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  1. Just out of curiosity, when your cache was archived (January), was it physically removed from the trail? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  2. quote:Originally posted by BullDogBob:LOL I told my friend i could picture someone holloring "GET A ROOM" Check out the 27 June log on this cache. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  3. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:Would that be considered in the same classification as the ammo and weapons thing? The search function of the fora is a wonderful tool. Rules: knives and lighters Five pages of results for searching for the term knives Jeremy's Request poket knives in caches Knives in caches? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  4. I am reminded of the adage, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  5. quote:Originally posted by Baloo&bd:My point was I see post about caches "sucking" a lot lately and wanted to know how it could. My nomination I would say that any cache that is hidden beside a parking lot that is strewn with trash is a candidate for that term. I could not distinguish the cache from trash. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  6. Frolickin


    I have been overwhelmed with the support of cachers from my area. The other day I was out caching. I turned onto 322 and pulled over as I began losing power. I had just lost the transmission in my cache-mobile. Although I have run this car hard, I was not expecting to lose a car this week. It's been frustrating. As I sat waiting for the tow, I wrote the logs of my finds on my PDA. For the last cache of the day, I mentioned I had broken down and probably lost the transmission. Ever since, folks have been e-mailing and phoning me to offer condolences and to offer to take me caching. One guy from another state offered to pick me up. I am just stunned by this. I cannot thank you folks enough. FWIW, we purchased my wife a Taurus. I will now drive her Escort. Not eaxactly a cache-mobile. We have decided that I won't take this off-road into the Pines. So, it looks like caching is going to change a bit for me. This group is just filled with the kindest people one could ever hope to meet, Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  7. quote:Originally posted by Spzzmoose:On the other hand Frolickin...if you don't like caches that need a cell phone, don't do them! Just move down the page to the next cache. What's the big deal? Obviously, that is what I have to do. But after a while, one tires of seeing three caches on the first nearest to find page that won't come off. I hunt everything: 1-1s, virts, multis, 5-5s, etc. I am unable to hunt these and it has nothing to do with caching. That is frustrating. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  8. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:I don't have a digital camera, yet some caches require a photo for verification. I don't own scuba, or climbing equipment, but some caches require these. I don't think the requirement of a cell phone to find a cache is that much different. As I stated, I recognize that this is similar to those situations. For me, it's frustrating for there's not much I can do. To log the cache, I have to do things that have nothing to do with locating a cache. Scuba, climbing gear, etc. are needed to get to certain caches. A cellphone is needed only to log the silly thing. Couldn't I just take a photograph of the webcam as the proof I was there? quote:We've saved about $75 a month in long distance charges since we got our cell phone. I am speechless! $75 in LD charges saved/mo.!!!!! We pay $17 for local calling per mo. We canceled LD and use a calling card where we pay $.0347/minute. If we use $10/mo. in LD it would be astounding. We do not come close to the lowest of cellphone plans. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  9. quote:Originally posted by Pantalaimon:I reject your logic. There have been suggestions above that would enable you to find this cache. I can find the cache without trouble. Geocaching requires the use of coordinates (maybe a GPS) to locate a position. That I can easily do. What I can't do is jump through the hoops you require of me to log the find. That has nothing to do with caching. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  10. quote:Originally posted by Stunod: quote:Originally posted by Frolickin:FWIW, there is a script error on that page with IE 6. No errors for me...I'm running IE 6.0.2800.1106 That's the same version I am running too. Interesting. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  11. quote:Originally posted by Pantalaimon:However, even if it doesn't, does that fact that _you_ don't want to use a cell phone to ask someone to capture the screen shot of you at the webcam mean the cache shouldn't be approved? You can please some of the people all of the time... etc. A couple of things . . . it's not that I do not want to use a cellphone. I have no cellphone. I cannot justify the expense. How can I ask someone to capture an image w/o it? Are you willing to sit behind a system ready to save an image if I tell you I'll be there? Thirdly, I believe I made it clear, but if I didn't, my rant is not about your webcam in particular, but about all webcam caches that require assistance. The problem is not that I won't seek your cache . . . it is that I cannot seek this cache. Where I live, that means I have three caches on my nearest to find list that I cannot seek, whether or not I want to. It's akin to having MO caches nearby for those who do not financially support the site. Based on how this site has operated, your cache can be approved (although later posts indicate different issues). My suggestion is that no webcams that have to be logged in this manner should be approved. That, most certainly, is a different issue than what you brought to the table. I also recognize that adds another level of rules and that is not particularly pleasing to me either. And I suppose one can argue that a scuba cache would exclude others who are not certified, etc. I admit that I am in the minority. I admit that it is unlikely many will agree. I just think that to place a cache that excludes some from even attempting it is a poor choice. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  12. quote:Originally posted by Marky:Under the My Space menu in the forums, there's a Contacts selection. FWIW, there is a script error on that page with IE 6. