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  1. RecDiver- I've been really slow catching up on the forums- Brian told me about your scare- I hope you're taking it easy and recovering! And hey- I have no problem bringing the logs to you! I see there's a P&R in Kent at S 320th St & 8th Ave S Federal Way, WA 98003, US We could meet there at 8am. Us northenders could arrange to meet up and carpool down there. Allanon- could we pick up FrodoB as well? He would like to go but doesn't do the forums. Maybe pick me up 6:45 and pick them up in Redmond/Bellevue? Markta- where's the best place to meet up with you? Is QA closer to I90 or 520? We could pick you up at either and 405 and get you down to Kent, then we can see if we need to spread out into other cars. Cathy are you going to drive? I'd offer my vehicle, but I imagine the lack of air conditioning might be off putting . Ok- I'm not going to be around the computer much this evening- most of you have my cell phone if you need to get ahold of me to figure something out. As for *which* caches we're doing- I'm more of a follow the bozes on the screen kinda girl, so if type A people out there need to have something more solid- then plan away. I'm just interested in having a fun time exploring a place I haven't seen much of and having a nice variety of caches to hunt. Whew- is that all?
  2. So shall we meet at a park and ride to carpool? Or maybe a couple of consecutive carpools to gather up the northenders and then meet up with the south enders like PP. Shall we say 7:30?
  3. But EraSeek- I don't wanna! Can't I cache without logging them- it's so tedious! Am I alone here? Just me coming- the girls have a swimming BD party to attend and husband is taking them, sweet guy that he is. We're doing the big company picnic for the large software company in the PNW on Sunday. NB is busy on the weekends for much of the summer I think- lots of companies have their picnics there. The girls can't wait! So back on point- yes, I can carpool. Let's figure out who needs to get back when first before we set out this time! No specific place in Tacoma in mind- haven't cached there yet at all. Thanks Criminal for the hiking rec- when I've recovered from working on the deck... I also want to do L&R's Lime Kiln caches this summer. So- that's all for now! Shall we start out early?
  4. Hey there hi there ho there- I've spent the last 3 weeks cooped up with a deck project and in-law entertaining and want to have some caching fun. I have logged anything for about a month- so why not add to my backlog of cache finds with a day of...caching! I was thininking of Discovery Park, but it's so hot and I'm so tired, so how about picking a 'new' suburban/urban area with lots of caches and some good variety. How about Tacoma? I haven't cached there at all. So- who's up for it? EDIT - changed some things into actual words...
  5. Sigh- do I have to log into those forums to vote?
  6. Thanks, Allanon! You're so sweet. You're right on both fronts- I'm interested in joining the group (hydnsek would make a great 'brain' for the group- I definitely lack the organizational sense to track coin offerings on the forums. ) And I have been so busy trying to entertain my husband's parents for the last 2 weeks and rebuild our deck that I've hardly had time to check the 'puter. Double thanks to hydnsek and my geobuddy Allanon!
  7. Sounds like fun to me! I think I have found all of the Redmond area caches- no outstanding DNFs there- (except for the cache AndrewRJ mentioned that I havewn't tried yet). I'd love to hang out with pals, tho! I wonder where my nearest DNF is- yeah, I think it's on the outskirts of Duvall.
  8. So when we did this adventure back in May- we started with Upcountry Vashon (be sure to use Phil&Cathy's parking coords- about .75 miles each way to the cache- nice walk- wear shoes that can handle muddy bits). Then Lisabuela, Vashon History, Pandora's Boxes, Wind in the Hollow, Dockton, Fence Lizard, and our last cache was Vashon Island Book Exchange. Somewhere in there we did Vashon ???, but I'm not sure where. I kinda think we did it second, then did the counter clockwise tour. Hope that helps! Have fun!
  9. Sure Allanon- whatever! We are up pretty late- but it sounds like giving it to Cathy will work as well. I'll ride with whoever picks me up in Lynnwood tomorrow (well, cachers that is... ). Looking forward to it! Wonder what the traffic is like in the morning?
