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  1. In my opinion, it does match. If the letters are highlighted, everything is fine. But if they are not (because they can't be highlighted), you have to explain it in the WM description. Of course, it would be better, if the letters on the brick would be highlighted and I'm sure that Benchmark Blasterz would do it, if it was possible. Edited to add: The chronogram "MEOW MEOW" uses all the letters, that might represent a Roman numeral. Your chronogram "welCoMe to roCk n Vapes caChe. Come in anD say hello." would not be solveable, if you would use only CAPS or small letters.
  2. Well, this is quite unusual, but somehow I like the idea. The category description says: "If the letters used to create the Chronogram aren't clearly highlighted in some way, you must add an explanation to your description or add a link (in the variables) to an external source." So, there is no need that the letters are bigger or have another color or something. Just make sure to explain it in the description. Now, for the W: On the one hand, it would be easier to identify, if it said "MEOVV", but on the other hand, everybody (outside the WM community) would think it is an error in the text. (They will think "They forgot the year" anyway. ). So, I think you can use either variation. You have to explain it in the WM description anyway. AND, I take it for granted that the brick will be much more "permanent", than one might consider for the sign on your house. At least you could remove the sign anytime, but it will be much harder to take that brick out of the paved walkway.
  3. I didn't either. The "problem" is: There are a few memorials for these persons, but not all of them mention "Nobel laureate". Anyhow, meanwhile I have 4 WMs in that category. Butcher shops would be possible, and I don't want to even think about peace poles. But there are many more categories I need (that are much more interesting to me) and thanks to your wonderful "Shopping list" statistics it will be much easier to find them.
  4. Browsing through older threads I found this one. A 3 year old posting and from the list I made back then, I just found "Nobel Laureates" in the meantime. Shame on me.
  5. Congratulations! Please check the images in the long description. #11 and #15 are not loading. Sorry to disappoint you, but I definitely wasn't the first WMer with a tally of 30. For example: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmV6TD https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmV3DF https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmVACQ https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm4VQW (2008!) and these are just a few I found and they have all been posted before my https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmZ3C9
  6. Well, at least it was not completely deleted, but archived, but for beginners finding the link on https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/52-Waymarking/ will be trickier than before.
  7. Well, nevertheless we were perfectly ignored. :-( I wonder, if new waymarkers will find Getting Started with Waymarking (Read-Only) - Geocaching Forums
  8. Here are some examples you might also want to consider (given, that you want to use the Y, but also working for the prior version of the text): here's bMb's teXt VVaYMark of ???? HERE'S BMB'S TEXT WAYMARK OF ???? HERE'S BMB'S TEXT WAYMARK OF ???? HERE'S BMB'S TEXT WAYMARK OF ???? Or, much more hidden: HERE'S BMB'S TEXT WAYMARK OF ????
  9. The Y=II is very rare and therefore widely unknown. Mainly, because Y is not in the Latin alphabet. The big difference between W and Y is, that VV looks much more similar to a W, than a Y to a II. Therefore, I (personally) wouldn't do it. But I guess that in your part of the world you would have to explain anybody anyway, what it is and how it works. So, it's up to you. Maybe, it would be easier/better, if all the Roman letters also had another color, because you also have a B that doesn't represent a Roman numeral, but "bMb" is probably not what you want.
  10. So, it will be "Here’s BMB's teXt VVayMark of ????" then? That makes 2020 instead.
  11. I want to appologize, because I have been offline for a few days, just when your WM was sent to Review, causing quite some confusion. I want to ensure each and everybody that new chronograms are very welcome, as long as they are "permanent". I always have a problem with that word, because it is subjective, but if somebody sprays a chronogram on a wall and creates a WM of it, I will most likely decline it. But if somebody (like in this case) creates a plaque or sign or whatever, I count on it, that it will not be thrown away after a year or so and that is permanent enough for me. It doesn't matter, if you find a chronogram on any building or structure or if you create it yourself. There are hundreds of old chronograms in the category by now and considering the speed of its growing, I doubt that self-made chronograms will be able to flood the category. On the opposite, it will help to teach people around the world of what a chronogram is and that's one of the aspects, why I love my chronograms category. As you can read in the category description, "VV" used for a "W" is a valid part of a chronogram and you can find it even on older chronograms, f.e. WM134A5. It's just harder to find, because most of the older chronograms are in Latin, which doesn't have the letter W. So you mostly find it in people's or city's names. Also valid, but hard to find is "Y", representing "I" and "I" (=2).
  12. In the console I see: <!-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) --> <noscript> <iframe src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-5SV2GZL" height="0" width="0" style="display: none; visibility: hidden"></iframe> </noscript> <!-- End Google Tag Manager (noscript) --> And the map itself starts with: <div id="map_canvas" class="googlemap leaflet-container leaflet-fade-anim" tabindex="0" style="position: relative;"> I'm not a coder, but is it possible, that the map doesn't work, because the iframe was blocked? Like FamilieFrohne I'm "poking around in the fog".