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  13. quote:Originally posted by Pantalaimon:And yes, if you go find this cache, you will need someone on line to (A) tell you if you're in the right place, and ( capture the webcam shot. Reception, however, on cell phones in the area may be tricky. While this is not the focus of your question, whenever webcams are brought up, this is the issue for me. I should not have to call someone on the telephone to be able to log the cache. I do not use a cellphone. Yes, I am in the minority it seems these days, but that is a conscious choice my wife and I have made. I do cache. And I seek everything in my area. That area now includes three webcam caches in a nearby state (but all three are among the closest caches now to me). How do I log these? I have hunted and found one webcam cache. It was wonderful. I needed to get to a certain spot and have my picture taken. Within 24 hours I needed to get back on the 'Net and retrieve my photograph. It required no cellphone and no second cacher. This, to me, is how webcam caches should work. Otherwise, I really think they should not be approved. Okay, I have said my peace. Carry on. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  14. I am intrigued by the following comment: quote:We will be adding more features for premium users every month . . . Why should I pay for a membership? To the best of my knowledge, that has not been the case. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  15. quote:Originally posted by John Goggan:So, if you are going somewhere that you don't have an existing PQ for, you do the nearest cache search and then write down all of the info? What about if there are a dozen or more caches in that area (sometimes several dozen). What about the descriptions and such? Preparation. You are asking that the system be designed for you to go caching at a moment's notice for a huge outing, not just a couple caches. If it were a couple caches, plug in the ZIP and copy the pertinent information. For an outing where you may hit a couple dozen caches (FWIW, many of us have never done that number in a day) I imagine more preapration than a GPX file presented to you in a minute will need to be had. I know the three caches I did today had me preparing quite a bit (and I had been to all three areas before. I began two hours north of here and worked my way back.). So . . . TPTB have created a system that they have determined to be the best use of their resources at this time. It apparently does not meet your specifications. I am sorry for that. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  16. quote:Originally posted by John Goggan:I just don't see the <1% situations that you've mentioned being worth making them non-searchable for some reason! Many many caches are submitted that never see the light of day for a variety of reasons. They are archived. If they begin showing up in PQs, there is going to be chaos. That accounts for more than 1%, I suspect. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  17. Jeremy posted about this here. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  18. When the nickel becomes wet in a cache, what will happen to the ink? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  19. quote:Originally posted by John Goggan:I'm just not convinced that that is the case -- that it coudln't be done to not crush the server -- by limiting what can be done and how often. It has been limited - none. There are other issues that need to be addressed before on-the-fly GPX becomes standard. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  20. quote:Originally posted by Mopar:almost 5am gotta wake up at 5:45am can't fall asleep gah! Isn't this sweet? You are all excited about work! It's kind of like the first day of school. Good luck, Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  21. Consider this . . . A bunch of people meet and talk about an interest. Someone comes in, sits down, and begins a sales spiel for some new product. He has good intentions and just wants to share something he has found to be good. Can you see the awkwardness this might provide for the folks who wish to just sit around and talk about their interest? I do not try to sell my wares around the lunch table at work. It is not the approriate place for it. Neither is the General forum here, imo. And although you may have taken some heat for this, becoming testy certainly is not the way to sell your product. If you are indeed interested in selling this stuff, alienating your assumed audience does not seem like the prudent move. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  22. Caches that are located in areas where reception is poor. As one struggles with the find, he may refer to the cache page. I just love it when the cache description tells me the owner had trouble getting good lock too. One cache I went on even said, "Good luck." Another gave a second set of coords in the hint. Then the owner stated that I should give up caching if I don't find it. FWIW, I didn't find it. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  23. While I read that you have no interest in searching the fora for information that has been discussed to death, it isn't difficult and can provide useful results. For instance, you would have come up with this discussion that began just two days ago. What is tougher to do? a. search the fora and perhaps get a topic that doesn't fit your criteria (learning experience, refine search) or b. have the thread that you just had Continuing to disregard the tools that are provided to you so someone can hand deliver your work for you is surely not a way to endear yourself to others. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
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    quote:Originally posted by kennethpruett:I really not trying to start any debates or anything, but if it is asked so frequently, then why is it not placed in the FAQ? It's not a GC.com endeavor. Read more here. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  25. quote:Originally posted by EraSeek:Yes nice, but totals are needed. Question is ''stick with the old totals or revise the total formula?'' I agree with this approach. Events, however, do require a GPS to locate . . . or at least can require a GPS. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
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