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  1. Hi Stuey! Thank you. What I need to do now is actually go out and find some caches, instead of sitting here reading the forum...
  2. Hi everyone, old and new! Dorsetgal - so sorry to hear about Caesar. Write and Mane - yes, I remember Cardiff Pictorial well. I still can't walk around the city without noticing those particular locations and thinking of the cache!
  3. Mollyjak - that's a name I definitely remember, hello! Yes - at Betws-y-Coed. EDIT: Nope, not Betws-y-Coed... Beddgelert, maybe?
  4. Hi *mouse*, thank you! I only have one cache left now, some people kindly took over the others for me. No idea if any of the Swansea ones are still there - I can't even remember how many we had there - Dunvant (I think that one's gone) and the slip bridge... not sure if there was one on Gower somewhere. All these years later, I still work in Swansea, so am often there - I should check if our caches are still around.
  5. Ah, of course. It all makes perfect sense now, thank you.
  6. Thank you! I feel the need to ask what the 'noodly appendage' is all about?!
  7. Ah, yes, I remember the Phillimore Clan! Thanks for the welcome.
  8. Hi Mellers, nice to meet you! Yes, definitely lots more caches around now. Some within walking distance of my house, so that's brill. Mrs B - I remember your name too. And gosh, yes, that was probably my last post. So, so much has happened to me since then - having a baby and unfortunately getting divorced being the two main ones!
  9. Hi all. Not sure when I last posted here... a long time ago, I'm sure. I've had a long break from Geocaching - I think I've found one cache in about three years. However, a very kind soul has loaned me a GPSr to replace the one my (now ex) hubby took with him, plus I've just passed my driving test, so I've got no excuse now. A while back, I used to post on here lots - but then I lost touch with everyone. So who's still around, who's new, who's left? Does anyone at all remember me? I'm friends with many of you on Facebook, but don't actually know most of your caching names, just your 'real' ones! I'm going to a couple of events this year - I've only been to day events before, so it's a bit scary / exciting to be staying overnight, especially when I'm not sure I'll know anyone there!
  10. Hi everyone, It must be a good few years since I posted on here regularly. A few things have changed for me in the meantime. I have a little girl, who is nearly three. Unfortunately, not all the changes have been good, though - my husband left a few months ago, so now I'm a single parent. Which brings me to the reason for my post - I need to make a few pennies, as money is tight! I have a few dozen Geocoins, purchased way back when coins were just starting to appear in caches. They've been activated, but haven't travelled anywhere. I'd like to sell them - does the fact that they've been activated affect the value, or can they be re-registered with the buyer? Where is the best place to sell them - any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi everyone. This is my first post here for a year or so. We've taken the decision that unfortunately it's time to either give away or archive most of our caches. We just don't have the time or ability to visit them regularly as we used to, and they are in need of maintenance. So - I'm looking for someone to either maintain or adopt our 'Beautiful Dorset' series. It's a popular series and it would be a shame to have to archive them. On the other hand, though, at least it would give other people an opportunity to place caches in those areas. All of the caches have been placed with the knowledge of the relevant land managers / owners. They are all within Purbeck - around Swanage, Studland and Langton. Would anyone be interested in taking them over?
  12. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around for ages. I have finally got around to uploading photos for these events, to view them please click here. If you have trouble accessing them, please let me know. If you are a member of Facebook and you wish to 'tag' yourself or add yourself to my friends list, please feel free to do so.
  13. Hi everyone. Re: Swanage meet - this Saturday, 14th July at 1pm. It's good to see that so many people are hoping to attend. The meeting place is in The Square, Swanage, where there is an area of seating, some accessible toilets (20p entry I think though! ) and several chippies! The co-ord's are listed on the cache page. If anyone would like further directions, or suggestions of where to park, please let me know via email. There is also direct beach access from nearby, so if it's a hot day, kiddies may want to bring their swimming costumes, crab lines, etc. We are hoping for good weather, but the 'emergency' plan if it's absolutely pouring with rain is that we meet in Kay's cafe. This is located on the sea front, opposite the Mowlem Theatre. From The Square, proceed along the promenade (the walkway next to the sea) and after a very short walk, you will find yourself outside the Mowlem - Kay's is on the opposite side of the road. I have asked if we can reserve tables in case of wet weather, but have been told that this is not necessary. Apparently, they are used to dealing with coach parties so it shouldn't be a problem. It would be great if you could bring any travel bugs and coins with you. If you would like other people to take these away, they need to be logged in to the event first, if they are just for people to 'discover', there will be no need to do this. So - The Square if it is fine, Kay's if it is very wet. My husband is working, so I will be on my own, I can't be in two places at once, so if it is very light rain, assume we are meeting in The Square! If you need to get in touch with me on the day, my mobile number is 07766 311449, it would be appreciated if you could send a text message (which includes your Geocaching name) rather than phoning. If anyone has any suggestions of items I should bring, or anything I've forgotten, please let me know! This is the first event I've ever organised and only the second I will have attended, and although its aim is to be quite casual, I'd like to get it right! Last thing, I promise! Our Obelisk cache (about two miles from Swanage) has been muggled. I am pregnant and the cache lives at the top of a hill! If anyone is thinking of doing any of the other caches on the hill (e.g. Gary & Jane's 'Devil and the Deep Blue Sea') or just fancies a walk and would be willing to replace the cache for me, please let me know and I will bring a replacement cache with me - I would be very grateful. I think that's everything, but please email me if you have any questions. Becky
  14. Hello, please could someone tell me the steps that need to be taken in order for someone to 'officially' adopt one of my caches? Does it have to go through a Moderator, or can I do it myself? Thank you.
