache further that the other microcache.

    All I want to ask, is if there is any software (possibly utility) for the pc or for Palm, that we will be giving the coordinates of two points and then it will be returning us their distance.

    I know MapSource from Garmin has this ability but I am asking for something lighter if there is.For example the approvers how do they calculate the distances?


    Thanks in advance.


  15. Hello my friends in Geocaching !


    About three weeks ago I bought the Tungsten T5 from PalmOne.

    Reading all these articles here, I got an idea.

    On my pc I can copy the info from any cache page and save it to a word document - excluding the images.Then I can send this word document to my T5 that has the ability to read word documents.If this does not work, I will try to save the document to a pdf file and install a pdf reader to my T5.

    I think this way I will be having for each cache the whole document as seen on the geocaching pages.

    Has anyone tried it?

    It sounds simpler than any other idea on going paperless.



  16. I have placed the sequence so the first time you move at the left, next time at the right, next at the left and next at the right.So it will be much walking for all these geocachers who wil not know the answer.It won't be an easy one ! Unless you bring a laptop with an encyclopedia in it ! ! ! besides, I don't plan to announce that there will be a question...Most people will visit the place and just wait to find easy the coordinates of the cache...No no no...

    Lately here in Greece many local people wait for easy caches without placing any of their own...

    so it is more challenging for me to increase the difficulty here...

  17. Hello !

    I plan to place a cache that initially I will be announcing a point with specific coordinates.At this point I will place a film canister with a question and four possible answers.Each answer will guide you to a different point nearby.There will be three false answers and one true.The false ones will guide the geocacher to microcaches that will have the message "Sorry wrong answer.Please try again !"

    So the geocacher will return to the starting point where he tries next one.

    If he/she knows enough from Greek history, he/she will be guided to the plastic container easy.If not then it's his/her destiny to walk ! ! !

    All these five places are within a gulf of nomore than 5 kms distance from one point to the other.

    Yesterday I took the coordinates and placed the plastic container.

    Now I am writing the instructions that will be placed at the microcache and the wrong messages for the false answers.

    I am wondering how should I categorize this cache.

    Mystery/puzzle or multicache?


    Thanks in advnance !


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