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  1. Yeah, you can take the cache if its a bomb.... <font color="white"><a href="http://www.shareapic.net/View-25625475-.html" />
  2. Please post pictures of the largest geocache you have found! <font color="white"><a href="http://www.shareapic.net/View-25625475-.html" />
  3. Hey. Don't worry about it. My sister is the exact same way.
  4. In other words, it is apparent that you have been caching without a license. The cache police might have a thing or two to say about that. Yeah, but a lot of people don't have licenses these days. A lot of them failed the test because they didn't know what DNF, TNLN, and SL meant...
  5. There is no "suit"! What are you talking about! The Frog lives! He is our idol and we worship him! How dare you accuse him of being a man in a suit!
  6. I feel like all my friends would think its lame or nerdy or geeky...I mean it is...but when I think about myself, I am kind of a nerd but i'm not friends with geeks and stuff...so I think they would just laugh or say its stupid. I don't want them to think I'm weird just because I like doing this.
  7. It seems like all the other people that go geocaching together are already friends and they are older. There are no teenagers near me!! What to do....hmmm...
  8. I am interested. PM me or email me. Thanks.
  9. Dude! I wish I had an eTex!! That sounds awesome! Does it come with preloaded cowboy icons and a builtin lasso?!?!
  10. When you create a route on geocaching.com it says that you can either make a pocket query of the route or create GPX of a route. I clicked GPX and nothing happened? Is something supposed to happen?? Or can you only do Pocket Queries?
  11. For a really long trip... and 5000 isn't even enough because my gps holds 10,000...
  12. Why does GC.com let the route be only 500 miles?? Thats like five PQs right there for my trip out! Then 5 PQs there and 5 coming back a different way!! Ahhhh!
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