  15. Thanks for your help everyone, I have emailed all the people who are hoping to attend. Didn't take as long as I thought, thanks to Ctrl + V!
  16. Er, okay, I'll start cutting and pasting then! Thanks anyway. Mods - this thread can be closed now - thank you.
  17. That's a good idea, thank you, but if you sign up for an event, is it automatically added to your watchlist?
  18. Just a quick question - is ithere an easy way to send an email to everyone who has signed up for an Event cache, or is it a case of having to click into each profile in turn, and pasting the details into a new 'contact' form? Thank you.
  19. Just to add my probably irrelevant thoughts here - I like Virtuals and Earthcaches just as much as regulars, as long as the location is worth the visit. Some of the Virtuals we've found could easily be replaced by micros or nanos, but others couldn't. For instance: Paddington Dare gave us something to do whilst waiting for the train, but you couldn't put a physical cache here. Tyneham is a great Virtual, IMHO it wouldn't be appropriate to put a Regular here. Also, I am interested to know about permission issues. When new Virtuals were listed, was landowner permission needed? For example, if it's a plaque, then this is intended to be looked at by as many people as possible, would you need special permission for it to be a virtual cache? If the answer is 'yes', that would seem a bit silly to me. I know there is an argument that the virtual site could be used as a clue to gain co-ords for a regular, but this would seem a bit pointless in some cases. If I were to set a virtual because e.g. I wanted to show someone an interesting historical location, what's the point of taking them to that location and then sending them off on another walk? Obviously, Virtuals are never coming back, but I think it's a real shame if the existing ones can't be adopted. As someone above has said - pretty much muggle free, maintenance free, and taking people to interesting locations (where permission for a Regular may not be given), which in my opinion, is the main point of geocaching.
  20. Hmm, hadn't thought of that, it's just coincidence that our is a 'mystery' to be honest. I've just found this bit in the guidelines: "Caches with mandatory requirements in addition to signing the logbook should be listed as mystery caches. Examples include sending the cache owner a verification codeword found inside the logbook, performing some task at the cache location and taking a photograph, or writing the online log in a format or with content that satisfies the cache requirements. The mystery cache designation assists finders in identifying that something extra is required in order to log a find." However, it could be argued that swops are not mandatory, and that, as you could TNLN and still sign the log book, perhaps it would be okay for a theme cache to be listed as regular. Listing it as 'mystery' would most likely mean that more people take notice of the cache page, and are aware that it is themed, but should it compulsory to put it in this category?
  21. We've found a few themed caches, and we own one too. There are three themed caches I remember from Norfolk - one for keyrings, one for aliens, and one where you have to write your log on a postcard instead of in the log book. There is one in North Wales where you leave an interestingly coloured piece of slate. One of my caches is a book swop. It's a puzzle cache, which is book-themed so you can't really miss that fact, and I make it clear on the cache page that it's books and TBs only. So I would hope no one turns up to the cache, takes a book and leaves a plastic spoon, piece of toilet roll, dried up felt-tipped pen, etc. Time will tell... I can imagine that it's difficult with kids if they want to swop items and you don't have anything that fits the theme. Which is why I've tried to make it very clear on the cache page...?
  22. Anything purple is fine by me. My favourite find was this one as I collect these items, and they can be quite hard to find. I might be nearly 30, but I haven't grown up yet. I love finding toys. Another of my favourites was a little finger skateboard. Little things please little minds, eh? (Oh, and for the person who was asking what aphone charm is - that's one, standing on the skateboard!) We usually TNLN, but if we do leave something, it's usually with kids in mind.
  23. Oops, sorry, I'm one of the guilty ones who hasn't sent my disc. Please could you tell me what size you need the pictures - mine is portrait format, how many pixels should I make the longest edge? Once you get down to about 500 pixels, the file sizes are very small, so I don't know if I could email it to you? I don't have a CD-RW on my computer, and was planning to put it on disc at work, but I forgot, sorry. I have no problem with regard to paying upfront.
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