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  1. Ok- see you there- what time do you think we'll be finished with the day? I'm borrowing someone's car since our minivan is at the mechanics with multi system failure .
  2. A couple of weeks ago poodleranch and I met up to go see Murderball, and of course we ended up doing a couple caches before- no more caching in dress sandals! But a suit- now that's something I've never seen anyone wear to a cache! Very snappy, EGH!
  3. I miss ya, PP! Repeat after me- the kids are going back to school soon and we're gonna go caching, the kids are going back to school soon and we're gonna go caching! Yippee! (noticing PP has more posts than me- Must...Start...Posting...More!) LOL!
  4. Ok- how about I meet you @ the P&R at 7:30? Looking forward to it- I haven't hiked there in a while. We climbed up to Spray Park with Elena in a backpack on Sept 10, 2001- and haven't been back there since. Gorgeous area!
  5. Just popped in to say Congrats to everyone!
  6. Ok- sounds good- if we meet at the P&R what time do you think I should be there?
  7. I've been enjoying your blog so much, EraSeek- I've been sitting here lost in thought for a while now and thought I'd just write a note about one of the memories your stories pulled up for me: October last year- I had gotten a small wrist top gps to wear skating. I stumbled across geocaching and thought I'd give it a try. Technology and I don't always get along, and suffice to say my first try at the hunt turned into a multi-day affair of trying to figure out how the darn thing worked and discovering that it's very hard to find something whose appearance you don't have a clue about, and with coords you've entered wrong. My older daughter had gone back to school the previous month. Full day for the first time and my younger daughter and I were discovering the fun of spending the day wandering about in the early fall sunshine and still-bright days. I quickly realized that staring at the ground and other inanimate objects for long periods of time doesn't always hold the same fascination for a 4 yr old, so we had brought along her pet pumpkin and markers to keep her busy when her interest in the search faded. After much aimless wandering, I managed to stumble across ground zero and took a look around. Wait a minute, could that be... Do I have to... Oh my! I found it. I unrolled that piece of paper with the silliest grin on my face and added my name. We sat there for the longest time- amazed that everyone around us was going about the day just as before. I had the weirdest feeling- like I had peeked into another dimension, or maybe slipped in. So strange that there were these things- a record of someone's visit to this same spot- tucked away in plain sight, but yet not. Something only there for someone who looks for it. Perhaps that's why I have a fondness for micros in the urban landscape. For me, hiking and being in nature will always be a pleasure in and of itself- boxes secondary to the joy of being outside and breathing clean air and finding my own pace. There's something poetic to me about that small roll of paper- hidden just out of sight, but there to show that there are others who see that world as well. Looking forward to more stories! btw- that cache was Luke McRedmond Cache
  8. I felt so bad about you guys dnfing it- it was my first hide and I was anxious for someone to find it! That's when I decided I could never be evil! The prospect of snakes definitely made me more cautious when I was caching in TX- had to remember to use a stick first, not my hand! And then there are the fire ants...
  9. I think I'm there! As long as you don't back the Land Rover up to any cliffs... When/where do you want to meet?
  10. Ok- guess I'll miss you again- it's CACHE MACHINE TIME! Really, you should stay a bit longer and play with us!
  11. Thanks, Moun10Bike, for the coin distribution stop today- worked out great. Sorry there's been so much confusion- we sure appreciate your efforts! It was fun to say hi to everyone today- I've missed the last few get-togethers. Here's hoping I'll see everyone more in the Fall.
  12. Oh, not just snakes! W of the mountains I've only seen garter snakes. E of the Cascades I've run across more than enough rattlesnakes. The former are cute and I like, the latter I just take a wide path around!
  13. Just wanted to say that I was looking at the photos of this cache adventure, and some .avis I made while we were in there, and I remembered how much fun we had. Sure, we were covered in dirt, scratched and bruised, but the sight of one of us falling head first down the slope or falling off of logs into streams made me laugh so hard I almost cried. And I think if we'd had a machete someone would have fallen on it for sure! I suggested to podlian's pod when he talked to me about this adventure that he wait til a little later in the year til the vegetation has died back to make the going easier, but maybe he enjoys the challenge. For that matter, the challenge is the reason for this cache. It's a good sense of accomplishment at the end. Anyway, just wanted to say I had fun and I hope nothing gets destroyed or pulled. Thanks!
  14. Hey LR- I miss you guys! I don't have any plans yet for that weekend- but I also want to do the Lime Kiln series sometime soon. What do you have in mind?
  15. Hey there- can't make this one (come back after school starts and I'll finally have more open days) and I've done the tunnel cache before. But next time!
  16. I feel like I haven't peeked in the forums for ages ('cept for a quick post here or there- I haven't read anything). Woke up really early this morning because my mind wouldn't settle down. Thanks for the great morning wake up EraSeek! I've really enjoyed reading this thread this morn- and the crop circles- LOL! Hope to contribute soon. (Got another round of family visiting starting today).
  17. I'd like 2- one each for Thing 1 and Thing 2. They would like that.
  18. Glad to see you here Jamie! An email answer to your question is on its way.
  19. Hmm- Allanon put my name in here for me last week, but I didn't see it on the list. Could you please add me?
  20. I was talking about putting a link in the WSGA forum topic about the coins. I followed the link to there from RWW's post in this topic above. Anyway, thanks- it's not necessary- it was just a thought.
  21. Oh yeah- I see it now thanks to a phone call from Allanon and those of you who answered my question. I had followed the link from this forum and it got me to the wsga forum where there was a pic of the coin (pretty ) and notes from folks who had ordered. Then I was stumped. Could someone put a link there to the actual ordering place in case someone else is as thick as me and doesn't think to click 'home'? Thanks again for the help- you guys are so nice for not calling me a git. (well, in writing anyway...)
  22. Ok- I throw up my hands- I can't find the info on what we're supposed to do to order/preorder- whatever. I see the thread on the wsga forums and some people mention ordering the no ship option with MB. What's up? Where do I go for info?
  23. I'd be in for this as well- I've been thinking about doing a Thing 1 and Thing 2 button. A coin seems a bit spendy for trading items for them- they like to trade for well worn McToys and the like- but they'd be happy to have one to show for sharing time at school when they talk to their class about geocaching.
  24. Podlian's Pod- I'll email you my cell- you can call me (or email me your cell) and we can meet up in Tacoma- I'm not sure where you are coming over.
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