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  1. Ok, now I understand. The last chance might be, that if you find the link to the WM again, it might contain the ID of the WM and that might help wayfrog to rescue the WM.
  2. In your screenshot above you found your WM, right? If you click on "edit", you might be able to copy the contents of the various fields.
  3. Well, because there is no copy feature. :-) I meant: Create a new one and copy/paste from the disappearing WM to the new one.
  4. Well, in this case I would create a new one, and copy all content of the disappearing WM to the new one and submit the copy.
  5. Thanks for the interesting insights. "To go where no man European Waymarker has gone before."
  6. I assume, that you are filtering your WMs pending review, right? Have your tried editing the WM and submitting it again?
  7. I think I understand what you mean. Well, as an officer I can say that sometimes there are waymarks that fulfill the category requirements 100% and some other waymarks are questionable. I might also approve WMs, that arrived later, but are 100% ok and think about other (older) WMs for a while. For example: In the "Funerary art" category I sometimes leave WM from the USA to the officers in the USA (especially if they are questionable), but approve (newer) European WMs (especially if they are perfect). But even if I have 2 WMs in Europe, I might approve a newer one now and think about older ones for a while. Besides: I can't open the WM you mentioned, so I don't know what category this is about.
  8. I received all the 3 mails and was suspicious and asked for his phone number and got the Fourth email: "I would have called you but I'm currently having a bad network reception as I'm on my way travelling so we can only communicate through email but never mind i will call you as well when it gets better over here. My phone number 951xxxxxxx Thanks, Don" But 951 is Riverside County, California (not Don's area). And "I would have called you" was prove for me, that this isn't Don, because he doesn't even have my phone number. I should have been suspicious from the start, because so far every email of Don started with "Andreas" and this one with "Hi". And the mail had normal font size, while Don's other mails have bigger font size. I will take more note of these things in the future.
  9. My first e-mail too, but in the next e-mail he asked me to buy Apple gift cards.
  10. Today I received an e-mail from a fellow waymarker, asking me to buy an Apple gift card in his name. On a webpage of Apple I read that this is a known scam. So, please be aware, if you receive a similar e-mail. I won't tell the name of the waymarker, as it might be a coincidence and the waymarker might be completely innocent, but nevertheless I wanted to warn others.
  11. 6. Andreas has been off for a while trying to survive the heat and now preparing for our vacations in France. :-)
  12. https://Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm16EF5 has been approved in the Specific Veteran Memorials category. Thanks, FamilieFrohne.
  13. The category description of Citizen Memorials says: Not allowed waymarks Please do not submit any of the following that would fall into other existing categories. These include but not limited to: Military Personnel. This includes military personal both living and deceased. However, if the memorial is acknowleding non-military accomplishments it will be allowed here. Both serving in wars and being director of a military academy are not "non-military accomplishments". That's why I instantly ruled that out. That was my first guess too, and I just reread their category description and it says: There are also many which commemorate single acts of courage or deeds they did during peacetime. This category is established to list these kinds of memorials which are not war specific. Being the director of a Military Academy is a "deed they did during peacetime", no? Somehow I overread that "peacetime" sentence earlier.
  14. This is a memorial for Franz Graf Kinsky, who served in several wars, but later was the director of the Military Academy in Wr. Neustadt. The inscription says: Franz Count Kinsky Imperial and Royal Privy Councillor and Chamberlain General ordnance master Owner of a regiment on foot Chief Director of the Military Academy at Wiener Neustadt from the year MDCCLXXXI to MDCCCV from grateful pupils As this is from "grateful pupils" and doesn't mention any war he has been to, it's (IMHO) not a veteran's memorial, but it's not a citizen memorial either. What would you suggest?
  15. Well, from my understanding, it is essential for the (European) pilgrim to walk the pilgrimage or (in modern times) use a bicycle. If I were interested in pilgrimages, I would never have the idea to search them in that category. From my point of view, there would be no next. I've read almost all of the thread that fi67 suggested and it might be difficult to draw an exact line as to what is religious or not. But like discussed there, "secular pilgrimages" would not be allowed (IMHO). Thanks for that hint. It's a very interesting thread. Many aspects, that I didn't think about: Australian songlines (never heard of them before), ancient pilgrimages of long gone antique religion,... I guess I will think about it and come back with some kind of plan what to do next.
  16. It seems to be easier to find a Drive-In Church in North America than a pilgrimage. Seriously spoken, there are also places of pilgrimage in western Canada. Or what do you think about: Western Canada pilgrimages make measured comeback (catholicregister.org) or Annual Lac Ste. Anne pilgrimage to return during Pope's visit to Alberta | CBC News The "problem" is, that I had a different "vision" of pilgrimage ways. Here in Europe there are several of these ways and you can go them whenever you want (that's why the sign are there all year long), on whatever you want (on foot, on bicycle, on horse,...) at whatever speed you are comfortable with. In groups or all alone. In North America I've found some destinations for a pilgrimage and people arrive there with their car or are brought there with busses or they walk with a guiding person (making signs unneccessary). Some of the pilgrimages take place on a few days of the year and arrows, showing the way, are removed when the pilgrimage is over. I would have no problem with temporary pilgrimages just like with fleamarkets, festivals, etc. as long as the WM makes clear that the arrows are only there for a limited time. And, as long as the pilgrimage is somehow religious, I would even accept those "destinations for a pilgrimage". But the question is: Is there a category for these already? I don't think so.
