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  1. I think I found at least one in the USA: DODGE CITY, KANSAS—SEPTEMBER 2017: Antique wooden slot machine dispensing souvenir tokens displayed at the Boot Hill Museum Stock Photo - Alamy What do you think about it? I doubt that this was the only one that ever existed. My theory is, that there were not that much of them and that in the end the Penny Smashers were winning the race, but there might be more of them in other museums.
  2. You may also think about including Euro Souvenir Note (euronotesouvenir.ie) machines. Just an idea.
  3. Maybe every edit request for another WMer's WM has to be approved by an officer, but if one WMer edits his/her own WM, only "larger" edits need an approval. I just wonder, what a "larger" edit might be. It's definitely not the change of the coordinates, because I have corrected the East-West-Bug many times and never had to wait for an approval. It's also not changing the title as I have corrected some typos there also without delay. And I have also added a local translation to some of my approved WMs lateron, so a change of the long description is also not starting an approval process. And of course, if an officer decides to edit a WM in his/her category, there is also no approval process neccessary.
  4. This is definitely not the case. I opened two of my older WMs (one in one of my categories, one in a different category), that already have some visits, and made several changes to them. And I didn't receive any approval notes and saw the changes in another browser window (without being logged on) instantly. I assume, that if user X suggests an edit of a WM of user Y, one of the officers has to approve such an edit request.
  5. In my case "Andreas" wouldn't be good, because there are more "Andreas" than me. But even if I were the only Andreas, I would use my username, because IF somebody wants to send a note, she/he just has to copy that username and doesn't have to know, if it was "PISA-caching" or "PISAcaching" or.... and to be honest, for quite some time I wasn't (and still am not all the time) sure, if it is "SCROOGIELL" or "SCROOGIEII". I do not want to offend you, but there are more important things that I have to remember.
  6. I haven't considered to quit Waymarking yet, so I haven't thought about that also, but yes, I will - in general - take care that the world keeps spinning. :-)
  7. I also joined some groups, because I wanted to know who declined my waymark. And often I couldn't do that because enrollment was off. As long as I have been an officer, I have always tried to end my decline message with my username. I just forgot to add it on a small amount of WMs. And, should I ever think of quitting Waymarking, I will make sure that all my categories have active officers or turn on enrollment.
  8. Have you tried to delete the initial mail address from Groundspeak? I assume, that if I did that, I wouldn't get any visit emails anymore. :-(
  9. That's it! I also have 3 mail addresses registered with Groundspeak and it seems that the visit emails have been sent to the one with which we created our Groudspeak user in 2009. :-( I assume, that there is no way to change that, right?
  10. The last visit email I found in my Google Mail account is from August 2021! BTW, nothing in the spam folder.
  11. I just noticed that I haven't received any emails for visits of my WMs for quite some time. But a few of them have been visited lately. Is there any way, that I can accidentally disabled notifications for visits. I assume you are all still getting visit emails, right?
  12. As a WM owner I naturally find it very interesting to learn that one of my WMs has gone. I don't care, if somebody posts a comment (without a photo) or a visit with a photo. For some unknown reasons I have not received any emails telling me about Visits/Comments for monts. So: Best would IMHO be to contact the WM owner by sending him a mail/message. If you are a trustworthy waymarker, I will change the WM to "REMOVED", otherwise I might ask for a proof photo.
  13. We've found 15 caches (plus 3 Lab- Caches) in three different countries on 8 different days since 10/7/2022 and have no goat either. In the same period my brother found 4 caches on 3 different days (all of them in the same province of Austria) and has two goats. One of our friends found 16 caches and has 4 goats, another friend has 19 caches and 2 goats. I wonder, if it is really pure random whether you get one or not. Meanwhile I even tried to log the caches on the same day I found it or some days later, at different times of the day, etc. But no luck so far.
