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  1. Geocache: geodoesel; cache: doesel; geocacher: geodoeselaar; cacher: doeselaar; of selfs vervang "doesel" met "bloem" vanaf verbloem

    To extend to this great line:


    A geode (where the word Geo originates from) is a "bol", so it lead on then that a Geocacher is a "Boldoeselaar"?



  2. I don't know if Mr. Q took offence, the tone of his reply kind of suggests it, anyway I hope not.


    The Dutch actually make a point of keeping the English for it, and have tried to leave a phonetic pronouncation for it that looks like this: "djzio-kesjing" :D


    Now I AM Dutch; and if somebody walked up to me saying that, I would probably roll around on the ground laughing. :D Must be somebody pulling somebody else's leg - 99% of the Dutch speak English anyway, and certaily in the Geocaching community, so they wouldn't need a phonetic explanation.


    In fact my wife (she's not Dutch) tells me why correct them (thats us the Dutch), they provide a laugh a minute with their version of English. :huh: She is frequently crippled with laughter when we say "Lets go to the Vimpie for lunch" :D

  3. Looks like cache hiding in the Western Cape is slowing down the last month or 2, but I have quite a few up my sleeve, so you guys have got some "caching up" to do still.



    I hope this is not too short notice, but I have applied for an Event Cache for 4th Feb - once approved it will be GCMJ3W - hope to see you there!

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