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  1. Me and hubbie. Female and Male. Obsessed and reluctant. Non-driver and driver.


    On hubbie's day off, it usually goes a bit like this:


    Rob: "Ooh, I've got a day off. Where shall we go?"


    Becky (secretly recalling mental map of caches in southern England): "How about we go to (insert seemingly random placename here :D ).


    Rob: Okay. Shall we go shopping there?


    Becky: Yes, that's a good idea... oh, no hang on, that doesn't seem fair, you don't really like shopping (actually he does - I don't). Ooh, I think there are some caches near there actually. Shall we do those B) ?


    Rob: :P Okay, print them out then.


    ****** later in the day ******


    Rob: I'm tired, time to go home now :) .


    Becky: Well, we might as well kill two birds with one stone. If we go home this way, there's a cache here. Seems from the description that it's quite a short walk B) .


    Rob: :D


    ****** some time later ******


    Rob: But the GPSr says that the cache is 2 miles away B) .


    Becky: Yes, but we're here now, so we might as well have a look B) .


    Rob: B)


    Becky: I tell you what, if we find it, we'll reward ourselves with a Chinese Takeaway on the way home.


    Rob: B)B)B)B) Let's go and find it! :D:D:D


    Becky: B)

  2. A fellow cacher has just pointed out to me that the ratings are not showing up on the cache pages for my most recently placed caches (e.g. this one). I assumed that this was just because they hadn't been rated yet, but now I know this is not the case.


    I have checked the listings, and I have definitely inserted the right numbers in the right places. These new caches all have 7-digit waypoints rather than 6, could this be why they're not showing up? Should I be entering them in a different format? :P


    1) never take a trading item in exchange for leaving a tracking item

    2) not feel guilty about taking a tracking item to move on, when I may not have a trading item with me

    3) Always trade up



    No. 3 I do anyway (or TNLN). No's 1 and 2 - well, as I said in my last post, I have obviously got this all a*** about face, as I was doing the exact opposite.


    This needs to be made clearer on gc.com somehow. I am a regular forum user and have been caching since 2004, but I never realised that this was wrong before. :cool: Apologies for the wrath I've probably incurred from dozens of cache owners!


    No - they are arranged by placed date. They fall to the bottom as you place more.


    ?? Mine are arranged by 'found' date, with those being found most recently at the top. Are we looking at the same place? If I click my name at the top right of the screen, and then select Geocaches (mine), that's where the list appears, with the archived and unfound caches at the bottom.


    I can understand it's frustrating to turn up at a cache and find several trackables have all gone (personally I would alway leave a trackable in their place) but I would take them for the reasons stated above. I've had days when I've followed someone who's just cleared out every cache just before I got there leaving nothing. :D


    Yes, I find this frustrating too, which is why I usually try and leave another trackable in its place. At the moment, though, I don't have any trackables (apart from some coins of my own that I am not ready to place in caches yet). Therefore, next time I find one, I will probably have to take it without leaving one in its place.


    I will leave something I consider to be a 'good' swop item though, at least that will give the next person something to find and prevent the cache contents from being depleted too much, even if I have moved the coin. :D Just my personal approach, I don't mean that everyone should do this. :D


    As for leaving a coin and taking something else, I have been guilty of this a few times, and didn't think I was doing anything wrong ;) (see? I haven't reached 300 yet, until I do I feel I'm still a newbie!) . Rest assured, I have smacked myself on the wrists, and will not do it again. :D

  6. Hello, are you using the Geocaching KML overlay with google Earth? If so, have you accidentally opened it more than once at the same time? I have done this before, and it shows the same cache lots of times, but in very slightly different locations. :D The overlay can take a while to load, and I thought it hadn't worked so I opened it again, which is how it happened to me! ;)

  7. Personally I very rarely take a TB or a coin unless I have something nice to swop, preferably another TB or coin - I prefer to 'discover' them instead.


    However, I have noticed that trackable items are often not considered 'swops', and so people often take them and leave nothing.


    I suppose it depends on whether removing them depletes the cache contents too much. IMHO, perhaps the person concerned should just have taken one of the items, and left the rest for someone else to find? ;)

  8. So invest the five minutes it'd take to list it as an event and you have a handy mechanism for guaging it's popularity :unsure:


    Well I'd bet you a tenner that it will get more interest than my event has! At least if it doesn't, and it's not listed as an official 'event', they wouldn't have to walk off with their tail between their legs and think about cancelling it, which will posibly be my next move. :anicute:;);):(

  9. Are you sure that you are talking about the same cache? The cache which has the log on is in a park/recreational area, and is a multi that requires counting various things and working out co-ords. I have done it myself, only a few weeks ago.


    It's this cache that some people in this thread are talking about, isn't it? Lotho, I assume you know the cache setter? Your profles are very similar. :D


    Edit: er, I mean your profiles are very similar. I wouldn't know about your profles. :mad: Sorry, my typing's awful tonight.


    BTW though, two other people who found the same cache a while ago both emailed me to say that they had had a similar experience with security, so it wasn't just us. It's a shame, as it could potentially be a good location.

    We did that cache esterda and we too were confronted by a security guard. He actually told us about your encounter and the fact that the cache had since been removed!


    BTW we were signing the log at the time he told us this and we returned it right under his nose. Must admit though, there was a lot of rubbish strewn about and not particularily the best cache.




