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  1. It happens. Try refreshing or coming back to it after a little while...
  2. Another vote for the Rayovac Hybrids. The Energizer NiMh aren't bad either, but I now go for the above...
  3. The could just be simply dumping the TBs from their online inventory, but actually keeping them for themselves.
  4. My compass spins on occasion, too - as suggested above, be sure to calibrate it after a battery change or when it's simply acting screwy. I've also started driving/routing with the compass off, and only turn it on after getting out of the Jeep; this seems to help with it getting confused sometimes. GPSrs can be temperamental li'l beasts.
  5. NL, As a premium member, you could [also] run a pocket query in which you can have it only give you caches you haven't found, and/or new caches placed on/after certain dates, etc. If you get to know the caches in your area well enough--and depending on the cache density--you could look on your local "map it," check "hide my finds," and you may be able to recognize new caches by the map visual alone. Scrolling through those cache-pages can be a pain. It may be helpful to notice an "extra space" between the date and description that reads "NEW!" This space can be immediately seen as the page loads, so if you don't see that space, simply click to the next page: there's no need to scroll through every page looking for the "NEW!" if you don't see that space. Good luck; have fun - you'll get it.
  6. For the most part, cachers in my area would respect that request if the description was detailed enough - assuming they even read the description. Try it. Good luck!
  7. If you have it find the cache by off road, but flip to the map, you can then see the compass of course, if you flip back upon your arrival. This will not autoroute/give directions, however. In the end it's simpler to just "recalculate" and choose off road when you get to your destination.
  8. I went the very route you're considering: a Garmin GPS V to a Vista HCx. There was nothing wrong with the V, either; my Mother now uses is it for her primary. The Vista's accuracy is better under the canopy, and the color screen and Geocaching feature is nice as an extra. The USB is nice and fast, too. I don't regret the upgrade at all. It is good advice, as suggested above, to wait and watch the new units coming out, or the prices, especially, of the "older" models at the same time.
  9. After using a few major brands of rechargeables, I've come to like the Hybrids the best, too.
  10. Agreed. Some people seem to think they are some sort of a black mark. DNFs are just a log type that notes the result of your hunt. The reason you didn't find it is irrelevant. It could be argued that leaving a DNF there if the cache is missing is more important because it will prevent others from wasting their time on the cache. The DNF is now part of your caching history and the history of the cache. No point in deleting it and changing the history. Well said.
  11. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year caching!
  12. There's a special "multli(?)" here in California that requires a cache logged in all the counties, then when verified, you can log the final near the cache owner's location. GCQ2VC: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d3-24c2b22d9beb
  13. ...a nice and simple, small with zipper, camo bag shaped like a backpack, which turned into the latest swag bag.
  14. As far as I know, they're gone! You'll need to create a new one if you want that data again.
  15. After updating to the latest version recently, I came back to this tip and tried it again, but with success this time! Thanks! This nice suggestion deserves a reply and consequent bump.
  16. She's up to 16 caches stolen...there must be something that can be done about this Geo-muggler.
  17. Thanks for the reply. You got it - all updated, there's a gpsbabel application which opens the .exe file in a little black box if it's clicked on, the .ini file is there, as well; that file, I created in Windows Note Pad, typed in the above as suggested, and simply saved under "all files" and named it gpsbabel.ini...
  18. Thanks for the info. Let's see here... Yes, it's set to 14 in Maximum Characters under Send to GPS; it's also 14 under the Smart Name in Tools-Options. My build that I like is: %smart=11%con1%Dif I've also tried it: %smart%con1%Dif, without a difference. And, I've also tried just: %smart, to no avail. The max characters is still 10. Perhaps I've done something wrong when creating the .INI file in GSAK...?
  19. At first that's what we were thinking, as the thefts were initially only one person's caches...then it started to spread to a few more of the more "established" (and rather nice people, if you ask me!) cachers.
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