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  1. Got mine yesterday! The copper is awesome!! Thanks for the hot coin! Although, given that it really is 105 out, maybe I should have bought a "cool" coin to cool off with. Very nice job! Thanks again!
  2. We're from Colorado originally, so these are on the must have list. If only these were done by July 12th we could come by and pick them up in person when we're back on vacation! Oh well. Thanks for the coins!
  3. Got mine today. These are definitely cutting edge coins! These are the kind of coin that make me wish I'd bought lots! Thanks for taking Geocoins to a new level!
  4. I'm a numbers kind of guy, so I'd like to see some more numbers in here. It seems to me the best way to address the "editions" is to use percentages of the total minting. My numbers may not be the numbers that everyone wants to see, but I'm more interested in if you like the idea at all. So here goes: RE: regular edition = More than 70% of the total coins minted are in this finish/color, etc. LE: Limited Edition. = Less than 20% of the total coins minted are in this finish/color, etc. XLE: Extremely Limited Edition. = Less than 10% of the total coins minted are in this finish/color, etc. Now I'm NOT saying anyone does this, but I think using percentages is a good way to prevent someone from minting say 100 coins, and calling 51 of those "RE" and the other 49 "LE". As it is now, I just don't have a good feel for where people draw the line on LE's. I really doubt that anyone does this, but the question is, where do you draw the line? 55 RE's and 45 are LE's? Probably not. But a 70/30 split, maybe. And then if you throw the XLE's in there, what's a good # for those? Is it 70/20/10 split? or is that too many to call XLE? Should it only be 5% so it's a 75/20/5 split? Now, I understand that for LE's this is also contingent on no more being made in that color/finish, etc. But, for argument's sake, let's just say in the above example it was only going to be 1 run, ever, anyway. What do you think?
  5. Very nice! I've always had an affinity for the #22 as my birthday is on the 22nd, so I hope to hear if these are going to be available.
  6. Still no GSA sightings in Arizona. With summer starting to crank up the heat, is there any hope?
  7. If you can't etch the edge w/ the tracking #, I'd move the 2007 from the shell to above the pocket locations on the front, and put the tracking # on the shell. (Here it can be large enough that people won't complain they can't read it). And maybe even above the upper pocket you could put his name, or initials. Kind of like the military uniforms. Anyway, just a few ideas. But I think it's a good coin, and a good idea. I'll have to start thinking about a mascot for us!
  8. No offense, but with the hat and the moustache I'd say it looks like Stalin on the chip. Is there some sort of "Russian themed" casino around there?
  9. Is it -- Barenaked Ladies "I Love You"
  10. I'll say 2:55-3:00pm for #1 I'll say room 112 And Arrival in Room 3:45-3:50pm
  11. Must have missed the top 50, but can still place the Red Handed Coin in Arizona, if none of the top 50 are in AZ. Chadsclan
  12. Email sent. What a generous offer! Thanks for letting us take part.
  13. Looking to trade Hawaii micros for other flower micros. (new Gerbera Daisy micros, California Poppy, Missouri micro, etc.) Please email if interested. Thanks!
  14. Did you find it yet? Looks like it's here as of today! GSA's Mission: K1W1 (Canterbury) by Team chelmo (GC10EAM) South Island
  15. I wholeheartedly concur! But I think the GSA should come a little further south, to Tucson.
  16. Thank you! and Thank you for picking on me. Jayman11 Sorry. I guess I let my critical side get the best of me and just zeroed in on that one thing. Overall, I do like the idea. It's got originality going for it, and it looks nice too.
  17. I like the idea, but the Atomic # and Weight are weird to me. I think something like 1227 and 1575 (The center Frequencies of the GPS L1 and L2 band in MHz) would be more recognizable and meaningful. But since you're already WAY down this road, maybe next time. Also, I do like the copper.
  18. Happy Easter Everyone! (3 posts in a row from Tucson area people!)
  19. Seeking: Crake's Suncatchers Warm & Cool Offering: Crake's 3 Roses Coins (midnight, autumn, or ice)
  20. As a kid growing up in Colorado, we played this type of game a few times, but we always called it "Pie". I think it's interesting to see a different name for it.
  21. Another option might be to tell your local post office to "get with the times." Ours has a kiosk in the lobby that's open 24/7 that you can ship packages of most sizes and weights. You just put the package on the scale, and it weighs it. You tell it it's not bigger than 16" (or something like that). You give it the zip code it's going to (there is even an Int'l option), and then you can pay w/ a credit card, and it spits out a stamp for the right postage. It's EXCELLENT! You can even buy delivery confirmation, etc. The only limitation I've found is that the box has to be smaller than 16" square or something like that. So it's definitely not a problem for geocoins. Anyway, I think it's great! Every post office should have one. I don't know how people got through Christmas before this thing. I just go at 9:00 at night and there's never anyone there, so I mail my stuff and go. No more waiting in line for 20+ minutes. You might suggest your local PO get one.
  22. 1) I've still got a Free Die Side up for grabs, if anyone wants. 2) Seeking: Mr./Mrs. Loggerhead Baby Loggerhead 3) Offering: Compass Rose 07, Black Nickel or Antique Silver Interested? email me. Thanks!
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