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  1. Yeah I know what you mean. Ive figured out most of it just playing around, but I might actually read the manual today too! If you are interested in getting the cigarette lighter power cord for your car, I can suggest the following site for a good price. I just bought it a few minutes ago. For $11.95 (less shipping) its not a bad price. http://store.getagps.com/magexpowcabw1.html Im finding that Magellan is really proud of their product and accessories LOL! Im off to Radio Shack or Pep Boys to buy a cell phone holder for the car so I dont have to wedge the GPSr between the dash and the windshield. :-)
  2. I paid right at $199 for it and took it out to play with it tonight. Im very pleased so far. I wasnt even considering this model as I was sure I was "sold" on the eTrex Legend series. Of course, the store was out of all of these and I thought what the heck, lets look at the Magellan. My only complaint is that I have to buy mapping software separately. :-(( $150 for a disk, 90% of which Ill never use is a bit steep. Anyone have any information on being able to download just Texas? Thanks!
  3. Im sure glad to see all the positive replies. Keep em coming!
  4. Hi folks, Im going to be purchasing a handheld GPS unit and wanted to know what would be a good one to get for my intended use and price range. I plan to use it for recreation as well as field research for marking areas I want to return to. My price range is about $200 I require the following features: a map display (dont need color) the ability to connect to my PC and transfer waypoints from the device to my software on a laptop (TerraClient and USA Photomaps). I was looking at the Etrex Legend but its hard to tell what is capable of. I would like some honest recommendations and opinions of some units that might work for me. Thanks!
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