  13. I added my thoughts there. Thanks for drawing our attention to that.
  14. I would like to add, that I think that "Getting Started with Waymarking" is also a separate subforum for good reason. Users, who are new to Waymarking, can find lots of beginners questions and the according answers there. If these "1.2k posts" will be merged with the "11.7k posts" of the "General Waymarking Topics" subforum (and the "3.8k posts" from the "Waymarking.com Features & Functions" subforum), it will be much more difficult for them to find those beginners questions.
  15. Thanks for the feedback so far. As far as the WM codes I have to say, that I did that intentionally. One reason is: If I once create a waytour with a stop that is not yet a WM, I would have almost all the WM titles that are links and one that is not. In that case I would prefer to have all the titles in black font and only one title missing the WM code link behind it. Another reason is, with all the websites that I have done at work, we have always avoided to put links on headlines. It just doesn't seem right to me. Headlines are there to build a structure in the text. In other words they should make it easier for the user to determine, where one WM starts and where the next starts etc. (and that would be a little more difficult, if some titles are links and others are not) A link for the map is a good idea and I have done in all of my Lucky 7 WMs (don't know why I didn't do it for the waytour). However, instead of making the image a link I will add a text link to it. "redundant and superfluous" again you might say, but for some reason I prefer short text links to longer texts of even images, because they tend to be clicked unintentionally while scrolling through the text. And what about the length of the text? I thought about using a smaller font size and write some more text, but on the other hand, if one is interested in more informaiton of the specific WM one can still click on the WM code link. What do you think?
  16. This thread reminded me of a problem I have with Photo Goals. I once fulfilled a Photo Goal that T0SHEA published in British Columbia, Canada: Eat Pie on Pi Day. Since that day, the maps tab on my profile page says that I visited one WM in Canada, although I have never been to Canada so far. Sounds like a typical first-world-problem, but since that day I think about visiting Canada, just to get rid of that "error". I once had a similar problem with a travelling cache (GC4C35) from the UK, that I visited during the Giga event in Munich, Germany in 2014. I even earned the UK-souvenir for that. Fortunately, we visited Scotland in 2018 and found several caches there, and therefore the souvenir is now justified. I would like to know, if someone else is having similar "problems". Also, if you have avoided particular photo goals, because they are situated in a country that you haven't visited yet, I would like to hear that. Or more general: What you think about my "problem" (other than "Come to Canada and get rid of it").
  17. To be very honest with you: To me this sounds more like a good idea for a photo goal. For example "Take a picture of you with a birthday cake in your hands in front of a building/structure/artwork/... on your birthday" or something like that. If it was a WM category, we would have a category filled with all kinds of stuff with no obvious relation, other than they all were built/errected/... in the birthyear of the WM owner. Here in Wien, Austria they built several (boring) apartment buildings in my birthyear, but I wouldn't draw someone's attention to them, just because they were built in my own birthyear. I'm more a fan of categories with a (more or less) precise topic. But I'm not totally against it, and if it makes it to Peer Review, I would most likely Astain, but not Deny it. So, let's hear what others think.
  18. I've been in your shoes several times, but on the other hand I had a few ideas for categories, that are (IMHO) a valuable addition to the category grid (Chronograms, Feeding the Animals,...). So, don't give up.
  19. I thought about creating a waytour in my hometown Wien, Austria, but decided to first create one in Albania instead. Look at WM15W6D and (everybody) let me know what you think about it.
  20. I was looking at some of the categories I don't have WM in yet and one of them is "Waymark Tours (WayTours)". I've read the category description and most of this thread, but I want to question the following: I have a few ideas for waytours, but most of the time, there are interesting spots that I want to include in the tour, but there are already WM for them by somebody else. So, it would be essential for me to know, if WM by somebody else are definitely forbidden for my own waytour.
  21. I didn't notice that the dropdown offers the country and all the country/provinces combinations. My fault. Sorry and thank a lot again. My only two excuses: 1. I'm not the youngest anymore and 2. I'm so much used to the two separate dropdowns when creating or looking for WMs.
  22. This is great! Thanks a lot. For me personally, it would be great, if I could add the province to the country -> See which categories haven't been covered in a specific region/province. So, if we plan another holidays in the Tuscany/Italia, we could see what is missing there. But I don't know, if others would have an interest in that too.
  23. Not quite you were looking for, but "Presidential Birthplaces" maybe?
  24. It's interesting to read all of the above. I would never have the idea that taking photos of a school (with or without pupils) is an issue. Sometimes I felt a little uncomfortable, when a geocache was hidden somewhere ON a public playground and I didn't dare to create a WM of the US embassy in Vienna. The only story I can tell: Mrs. PISA and I were once searching for a geocache near an underground station. It took quite a while and suddenly a young man was asking, what we were doing here. I tried to explain and he was obviously puzzled. He then asked "So, nothing with drugs or something?" and when I replied "No" he asked once more and then left. Seems like I look like an old drug dealer.
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