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  1. Congratulations! ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  2. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  3. quote:Originally posted by RJFerret:I cache w/a Palm device, with my own Geocaching database, so at the cache site, after I fill out the paper logbook, I fill in that memo field of my database in the Palm. This was my intention too, but a PDA in the field is not hardy enough to withstand the the rigor of caching. I replaced my iPAQ after finding that out. Then it was my intention to employ my own database in the car. But frankly, it is just as easy to log everything in a notebook at the cache site, particularly on days when there are a lot of caches being found. Since I enter two images to my database for each cache, I need to interact with the database again. Typing in the description takes no time in comparison to the video editing that goes along with each cache. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  4. Regarding the logs . . . Whenever this comes up, I validate the reasons for keeping my own database. In the end, whether a cacher deletes a log, GC.com craps out, etc., I have my own caching history. How important is your caching history to you? All these posts are mounted on servers you have no control over. Back up, back up, back up! Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  5. Congratulations to the both of you. I have not yet had the pleasre of meeting MIL, but am usually behind him in the logs. Judging from his profile, I think I would enjoy having a beer with him. KenDawg and I have teamed up for several outings. He is as kind as any cacher you can imagine. The use of his canoe has proved to be invaluable. Congratulations to you both. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  6. njski keeps rolling along. Somewhere along the line yesterday, he logged his 500th find. I've had the pleasure of joining Ski on many outings. Congratulations! Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  7. Just a question, SC . . . When is the event? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  8. I guess this is ironic. I jus hope no one was injured. I found the following on a cache hunt a few months ago. The close-up of the sign: Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  9. quote:Originally posted by Harrald:I don't really want an ignore button. The only way you should be able to get a cache off that first, second or whatever page is to find it. _Ignoring it doesn't make it go away_. I've gone caching with some folks. On a couple of these outings caches were placed. In one case, we created a new user id for the cache. Since three of us hid the cache, it now shows up on all our nearest cache list. We can't exactly go out and find this one. On another outing, the other cacher placed the cache and listed it under his account. Mind you, I could have logged it, but since I was there when it was placed, it seems disingenuous to do so. An ignore option would clear these from the nearest cache pages. Yes, I use Watcher. That is an extra that has nothing to do with GC.com. It would be nice to have the feature resolved on the site that we support. Just my $.02, Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  10. quote:Originally posted by timpaula:could be they're going live with the new site (or new functionality). Anything is possible, but I think it is unlikely the new site would unveiled on the busiest day of the week. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  11. quote:Originally posted by DustyJacket:Heck. I like having ALL caches on my PDA. You mentioned Pocket PC in a post above . . . I receive my PQs. I generate a GPX file of the area I am going to cache in. I upload all four (three states and the customed-created) GPX files to the Pocket PC. I then use GPXView in the field to view the cache pages. This works very well for me. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  12. quote:Originally posted by benjamin921:Gas is ~$1.35 around here. I filled up for $1.26/gallon the other day. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  13. I just read this about an hour ago. I was over at the in-laws. This helps justify all the Saturdays away from their daughter pursuing my obsession. FIL seems to think it is a real activity these days. That's good! Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  14. quote:Originally posted by hydee:Dr Who admitted his wrongs Actually, I do not think he did. He deleted his finds . . . that after over 50% of them were removed once the scam was found out. Most of the remaining were his own caches and virtuals that people had difficulty remembering whether proof was offered or not. For me, I have a difficult time believing that anyone sought a home address and harrassed anyone. The only word we have is one of someone who has been less than honest in other matters. Who was named in that police report? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  15. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:Is it possible that this person found it a while ago and is just getting around to logging it? Not likely. GSH was released @ an event. Mopar had it. It then went to MIL, then me, then Bayberry. Others who logged GSH were cachers @ two events. This cacher, as far as I know, was not @ these events. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  16. It seems like everyone is hitting milestones recently. Congratulations Floopy. You define addicted! Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  17. Good job, SC. It's great that you were able to help. I can attest that the lady at Atsion is nice. She was the one that helped me on Easter when I was stuck out there. So, were you able to log To Die For after all that? Which plot did you select? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  18. Would this hide find number also prevent Dan's site from mining the information? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  19. quote:Originally posted by Greyflank:Ummm... why don't you ask whomever left the WGs in there to check to see if anyone's logged them yet. I left one of those WG bills. No, it has not been logged. quote:But, besides that, I do not understand exactly your concern. . . . I DO understand why everyone was concerned about Dr, Who logging imagineary cache finds and how the log books collectively proved he wasn't there/anywhere at all. Dr. Who and themagician are the same person. This person is trying to launch a statewide geocaching group. He has stated that he is the the founder ,president, vice president,secretary, Sgt at arms of the NJGA. This despite that he has a sock puppet account that is causing problems in the state. quote:I don't know the magician, but let me point out that if he had taken the WGs it still wouldn't be theft. When trading, one is supposed to trade up. One is not supposed to trade this item for that item, but then take the cash on top of the trade and not to log it. Is there a specific rule? Probably not. Is it unethical? Does it fit a pattern? Those are the pressing questions. I know SC and KenDawg. If they say there were WG bills in the cache, then there bills in the cache. There should have been bills in the cache for I left one. quote: In this case, the log book proves very little and we've enough solid ammo to these this guy with. Well, the logbook brings attention to a problem. Is it conclusive proof of what happened? No. But given other issues, some folks have less benefit of the doubt to offer than others. SC, I would check on the cache, but I do not know what that would glean. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  20. Thanks everyone. There have been a lot of interesting places seen during these times. Thanks for putting Tupperware/ammo boxes in places of interest. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  21. quote:Originally posted by mr.magoo:If they back in action , they must be post dating their finds. When one loks at the Dr's profile , the last find was back on April 17th (4 days prior to this thread getting started). Dr. Who has not logged on since 20 April. How could he have added logs? FWIW, this is my first post logged from a wireless connection on my PDA. Pretty cool. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  22. Ski logged #400 this weekend. More important, however, is that he hosted a wonderful event in Belleplain. Lots of folks were out, the BBQ was full, and good weather shined on us all. Congratulations! Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  23. Congratulations! I just had the pleasure of meeting JPatton yesterday. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  24. quote:Originally posted by Mopar:Oh yea, gotta be hot. Fried. Absolutely! The place I used to get it from was on the boards. So, take all those ingredients and mix in the salt air/sand from the beach. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. OTOH, I certainly can understand why pork roll would not appeal to someone. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  25. Yes to Taylor pork roll! A hoagie (no subs, no grinders, no Po' Boys), but a sloppy Philly hoagie is only found in this area. Also, Philly pretzels are not the same anywhere else. Pat's steaks. Boardwalk pizza Salt water taffy Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn There's also the Crab Mappatello, but it is only served at the Mad Batter in Cape May. Well worth the price of admission. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
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