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  1. The Swedish version is available here: Geocoins by Wellner - 11-12-13/13-12-13 If you are fast I might get them om the post before I go away for christmas tomorrow =) /Fredrik Facebook: Geocoins by wellner
  2. Funny. Yesterday I was watching the Necronomicon musical in Stockholm and asked me the same thing. There are some elements there who would make good coins
  3. woejam, I'm wondering if you can email all participants and ask if they are interested to join in an exchange with the others? You have everybody's email addresses. =) /Fredrik
  4. I was also hoping to ger one of every version. :-)
  5. The interest for the event coin from Mega Sweden last weekend was larger than the supplies, so we are making a remint. The price is SEK 125 (approx. €13:50 US$18) and that includes shipping. Send me a mail to fredrik@wellner.se with your address and an email address where I can send a Paypal invoice. Width 50 mm (2") Height 44 mm Thickness 4 mm Last day to order is 11/11. One side is 2D with hard enamels including glow, the other side is 3D with translucent enamel. /Fredrik
  6. I have read the thread but I'm still uncertain. Can you get a completion code? If so, how do you end the cartridge? (i.e. set this zone to be the last) /Fredrik
  7. Why not? . The hardest part will be to find a halloween card 1. Participating : 29-09-2013 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Received
  8. Here you can see the difference. The fun thing is that it seems that you can see it on other cachers profile if you have logged one yourself.
  9. Talked to the geocacher Famaxe. Same problem there, they see it in the bottom of the listing but I can't
  10. Me neither. are you on labsgeocaching.com? /Fredrik
  11. The biggest problem is that the GeoTours are so expensive to set up and maintain. May I suggest that you include a free tour in the Mega event package? Valid for 5 years after the event or so. /Fredrik
  12. Sounds VERY interesting! I hope we can use these on the night caching on Mega Sweden. Email sent! /Fredrik
  13. How definite is the 10 color per side limit? There is 11 fields on the cat side... /Fredrik
  14. Thanks for adding me. Can we have a non-coloured version of the picture in post #11 for testing our colouring? Or maybe the original file? /Fredrik
  15. How come I missed this! We already ave a 13-12-13 event planned. I guess we can manke an 11-12-13 lunch event too.
  16. Playing around with this. Was out in the rain yesterday looking for zones for an idea to a WIG. A quick feature request - can we have a confirmation popup on leaving the "edit cartridge" page? My browser have several times navigated away from the edit cartridge page when I for example mark the title of a new zone and hit backspace. Thanks! /Fredrik
  17. You should look into Crake Productions suncatcher series, especially 2007 and 2008. Seen some of them for sale on Ebay for a modest price.
  18. Feature request: I noticed that the sorting order of my collection is in "date added" order, It woud be nice to have that list sorted in alphabetical order instead. /Fredrik
  19. We passed 500 editions today. Yey! I've been photographing and posting my collection and some things more all evening. (I also ordered 5-6 coins more. This is an expensive hobby) /Fredrik
  20. I think that is mentioned in the pinned topic. Email geocoins@Groundspeak.com /Fredrik
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