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  1. Wow- Nuts in May - I may be the only person below the age of 30 to be familiar with that. Fantastic play! "I want to see the zoo, she said, I want to see the zoo...." OK, maybe it wasn't that great, but I'm biased because it was filmed in Purbeck PS. Sorry, I'm a bit behind the times... this is a quote from a post right at the top of this thread... we're slow in Dorset. As they say, "Dorset born and Dorset bred, strong in the arm and thick in the 'ead." Or, alternatively, "I can't read and I can't write, but I can drive a tractor."
  2. Ours is a place name in Dorset, I've always thought it was a lovely name. It's my eBay username, email address ... loads of stuff. Last Thursday, my sister gave birth to a baby girl, and she's called it 'Trinseca' - lovely, but it's not having my email address... hands off!!
  3. In the 'TB motels' setup, would it be most likely that you are swopping one TB for another TB - i.e. like for like? That would seem okay to me. However, leaving a TB and taking another non-TB item may leave the cache one item short, so I think that's a different matter. (How many times can I mention 'TB' in two sentences? Do I get a prize?!)
  4. Oh dear, ethical dilemma... just yesterday, I was saying that it seems like cheating to log finds if you haven't actually got up off your backside and physically looked for a cache. But some of those on the 'armchair caching' list look really interesting...
  5. Ooh, very good! Will definitely be putting that image in my caches, if that's okay!
  6. Slightly off thread, but kind of connected... There are some cachers close to where I live that specify that items swopped in their caches should cost more than £1.00 ( or you can TNLN). I am in two minds about this: I must admit, that finding their caches is always good, because you get a lovely selection of items inside (and I like collecting the booty, I have to be honest!). Leaving an occasional swop of this kind is no problem at all. As they have paid to stock the caches in this way to start with, then finders should do their bit by keeping the content of the caches of a high quality. However... I am planning to set up four caches this weekend, to complete a series: with the containers, log books, pens, camouflage paint, Geocaching stickers, zip bags, etc., these caches have already cost me more than £25 between them. Okay, I don't need to use Groundspeak stickers, etc., but I like to make them look nice! By the time I add the swops, I'm going to have spent at least another £10.00. If all items cost more than £1.00, it would be another £20.00 - I just can't afford to do it! I know nobody here is saying that all swops must cost X amount, but I think the quality of swops in a cache unfortunately naturally drops over time.
  7. Oops, sorry, didn't know they had tracking numbers. In my opinion, then, that doesn't seem fair. I would kind of view it as cheating if I hadn't actually made the physical effort to go and find something. I know people say it isn't a numbers game, and that your find number doesn't really matter. but mine matters to me! I like to see how many caches and TBs I've found, and if I can just add to those counts by sitting in front of the computer, it sort of changes the Geocaching experience, I think.
  8. If the clues all have to be found from more or less the same point - i.e. the co-ords given on the cache page are the same for all of them, would they be able to set three different pages for them, because of the distance rule? (is it that they have to be 0.1 miles apart, or is it further than that? Can't remember.). Or have I just misunderstood this completely?! It is Monday morning after all, I'm not fully awake yet...
  9. Um, I confess to having three geckos, actually, and we have visited a couple of caches *just* because we knew we were there. Was hoping to find a purple gecko in my 'Gower Purple cache' one day, but it hasn't happened yet. My favourite find though, is even weirder. It's an orienteering map of Woodbury Common in Devon, where we found one of our earlier caches, the location of the cache has been marked on it. The reason it's weird is because it's got marks on it, from where it got wet in the cache (it's alright, it's not smelly, or anything!). But I *love* maps, so it's pinned on my wall. Er... anyone know how to get rid of old mildew marks from paper?!
  10. Where I have seen virtual TBs / Geocoins, I think people have posted a note, rather than a 'found it!' So it shouldn't affect find numbers, should it? Also, if there is no tracking number to log, then it wouldn't affect people's TB count. Don't quite understand it, but I suppose it's a bit of fun if you're stuck in the office rather than out finding caches!!
  11. Of the first 20 or 30 caches I found, I would guess that at least 80% of them were in black bin liners. Hence, when I placed my first cache, not knowing of the UK guidelines, I natrually assumed that was the 'done thing', and did the same. I now know better, and none of my caches have bags around them. I buy clip-lock containers from Morrisons - the smallest ones which I have used to replace my micros are 99p, I think, and are perfect to hold a Groundspeak log book, pencil, sharpener, and even a few very small swops. The bigger ones are only about £1.50. The containers are clear, so I spray them black. I'm waiting for someone to complain that the paint flakes off in their hand, or something (when it is first done, the clips can sometimes cause some of the paint to flake off), but I think that, until I find a better alternative, a sprayed cache is better than one wrapped in a black bag.
