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  1. FrodoB lost his CS button shortly after he got it (well, it broke off) and never heard back from Garmin when he emailed them. I'm sure he'd appreciate one!
  2. Anything's fine with me- I haven't done either of those places.
  3. I think I am not busy all weekend- the girls like one day where they can go swimming with dad and go to their favorite restaurants and just generally get spoiled.
  4. We have a silver saturn with a gc sticker on the back, but as far as I know it was parked in Redmond all day yesterday and my husband doesn't have an earring as far as I know!
  5. Well I thought it was funny... And didn't I see a new cacher in the logs this weekend at the CM? Moun10Bites? A certain CM team was getting kinda silly in their logbook signing. Seriously- I think everyone appreciates all the hard work Moun10Bike and others are doing to move this coin to minting. I think people just were curious how things were going.
  6. I'd take a bunch as well- I think we'd have no trouble distributing them!
  7. I've never had or seen a porblem caching cemeteries, even during a CM. For the most part the muggles there are pretty darn quiet!
  8. That's true about the NW art- I was thinking maybe someone could draw something original- maybe just a salmon or something. Of course, we have plenty of natural beauty to last many hundreds of coin designs here in the NW .
  9. RWW- I can give you a ride down to the meeting. Email me and we can set something up.
  10. There's so much great native NW art- that would be very cool.
  11. Thanks for the fun event! Yah yah, I know, not technically an 'event'. But lots of cacher friends, a fun time, some caching before, during, and after makes for an event in my mind! My pal Cathy, canoeing virgin, allowed me to steer us out to the island (along with a demonstration of how much we could rock the canoe and not fall in) and I I go and almost drop her TB into the lake! Almost, tho, luckily! We got our caches, then went over to get a nice dnf with a friendly muggle in the heavier rain. Had fun chatting with everyone- met some new faces and left for more (of course) caching! Thanks for getting us all there, Puppers!
  12. Oh that was so much fun, Cent5! Altho I have to ask- how long does it take to get the salt water taste out of your mouth- 2 beers later and I can still taste the sea spray! We had the best skipper and I learned a lot about shores and tides and buoys and all that stuff. Saw lots of marine life- my favorite was the sea stars- and got some fun caches to boot. My first trip to Blake Island- cool place! The ankle survived just fine, even if it is a bit clumsy and kept getting stuck in the boat on my way out! Had lots of fun and even got to drop off a new Jeep TB for some very motivated soul. Have fun!
  13. Sounds good Allanon- see you at 7:30.
  14. So, Blue, what time do you want me to pick you up?
  15. Today was much nicer- course we're just getting the kids to bed at 11:15. Yikes! See you all tomorrow! I have the best husband in the world for taking the girls to school tomorrow. Can't wait!
  16. Ooh ooh ooh- I can't wait! I'll see your week at work and raise you my 4 yr old's first week off from school and my 7 yr old's last 2 weeks of school and the million end-of-school activites I've had to chaperone! I can't wait!
  17. I just found myself unexpectedly free on Fri- my youngest has a playdate. Sorry I didn't know earlier!
  18. Hey, what are you saying, Puppers? I will try to get a PFD for me this week and the local sporting goods store just in case there's not an extra for me. I can't wait for the float!
  19. Congrats to everyone- BIG numbers out there!
  20. Ok- I'm trying to solidify my plans for this- what hotel are people using? Poodleranch and I are going to stay Fri and Sat night.
  21. I'm meeting LandRiver down south and riding with him since he didn't find a carpool. If anyone wants my cell #, drop me an email and I'll give it to you (also handy for hint lines! )
  22. Ok- I haven't even loaded a PQ yet, or packed anything, but I'll be there tomorrow and ready for fun! It'll actually be some rest for my ankle compared to today! Can't wait for the trip and I'll miss all of ya'll who aren't going- esp. my bud Allanon!
  23. LR- I'll meet you at 7:30 or so where you suggested- I'll give you a call when I am getting close- it'll be a drive for me just to get down to where you are. SInce recdiver isn't going, will one passenger be sufficient for you? Call me on my cell if you have any questions- don't know how much more I'll be on the computer tonight.
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