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  1. My design is added twice. :-) Has anyone opted out of trading? /Fredrik
  2. Well, I might not have used the best source for my exchange rate, I have updated the prices. Thanks for pointing it out. It is still lower but the dollar is stronger than it was when you paid the last batch. Best regards, Fredrik
  3. Hi All Let me start with saying that I also have some versions in my store http://geocoins.wellner.se We are doing a second and final run of the Patchwork dragon. We want your artwork by th 15th of November. 20 coins including shipment to the US is about $185 (price edited) 20 coins including shipment and VAT inside EU is about €185 (price edited) additional costs for special enamel may apply See the information page here! Best regards, Fredrik
  4. I wonder how many mysteries I spoiled now. :-D
  5. They are gallifreyan. A writing system in the doctor Who television series.
  6. There will be more shops offering their own versions. Most of them is on my living room floor until geocoinfest in Ulm
  7. I have swapped the dragons before sending them out. You will get your traders in your package.
  8. In this case mostly because I haven't decided on an icon design yet. The fee is paid...
  9. Yes, the designer of those coins wanted a remint.
  10. Pi with four decimals is 3.1416. It is rounded upwards since the fifth decimal is a nine, not just truncated. :-) /fredrik
  11. We already have an event published for that day. =) Anyone got an idea of a design? It should be enough time to get it to the beginnig of december. I can make an editon or manufacture a coin. /Fredrik
  12. ANd now is the galley updated with the production artworks. /Fredrik
  13. All artworks are sent for approval. If you haven't got any check your spam folder and come back to me. You can see all versions here: http://geocoins.wellner.se/dragon/ /Fredrik
  14. There will be about ten shop versions to buy from me, JP and geocachingshop.nl
  15. We have now closed the ordering for the first batch of the Patchwork dragon Geocoin. We have 50 versions including some shop versions. /Fredrik
  16. I miss the "31 days of geocaching" achievement coin in the list
  17. Hi! Got the dandelion, thanks! Didn't know it existed a purple one until I saw it here =)
  18. I got this lig some time ago: I had to click on the link to see taht it was an "enable listing"log. I own about 300 caches and monitor some log types in the area. Having to use 1-3 seconds to understand what the log is about is too much.
  19. Okay, good news! 20 coins weight less than 500 gram wich means much lower shipping rates. 20 coins will cost approximately 170 euro inside EU and 190 USD to the US, and that is including shipping. Extra cost for special enamels may apply. We will order the coins on the 4th of August and will send out an information email to the peole who have already ordered shortly. /Fredrik
  20. Regarding trade. There are more versions than the minimum order quantity, so we might not be able to do a trade where everybody trades with everybody. I'm looking at the possibilitys to make a trade like the math trades.
  21. No last day decided yet - but I guess we will be ordering rather soon.
  22. Okay, folks! Here is the first photos from the mint of the samples. We have also listened to you and made another backside with the same floral pattern as the front. The text "The Patchwork Dragon" is also raised to the surface, making it more visible if you use non-transparent colors. Backside A, the old backside Backside B, the new backside I expect to have the samples in my hand in the middle of the next week, then I will calculate shipping costs.
  23. All sent. Sitting by the mailbox waiting
  24. First: Thank you Thomas! Second: Are we confident that the result is correct now so we can just send the coins? I have sent out questions to all i'm supposed to send coins to on facebook or my email.
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