    I think we did a lot of the same caches actually, I'm just logging my finds, and your name is on most of them! I have also been laughing at some of the logs written by one of your fellow cachers for yesterday! :mad:


    At least you actually found this one though, well done, we had to give up before we'd located it. I'd love to know exactly where it was hidden!

  11. Don't get me wrong - all of them were great caches, in great locations, and made us work for the numbers - but unless they were opportunist caches ("I found this great spot, and I just happened to have a micro prepped in my bag, so.....") and with so many hiding holes around, why were they all micros ???


    Yes, that's exactly how I feel. If a location will not support a large cache, then fair enough. But if there are plenty of places for a regular, and the landowner is in agreement, then I personally feel that that's the better option.


    On the other hand, if you find a 3 litre tub with a log book, a soggy tissue, half a McDonald's toy and a broken pen, then perhaps a micro wouldn't have been so bad! (uh-oh, I'd better be careful, or the 'trde up / trade down' discussion will start again! :mad: ).


    As I think I've mentioned above, though, I love finding well camouflaged nano's, so that would be an exception. There is a cache close to my home which is tiny and which I know will be a difficult walk - this one - but I definitely want to find it sometime, it sounds like a good challenge!

  12. I must admit, Saturday was the first time we have ever had a 'numbers' day, and that's pretty much purely what it was. I have this 'thing' in my head that, until we get to 300, we're still beginners! We did 23 caches on Saturday (plus some 'dnf's'), and I have decided that I'm not going to log all of my finds. I don't know how hubbie will feel about it, but for a small minority of the ones we found, I don't feel that I could write a nice, pleasant log, therefore I think I would rather not write one at all (Prior to this, our record for caches in a day was 12 - that was in London).


    I know some people will think that's the wrong thing to do, perhaps negative comments are just as valid as positive ones, I don't know. I haven't logged any of them yet - I'm still thinking!


    I'll stress again that we found some caches on Saturday that we really enjoyed, the badly placed ones were definitely in the minority. I feel ungrateful in a way, because someone's obviously taken the time to go and place all of these, and write a page for them.


    I take my camera with me when caching, as I am a keen photographer. No matter where the cache is located, I always find something to take a photo of. This makes you slow down and look at the area, take in the atmosphere etc. When we visited Blue Lake cache in Mid Wales, I noticed that other cachers had said how lovely it was to swim there. So I took my cossie and did just that. It meant we didn't have as much time to find other caches, but we had a lovely day so it doesn't matter! :mad:

  13. I now have an irrational hatred of Basingstoke, I'm sure it's a nice place really - somone correct me if so? B):cool:


    We have a couple of pairs friends who have happily lived on the outskirts of Basingstoke for many years . ;)


    Hehe, no, it seems a nice place really, especially the shopping centre, which we didn't have a chance to explore. I've calmed down now, I know I overreacted, it wasn't like I was arrested, or anything, and we did find some really good caches that day!


    BTW though, two other people who found the same cache a while ago both emailed me to say that they had had a similar experience with security, so it wasn't just us. It's a shame, as it could potentially be a good location.


    Sorry to anyone I offended, I'll be nice from now on. B)

  14. Okay, after yesterday, I can now sympathise more with why some people don't like micros. I have found loads of micros that I liked, but now I can see why some badly-placed ones could put people off of them all.


    No doubt I'll mortally offend several people by doing this, particularly the cache owner, but I'm so ;) that at the moment I don't care. :D


    We completed several caches yesterday, some of which we really enjoyed - including other well-placed caches by the same owner as the one I have linked to below.


    However, a couple of them were not placed so well, not least this one. Even if I have got it all wrong, and the owner has permission for it to be there (in which case I apologise humbly), it seems a silly place to me.


    This, two other seemingly pointless caches (owned by different people) (e.g. "we enjoyed finding this cache. The dangerous road, dried-up pond, burnt out car and broken glass all added to our enjoyment of finding a micro in a place where a large dustbin could easily have been hidden. And such a useful clue - "near a tree", when we're in a woodland, very useful when you have poor GPS reception due to thick tree cover - TFTC") coupled with the fact that our less-than-a-month-old purple Fusion broke down on the side of a dangerous road in the dark on the way home, really added to the general 'pantsness' (new word I just made up) of our day yesterday. I now have an irrational hatred of Basingstoke, I'm sure it's a nice place really - somone correct me if so? :D:D


    What really annoyed me was that the security guard, aside from speaking to us as if we were about five years old, seemed to genuinely feel that it was our personal fault that the cache was here. :)


    I'm sorry if I'm breaking any ettiqutte rules by putting the link here, but :D:o:o:) .

  15. FoF - That's the sort of micros I love finding - when there is a reason for them to be placed where they are, and when some thought has gone into it. :D


    Some of my favourite caches are micros, e.g. this one. On the other hand, some other micros that we have found seem to have been placed randomly for no apparent reason! These shall remain anonymous (for now at least). :anicute:


    I generally have no preference - regulars, micros, nanos, virtuals, earthcaches - whatever. The container doesn't matter, it's where they're placed that counts to me. There are two exceptions to this, though - I love finding cunningly camouflaged micros or nanos, which are in plain view of muggles, and I hate walking for miles through thick vegetation, where a large cache could easily have been hidden, only to find a 35mm film pot stuck in a random tree (therefore, if it looks from the cache page that this is what it might be, I choose not to look for it). :)

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