  14. Because they would be redundant with the "Covered Bridges" category? I have two bridges in that category and both are wooden: https://Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm16B86 and https://Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm10KPV That leads to my questions: Would wooden bridges be accepted if they have already been accepted in "Covered Bridges"? And: You said "have a supporting structure constituted primarily, or almost completely, of wood". When does "primarily" start/end? The first of my 2 WMs might have concrete(?) bridge piers covered with wooden boards and the rest is all made of wood. Would that be enough for "primarily made of wood"? And the second of my waymarks has a roof of roof tiles and a concrete basement on either sides, but apart from that from the "historical" viewpoint: This bridge was made in 1976 (so, only 46 years old), but is based on a 400 year old bridge in Germany. So, historically interesting or not?
  15. I know what you mean, but there are many other categories, that can be "a real adventure", like Urban Legends and Superstitions (one way walk past it without knowing about it) Ghosts and Hauntings Vintage Ad Locations Super Fund Sites Hidden Mickeys Childhood Homes (if they don't have an info sign about their significance) Presidential Birthplaces (if they don't have an info sign about their significance) Drawing Waymarks Photo Goals Ansel Adams Photo Hunt Photos Then and Now and the list goes on and on. IMHO the benchmarks fit perfectly to the other categories, and like the locationless geocaches led to Waymarking I hope that the benchmarks will lead to something new and best would be, if all the gathered information about them wouldn't be lost on the way.
  16. Being from Europe, I admit that I didn't care much about the US benchmarks so far. I just found out one day, that I have a photo of https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmMD8A from 2001 and posted a visit for it. Due to this discussion I learned, that I can also post a visit at Geocaching > Benchmark Hunting > Benchmark Details, which I just did. Nevertheless I think it is a shame that they will remove the benchmarks. From my job I know, that the usage of a webpage doesn't say much about it's importance. A single page like f.e. the Imprint might not be viewed on a regular basis, but nevertheless it is very important (at least where I live). And yes, they might have a problem, if they needed to update the ancient code to something new, but instead removing all the work that you benchmarkers have done over the last years/decades, is IMHO (TOO) cheap! :-(
  17. Today one of my WMs was approved, but I didn't get an email about it (yet). I will watch that in the near future.
  18. For countries in Europe, that don't have their own benchmark category, we have "European Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks", and in that category I posted one WM each in Austria, Hungary and Poland. So, from my point of view, Europe is covered 100%. I wouldn't be against a category for Asia and Africa, but who has enough knowledge about that area to write a good category description and define the criteria?
  19. It seems that all the images of the [DELETED USER] have also been deleted, but the WMs remain in the system. Some have photos of various visits, but the initial photo are gone.
  20. takeabrake, maybe? https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmTH0T_Park_on_Park_Sanford_Florida is one of these WMs in the "Municipal Parks and Plazas" category. And at Park on Park – Sanford, Florida - Municipal Parks and Plazas on Waymarking.com (archive.org) you can see that it was takeabrake. But the question is: Is [DELETED_USER] just one former user or a couple of deleted users?
  21. When I was young, I made longer (3-4 weeks) vacations and after 2 vacations I had (most of the time) spent most of my free days. But nowadays we hardly make vacations that are longer than 8 days. At the same time I get an extra week of vacation from my employer, because of my age. AND, I earn "a little" more than I earned when I was young. So, I have enough time and money to enjoy multiple vacations per year. Especially, because it was not that easy during the hard times of the Pandemic. Just to tease you a little more: We will also visit some Christmas Markets in Switzerland/France for a few days at the end of November and some more in Germany/France one week later. But I don't think that I will fulfill this challenge in any of the mentioned countries.
  22. Sorry, Keith, but I have to do it again: Perugia, Italy (160,000+ inhabitants). 11 Waymarks so far and several more to come. Interesting fact: So far, the province of Umbria, Italy had only 21 WMs, while the neighbour Tocana has 1235 WMs! But soon we will have another vacation in Italy. This time we will visit the Marche region and there are only 6 WMs in that region so far. And they have several cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants.
  23. Citizen Memorials and Animal Memorials, no?
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