  12. On second thoughts, it's maybe a good thing that my TB is stuck on an island somewhere, at least he won't be able to read this forum, I'm sure it would upset him if he thought people were questioning his emotional stability. Ahem, er, sorry. A bit off topic here... um, Dust-Offs, that was it. Yes, good, idea. Poor little forgotten caches, all dusty, with no one to give them a cuddle....
  13. You like which idea? The idea that Travel Bugs may actually have emotions and be lonely and scared , or the idea of popping off to collect it for me? (insert 'looking hopeful' smiley here!)
  14. We think they are nice owners of cache . They also amended the cache hint after corresponding with us ,in a friendly manner , about our d.n.f. posting . I agree, the owners of the Zig Zag cache are very friendly. They responded positively to our comments, and amended the cache page accordingly. We also exchanged some friendly emails with them. If you remember, I also made some changes to one of our own pages after you emailed me. This was because you did it in a friendly, polite way. I have to admit, I'd think twice about making amendments if someone had made deliberately nasty, or rude, comments which weren't constructive.
  15. Your comments have got me thinking: I very rarely put negative things in a log, unless I think there is a real problem with it. In fact, I can only remember having done this once - for this cache. I'd be interested to know whether people think I should have done this, or if I should have emailed the cache owner separately with my concerns, and just put positive things in the log? But then, how bad would I feel if a kid got seriously injured here, and I had said nothing to fellow cachers? EDIT: forgot to mention - afterwards, I read through all the previous logs in detail, and found that actually I wasn't the only one to have mentioned it! Also, I'm not slating this cache - it was still an enjoyable find.
  16. This one might not qualify for your list, but it has to be one of the least found caches in the UK. And our poor little Travel Bug is stranded there. As I can't spare time for a dash to the Outer Hebrides anytime in the near future, it's going to have to stay there for the winter. Poor little TB, in all the frost and snow. All alone and unloved. Sob.
  17. Nooooooo, don't confuse me again! I've bought the lead now....
  18. This might seem a silly thing to suggest, but have you tried checking with the people who found the cache last? Perhaps they put it back in a slightly different location, and it's there safe, but maybe a few feet away from where it was?
  19. Everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for your advice - I have purchased a lead from eBay for £6.00, it arrived super-fast, and WOW! It makes things soooo much easier, why didn't I buy one months ago? And Garmin's EasyGPS program is so easy to use, even for a hopeless case like me. Everyone with an Etrex - if you haven't got a lead, buy one now!! Who needs a super snazzy colour base map anyway? That's what road atlases are for!
  20. Ooh, thanks for all the links! Embarrassingly enough, I can't for the life of me remember which cache I was looking at, I know it was somewhere in Southern England, but that's not a lot of help! I think the person's name was Ali, but again.. not much help, I know! I'll let you know if I find it!
  21. Hello, I wonder if someone could help? I found a listing the other day, where all the text on the page (including the title, co-ordinates, etc.) was purple, and I want to make my own cache pages like this! The person who owns the page has told me that the code I need to use is: color:#8900B7; However, I don't know whereabouts I have to insert this - can someone help? And no matter *how* tempting it might be, no rude answers please!!! Thank you!
  22. Yes - Dino-irls's right, the terrain 4 should be a terrain 5! Don't the guidelines say that if special equipment is needed it should be a 5? I'd say a boat qualifies as special equipment, I don't usually carry one around with me when I go caching...
  23. Right - have made a decision. Found a data cable on eBay for £6.49 plus £2.00 p&p. Don't need an adaptor as have just found that my work PC has a serial port. Have therefore saved about £240 for the time being... if I want to buy a new GPSr in the future, at least I can advertise my Yellow as being "with data cable"! Thanks to everyone for saving me money (for the time being, anyway!). Buying a cable has got to be better than entering waypoints for all the London caches and hurting my poor index finger!
  24. *sigh* you're right, of course - I should purchase a cable for my eTrex, and as my technical experience doesn't stretch to physically making cables, I think a serial to USB converter is also in order!
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