  17. I'm sure, that we have been on that way several times, as we have been to Tuscany several times and have been to Lucca, San Miniato, Siena and so on and they are all on the route. I totally agree. Of course, there should be some evidence in the real world, like a sign or something. Otherwise I could say that I was walked from here to there and call it a pilgrimage route. I also think that the religion shouldn't matter. There might be "official" pilgrimage walks for Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, etc. And that brings me to Keith posting: I think, I would go for #3, which means, that the way has to have a religious background. I'll pass on discussing that any further, because my English isn't good enough for such a discussion. Just a short note: In Vienna we have a soccer club, called "Rapid Wien" and very often their fans say "Rapid ist meine Religion" (Rapid is my religion), but I wouldn't want to see a signpost to the Rapid stadium in a category for Pilgrimage Ways/Routes. Besides, there are plenty of Pilgrimage Routes in USA and Canada (beside the way to GOLD). Generally speaking: I have never been (and most likely will never be) a pilgrim myself. But, many people around the world spend their time, money and efforts to keep other (less known) pilgrimage routes functioning and interesting. And IMHO they deserve a little attention, rather than being ignored, just because they don't fit it the "Ways of St. James" category.
  18. Lately I have noticed some pilgrimage routes/ways, that are not part of the Way of St. James. F.e.: Klemens Maria Hofbauer-Pilgerweg Franziskusweg Weinviertel etc. and I'm sure that they are to be found worldwide. What do you think of a new category to cover these pilgrimage routes that are not part of the Way of St. James? Just an idea.
  19. From the description of the "Ancient Traces and Roads" category: "The goal of this category is to locate an existing road that was originally a wilderness route." and "Also, this should be a major route and not just something a few miles long." I doubt that this square in the center of Vienna was once a "wilderness route" and it's just a few meters long. :-) And yes, the Glockenring in Linz is a mosaic, but IMHO not an artwork, but more of a memorial. Would "Commercial Commemorations" fit? It's not an anniversary, but the category description says: "... to celebrate or commemorate a business or corporation's anniversary celebration or some other entity, event, group, people or organization's milestone or celebration." IMHO that means: "... anniversary ... OR event...". Or do I misread/-understand that?
  20. This time I have several questions: 1. Lately, we visited the city of Linz in Upper Austria, and noticed an interesting thing: There are 286 years from 1693 to 1979, so I was quite sure that it's not some kind of anniversary. Back at home I found out, that a bell for a local church has been made in 1693 and put up for display here for a while, before it was moved to the church. To remember that event, a metal ring with the circumference of the bell and the year 1693 have been placed here. And when the pavement was renewed in 1979 they added that year. Interestingly, there's even a Wikipedia page about it: Glockenring am Hauptplatz (Linz) – Wikipedia. However, I try to avoid creating WMs in the Wikipedia category, so I wonder what an appropriate category would be. "Signs of History" came to my mind, but there is no sign at all. "Bells" won't accept it, because the bell is no longer there. 2. A little later I saw something similar: This ring is for the "Pummerin", the most famous bell of the St. Stephans Cathedral in Vienna, that was donated to the Cathedral in Vienna by the province of Upper Austria in 1952 (because the former Pummerin had been destroyed in WW II) and it started it's journey to Vienna from this place. The ring also has a Wikipedia page: Glockenring der Pummerin (Linz) – Wikipedia. This time, they added at least a small metal sign in the middle of the ring with a little more information. But is that story about a bell being produced in Upper Austria and then moved to Vienna enough "history" to make it acceptable for "Signs of history"? 3. Somewhat similar: From time to time I pass a square in my hometown Vienna, called Freyung. On it, there's a small part of the original paving of 1200: See Datei:Freyung Alte Pflastersteine Wien 1010.JPG – City ABC. More than once I have thought about what category might fit here. "Preserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins" came to my mind, but the paving of a street is not "architectural", right? Any other ideas?
  21. There are pancakes and waffles shops in Austria too, and although they are vanishing again already, I would like to mention the Bubble Waffle shops, that used to be popular for a while (like the Bubble Tea shops). But there are definitely more permanent shops that I know of. Unfortunately, our favorite pancake shop in Vienna closed a few years ago (before the Pandemic). However, I think it will be difficult to create that category, for it is a commercial one. But aside from that, I'm for it.
  22. I think I have observed two phenomena in this regard. Sometimes, I create new WMs and instantly see an "E" there, while most of the time there is a "W". When I then enter the coordinates and save the WM, they are often 0.0000 and I have to reenter them. Meanwhile I usually paste the coordinates in the short description field, just to be sure to have them at hand after saving the WM. This behaviour happens most of time (I think), when I have created other WMs before in the same browser window.
  23. In the old times I used my camera for the photos and took (ugly!) photos with my Garmin just to have the right coords. Meanwhile my GPS is very old and the batteries seem to run out of energy faster and faster and therefore I hardly use the GPS anymore, but my cell phone. Moreover, the photos of my cell phone are often good enough to be uploaded. Additionally, Mrs. PISA also takes photos with her cell phone (that are sometimes an interesting additional point of view) and I have a few WMs with photos of three different devices. However, I always check the coords with Google Maps.
  24. I also do a lot of cross-posting. Depending on what categories are involved, the two WMs might be a complete copy, f.e. "This Old Church" and "Roman Catholic Churches". But there will be different default photos and (more or less) different text, if the categories are more different, f.e. see Waymark Search Results (Waymarking.com)
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