  10. Ya'll have fun tonight- it's Thing 2's 5th Birthday and we're having a family party, otherwise I'd be there. Haven't cached for over a week- it'd be nice to just talk about caching!
  11. Cathy- can I ride with you when we meet up at the Lynnwood P&R? I am good for caching til whenever- my (wonderfully nice!) husband is taking the day off tomorrow to help with the deck building in my absence. Yippee- a reprieve! Allanon- I'd love to be able to swing by your work- but I'm stuck here working on the deck as much as possible- my MIL and FIL leave next weekend and we have to finish by then- we have a lot yet to do! Could you swing by here after work maybe? But if not- no big deal... Looking forward to it you guys! You don't know how much...
  12. I'm happy to steer a canoe for our paddle. One question- what time do people envision gettting back to the P&R- I'm trying to plan an evening BD party for our youngest. And thanks for thinking of the meds Cent5! EDIT to say said BD party is going to take place Mon evening after all- my brother had his work schedule wrong. But I should still get an idea of the Tues schedule.
  13. I'm an eastsider- but more of a northeastsider, so I will meet you guys at the Lynwood P&R at 7:30. Yippee! By then it'll be a week and a half since I've cached...
  14. Cool- Whidbey Island- my favorite! I've been waiting to do those caches as well- just haven't yet because we've always been with the girls and they didn't seem like good choices with them. I will enjoy caching there without worrying about them falling off the cliffs ! Is there a place I can meet up with the group as it rools northward? I live in Duvall- and I have a state park pass as well.
  15. Also, the white crowned sparrow is a suburbs bird with a pretty band call. The middle note is kinda synchopated, but other wise bland. Is this a nesting season call or year round?
  16. I assumed your bell bird was in the summer- I don't think Varied Thrushes are calling right now- but if you mean winterish you are right, they do sound like a bell! I always think of it as a whistle with lots of tones at once, in alternating pitches. The nuthatch says 'ank, ank, ank'. If it's *really* high pitched it could be golden drowned kinglet. Or sometimes the black capped chickadee has a feeding/ flock call that's three notes pretty bland sounding. Where do you get those .wav files to link, Stump? Cool!
  17. Oh my gosh you guys are going to have a lot of fun! Be sure to take lots of pictures, please!
  18. Hey Pepper- I hope you put one behind ACC- that's close to my old house . We will definitely visit when we come down at Christmas so we can give you a WA hug and find your caches! We pretty much cleaned Houston out last winter- could you beef it up for us? We miss you here- it's sunny and nice, but I haven't been doing a lot of caching- inlaws are in town and we are replacing our back deck. But it's gonna be cool when we're done! Anyway, have to let the local caches build back up in density . Give us the low down on cachers/caches back there! Lots of camo taped film canisters hanging in bushes like I saw?
  19. We did Vashon last month- I did em all except for the missing one which I think is now disabled (the lighthouse multi). Feel free to take along my cell # should you need it (unlikely).
  20. I hope I'm still invited- husband's folks are in town so I have babysitting- looking forward to it!
  21. Discovery Park is a great place to hike with great views. I have a cache there on the beach and there others I've heard good things about. If I weren't so tired I'd send you a link! Most of the visitors stay by the waterfront- I always think of DP as more of a 'local' thing.
  22. and don't forget the beering afterwards...
  23. Anyone who's been caching with me knows I can't help naming the birds I see or hear- or the flora either. Comes from my days as a birder and volunteer for the WSDFW. We saw a Sharpie hunting this weekend off of US 2. Some of my favorite places around WA are birding hot spots.
  24. I understand that it has nothing to do with anything he's accused of- I agree that there are a million other things the accused shares with others and in no way casts aspersions onto those hobbies- BUT it is decidely creepy to think of such a horrible person (call me judgemental...) shared even the tiniest nanoseconds of fun in the same hobby I love so much. The particular crimes he is accused of are among the most awful I can imagine... to hear he participated in geocaching just creeps me out. Ugh. Just goes to show that you never really know people...
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