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  1. Hey LandRover- I'll drive down there and meet you- but can I ride in the front? That way I have more room for my not as bendy as before leg. It's already doing a lot better than yesterday!
  2. I can easily get to the P&R, no prob- but can anyone give me a ride south from there?
  3. Ok- so is there anyone I could ride with from the P&R? LandRover? Anyone?
  4. Thanks for your concern, hydnsek, my doctor said don't do anything that hurts a lot, so I intend to follow his advice. I asked him about the trip and he just said to take it easy, so I intend to do that. My sprain is a 1 or 2 out of 4, so not a severe one, I think. I will definitely be making sure I take it slow and easy. Andrew- are you driving down? I could meet you in Redmond- I am still able to drive- just not long distances.
  5. Wah- this has penetrated my haze of pain tonight- anybody got room for me until we can meet up with P & C, who I believe said I can ride with them from the meeting place on? Someone with some place to stretch out a gimpy leg? (That is currently swollen twice its size )
  6. I'd love to go, but during the week doesn't work for me with the girls to take care of. Sounds like lots of fun, tho!
  7. Well, it looks like RWW won't be the only gimpy one on this trek. I had a little adventure last night at a cache and just got out of the doctor. Grade 2 sprain of something or other (ankle ligament) and have a splint on it. I know going to St. Helen's wasn't on the list of things I'm expressly forbidden to do! I'm just gonna be kinda slow.
  8. Wah! Amazing how you can break all that and not be in excruciating pain! I mean take-me-to-the-ER-Now! kind of pain! Apparently breaking your elbow is Ok it hurts like @#$%-butI 'm going to do a bunch more caching first kind of pain! Here's to a speedy recover and I hope you can open ammo boxes with one hand! (decon conatiners- forget it!)
  9. Way to go Jester and Blooming Idiot!
  10. I'm sure he's gone to bed, Recdiver. Allanon- I'll meet you at your house tomorrow at 7am. See you all there! Looks like it's going to be a beautiful hike.
  11. The trail is downhill til Carnation (tho not as downhill as the Iron Horse Trail), and then it levels out like MA says. It follows the Snoqualmie River to Duvall. I'll work on some possible dates and get that bookmark going soon!
  12. Hey guys- since everyone had so much fun riding the Iron Horse Trail- I'm thinking of putting together an event to ride the Snoqualmie Trail from Fall City to Duvall. There's easily 20 caches along the route, I'm guessing. We can start talking about dates and I'll put together a bookmark list of the caches on the route. I've found all of them so far, but I'm happy to go along for the 'ride'- I was bummed I missed the previous party. We can end up with a picnic at McCorMick Park or perhaps my house for a bbq. Any takers?
  13. Should we change this one to Mt. St. Helen's 30 years later?
  14. Can't someone make a bookmark to share or whatever those are called?
  15. Who's bringing the chili and Fritos? Stove?
  16. Allanon- I'll meet you guys at your house at 7 am or slightly before- GG I'll bring bowls not plates, thanks, and Can we get a head count on who's showing up for this?
  17. Thanks, Moun10Bike- that helps! Food seems to be an important factor in getting an event planned, it seems. Hmm- wonder if the Boulder River hike would have qualified since there are Frito Pies involved and not everyone who's going is heading to both caches! And I'm still a little confused about the boat one since I'd think going for a big group boat ride would be an event in and of itself like the bike ride, but it's no big deal to me. I just felt sad that someone was planning all this and it was rejected is all. So maybe if food is added it would be an event? No matter to me whether it's an event or not- I''m looking forward to it! Thanks Team Misguided and Moun10Bike for your help clarifing this for me!
  18. I get that the picnic was the reason for the Great 48 one, and the caches just happened to be there, but the bike ride was for the sole purpose of getting the caches along the way. Is it because the ride was longer and therefore more 'significant' than the boat event (in length of time)? Or because everyone could bike together, whereas people will have to ride in different boats? Sorry- still not sure I understand. How about the event to go find Mountain Marsh cache? There's no bike ride there- it's a trip to go get some caches. I'm so confused!
  19. So what about the Iron Horse Event- how was it different than the one that got rejected? (Just trying to understand the rules as I have never made an event cache and may wish to do so some time in the future- no complaining implied!)
  20. Hey buddy- you're the one that brought it up!
  21. Congrats RWW and Stump on #1200! Congrats to GrnXnham and snosrfpolo on their milestones as well!
  22. I'm going to try to come up to meet you guys- I have to be at church in Carnation by 10:30 dressed in nice clothes, so I can't go up, but I'd like to swing by and say hi. Yes, like has been mentioned- wear your grubby clothes as the timbers are soaked in creosote in places and I got my brand new REI zip off cargo pants all tarred when I did this cache a few months ago . There are a couple of places where you will need to lay down and shimmy on the ascent and descent, even if you have a ladder to help with the intial climb. The descent is the trickiest as you need to swing your legs over the edge on the way down without really being able to see where your feet are going. But that's where geobuddies come in handy! I never felt unsafe at all while doing this cache, and I am not fond of heights. Just take it slow and maintain at least 2 or 3 limbs in contact with the trestle at all times and you'll be just fine!
  23. I'm in for this if I can ride in someone's boat!
  24. Yay! That was a lot of fun. I was shocked when we pulled around the bend and saw all those cars! 20 odd cachers (and I mean that in the numerical sense only...I think) braved a night of wind and thunderstorms to hunt for Cruiser Guy's new night cache. Sorry we were a bit late pulling up- we were off DNFing another cache. I enjoyed meeting familar names/new faces and thanks to Cruiser Guy (and kids!) for joining us. Thanks to Pepper for joining us as well for one more night of caching fun before she heads down to the Lone Star state. Her car was determined not to let her and her daughter leave! Ok- patiently awaiting the next night cache!
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